Tesla delivery to Alaska

Tesla delivery to Alaska

I have just ordered my Tesla Model S and since I live in Wasilla, Alaska, Tesla is putting my car on a Truck (Carrier) and delivering it to my place of residence. Now, that is great! I was overcome that they would do this at NO charge to me. The delivery time would only vary by a couple days and a Technician would accompany the vehicle. This is hard to swallow. This kind of service is unprecedented, to say the least. Look out BMW,GM, Ford, Toyota and all other manufacturer's. I love it. Your future is becoming very dismal and your oblameo bread line is getting closer. Is Detroit even on the map anymore? All I can say is Tesla is here to stay and nothing else needs to be said!

negarholger | 27. August 2013

Congrats. What did you order ? ( details )

nickjhowe | 27. August 2013

Congrats Don!!

JZ13 | 27. August 2013

I believe we all pay a $1,000 delivery fee. Even though many of us picked up the car at the factory.

thranx | 27. August 2013

Ah, Wasilla, home to that famous Alaskan media darling....
Chad Carpenter.

Don Jacobs | 27. August 2013

Alaska is the only place to be. Oblamo never comes here which keeps us a clean state. we are not much on Unions and we have no use for the Volt!
Regarding the $1000.00 Delivery fee, I was just told by Tesla that there would be no Delivery charge. I questioned it twice. That's not to say things will not change. On the subject of Chad Carpenter, I'm not too familiar with who that is, however I do know Sarah Palin! She is about 3 miles from where I live. I guess she is running for a Senate seat for 2014. The present holder of that seat just replied "S---"! I guess that means he will vacate the Senate next year. Oh well, I'm not sure what he accomplished while he was in office. Kind of reminds you of someone else in office that needs to vacate the Country. Maybe even applying for citizenship might work for him.
I did find out that we have several Tesla's already here in Alaska. That was a surprise to me. I'm trying to locate a couple of them just to chat and get some opinions.

Don Jacobs | 27. August 2013

I ordered the Tesla Model "S".

Kapil | 27. August 2013

And here I thought that all Tesla buyers are tree hugging pinko commies! Apparently rednecks like EVs just as much as hippies. Makes sense be able to buy one, you pretty much have to be a republican tax bracket.

RedShift | 27. August 2013

Congrats, Don!!

Give a ride to Sarah when you get your Tesla. Maybe it will be the life changing epiphany she needs to start on a path of self education and improvement!

From a godless citizen of California, the land of the heathen. ;-)

TeslaLandShark | 27. August 2013

Yea, I'm sure Sarah and the rest of her Wasilla Hillbillies will want a ride. Oh that's right, she was one of the people who called Tesla a "loser", so maybe not.

portia | 27. August 2013

it used to be called Personal Delivery $990 (which is charged whether you picked up anywhere or is delivered to your home), and there used to be also the final inspection, prep and coordination fee of $180, but I think now it is all "included" in the base price, so you don't pay extra, but everybody pays it.

@Don Jacobs, and yes we know you ordered a Model S, but what options/color did you get, that's what people are asking! If you are willing to share.

Congrats in any case, you will love it!

negarholger | 27. August 2013

Not only will you love it - your commute will feel half as long. After 5+ months I am still suprised how calm I feel driving the MS, everything is so effortless.

jackhub | 27. August 2013

Congrats, Don! You are in for a thrill every day. Kentucky is not as romantic and not nearly as remote, but my Model S was also delivered by truck to my home. For those of us located away from the stores, I believe that is standard practice. The truck had two other Model s for delivery in nearby states. Of course Alaska . . . that is a whole different ball game!

Don Jacobs | 28. August 2013

As for the comment from California regarding Sarah Palin, I believe she made that comment in the earlier stages when someone without a Legal Birth Certificate was running around trying to "Make a Change" and the plans or Change he was making were anything but for the legal Americans. Or even the illegal's. We definitely see changes now, don't we. The politician's are getting richer, the people are paying him to go on vacation @ $100,000,000.00 a trip to Hawaii! Don't you love it.
Now, the comment from the person in California. California went Broke didn't it! That was a great change! Hopefully people like those working for Tesla, from upper management to the lowest level may have a Life! Your politicians are having a great time in California. RIGHT BARBARA!
The comment about Hillbillies was a great one. They all came from the Lower 48 to Alaska and are finally having a life. Those that chose a life of crime, well they have "Change" in their life too.
I am still waiting for the Red Tesla S with the Quick Charge. Among several other option's with Lights and Ride. The list is long but effective.

negarholger | 28. August 2013

MC red - my favorite color. Here in CA it looks gorgeous with changing light conditions. If Sarah asks you for a ride I'll give her credit for willingness to experience new things... the ones that refuse to try something new are the problem.

TeslaLandShark | 28. August 2013

Actually, Palin made the "Loser" remark only a couple months ago. How quickly we forget....

ian | 28. August 2013

@TeslaLandShark - I haven't seen this posted here...

ian | 28. August 2013

HTML link fail. Here's the picture...


thranx | 28. August 2013

@donjacobs; Chad Carpenter does a brilliant, nationally syndicated strip called TUNDRA. Look it focuses on Alaska.

Carefree | 28. August 2013

Wow - someone who stands up for Sarah Palin. I think that's a first on this forum.

RedShift | 28. August 2013


Must have been on her staff.

Brian H | 28. August 2013
Brian H | 28. August 2013

Yeah, twitter pics don't work with HTML, it seems.

ian | 28. August 2013

Looks great to me. Thanks Brian. I'm going to write down that code on a post it right now. ;-)

Brian H | 28. August 2013

wrong thread?

Don Jacobs | 29. August 2013

Maybe Sarah should "RUN" for President. As the present one is "Running" as a President. Anywhere he wants too and you have the pleasure of watching your monies helping he and she run. As for being on her Staff, Well, if you support Sarah Palin, you can believe you are on her Staff. Not her payroll! I still want to stick to the subject matter here, the Model S. I have to love it.

jweinstein | 03. September 2013

I had my Model S delivered on April 1 in Anchorage. There was snow on the ground, and the car handled wonderfully. No issues with range anxiety or service. I have driven to Seward and back without the need for a recharge, although I did plug-in at an RV park because I took a break. I'd be happy to meet up with you sometime, if you'd like to check the vehicle out.

David70 | 05. September 2013


I meant to PM you from TMC after getting back from Anchorage, but got busy. We're on a mini road trip in our Model S now.

Thanks for letting your wife show our cousins your Model S. They were suitably impressed.