Tesla catching fire

Tesla catching fire

The news that Tesla is getting over the car catching fire reminds me of the story when Edison killed a horse in public to demonstrate how dangerous Tesla's AC current was. As if petrol cars have not caught fire or don't have the potential to catch fire.

gdh66 | 05. Oktober 2013

Sure it wasn't an elephant?

howard333 | 08. Oktober 2013
No chance with a Caleb lithium battery!!!

772 | 10. Oktober 2013

@gdh66 it was actually a series of animals, including horses and elephants, as well as cats, dogs, and even cattle

Bubba2000 | 10. Oktober 2013

Thomas Edison was one greedy sick megalomaniac. What kind ambition would drive a man to torture animals for money? Anyway, I am glad that Tesla Motors was formed and Elon is pushing the induction motor technology. The DC motor with the fixed magnet, stator, etc is quite primitive compared with the induction motor. It takes a lot more intellect to develop the induction motor. EMF anyone?

I have owned a 85P for 2 months. I am still amazed how well it drives, plus the performance, silence and the features. ICE autos just feel primitive.

Earl and Nagin ... | 13. Oktober 2013

I don't know where you dug up anything about torture. Let's not get too carried away.
In fact, IIRC, Part of what Edison was promoting was that AC was a great, humane way to kill an animal. He was heavily involved with pushing the electric chair into the nation's prisons for humane executions.
This doesn't of course go against your suggestions of greedy sick megalomania as clearly, his sick mind was more motivated by associating death with Westinghouse's AC and tying it to executions than the quickness of the death.