Tesla Addiction

Tesla Addiction

Is anyone else's significant other jealous of the attention you give to your new Model S?
I get the eye roll every time I mention Tesla now.

Here's my Model S and I love her :)

Kallisman | 13. Juni 2013

Didn't get my Model S yet, but I think she's already a bit jealous since I spend too much much time on the forum while waiting.

J.T. | 13. Juni 2013



ChasF | 13. Juni 2013

I think my wife thought I was having an affair. I mean, what grown man clicks away on a mysterious forum every night?

Fred O | 13. Juni 2013

+1 to all. I've never spent so much time on any forum. It is similar to doing evening classes. Luckily my wife also is very enthousiastic about MS. I hope she can put up with me for another four months waiting.

MS-lover | 13. Juni 2013

her name is Pearl, she's wonderful

Doug H | 13. Juni 2013

Today at 4:00 pm I will pick up my lady in waiting along with my wife. My wife is beginning to get the addition through second hand talk. At least she's not fighting me about the price anymore. Also, my Yukon XL started running hot this week so that helped.

I haven't named her yet but she's blue, 60kw, 19" wheels, tech, air susp, twin chargers, pano roof, deluxe sound (for xm)

I only slept 3 hours last night.

hademarco | 13. Juni 2013

My husband is soooo jealous. He says I love the car more than him. I wash it almost every weekend to keep it looking beautiful. I'm on 4 months of ownership and frequent this forum. I don't even recognize myself. I'm totally not a car person, but Tesla changed me forever.

GLO | 13. Juni 2013

My husband begs to use my car now. I love it almost more than him but not quite as much but he's now happily addicted as well (He is driving it today to a client's office so I am stuck with his ICE car...SUV no less! Yikes! I'm embarrassed to even be on the road in his car!

ORWA | 13. Juni 2013

It's like eating white rice only (ICE car) for your entire life and then having your very first piece of dark chocolate (Tesla Model S). Going back to eating rice ...even for a day really sucks!

hademarco | 13. Juni 2013

@ORWA, I know what you mean. I had to drive my husband's VW CC one day because he wanted to take my car to impress out of town clients. Sucked driving the ICE car. I don't like your rice and chocolate analogy though. I like white rice and dark chocolate. Neither suck

irishstoutaz | 13. Juni 2013

Technically our car (delivered on 6/8) is my Wife's but I ususally get to drive it. She thought I was crazy with the forums but ended up signing up herself and spent almost as much time on it as I did. So we both became Tesla addicts!!! *I think there will be another one in our future. Maybe the Model X (need a ute type vehicle) or wait to see if they end up making a truck as Elon has hinted.

We both don't like driving our ICE (Sequoia) as much any longer or rentals when we travel for business.

ORWA | 13. Juni 2013

@hademarco, I too enjoy both rice and dark chocolate...just trying to contrast the bland rice to the full flavor of dark chocolate. :)

cmaso | 13. Juni 2013

my wife was nice... told me that she knows i'm excited, but if i mention that GD car one more time she is going to find something that will fulfill her need for attention (and I'm guessing I won't like whatever that is)...

8 days and counting!!!

h2onu | 13. Juni 2013

My wife and I came back to the car after eating brunch one Sunday, shortly after we got it. As we approached, there was a piece of paper stuck under the wiper. My first reaction was: "Crap! A parking ticket!" My wife pulled out the paper and started laughing. It read: "This is a sexy car and you are Awesome! -- A hot girl"
Whenever I tell my friends about this, she points out that the note said the car was "sexy", not me. :-)

NICE | 13. Juni 2013

"Whenever I tell my friends about this, she points out that the note said the car was "sexy", not me. :-)"
But the hot girl clearly said "You are awesome". That's a compliment to the owner. Isn't it?

dbrooks | 13. Juni 2013

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Fremont pick up and factory tour. Wife still rolling her eyes. Lets hope she comes around someday. ;)

sia | 13. Juni 2013

Fortunately, my wife is as addicted to our model S as I am.

Mark Z | 13. Juni 2013

One friend who refused to ride from LA to Las Vegas in January to avoid a wait line at Barstow (no line) now loves to ride. Requesting Slacker music and no fuel use is making Model S THE car pool dream vehicle.

Tom | 13. Juni 2013

Tom and Kristi here from Grass Valley, CA. We are both so excited about picking up our MS 85 on June 27 at the Fremont Factory and getting a tour as well. We are both so in awe with the car, the company and its followers!!!

Brian H | 13. Juni 2013

Offer to wash him every weekend, too.

hademarco | 13. Juni 2013 that's funnie! He would definitely like that.