Tesla isn't just a car, or brand. It's actually the ultimate mission - the mother of all missions...

Tesla isn't just a car, or brand. It's actually the ultimate mission - the mother of all missions...

"Tesla's brand is like nothing else. It's not even comparable to Apple (AAPL). There's a popular TED Talk where Simon Sinek authoritatively proclaims that the most successful companies have products, cultures, and marketing strategies that all stem from their raison d'être. These companies continuously answer the question "why" instead of the usual "what", and "how" -- he states that, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it". This speaks to a deep-seated human craving for authenticity, purpose and meaning -- even seeking it in the products we buy. Sinek asserts that the reason Apple is so unbelievably successful isn't because they sell products that are beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly -- but because -- since they believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo in everything they do, they sell beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly products; and people buy into this. In other words, they have a purpose and a mission apart from just profit, and their customers and employees sense the authenticity that results."

"Tesla isn't just a car, or even a brand in the sense that nearly every other for-profit company is a brand ... It's actually the ultimate mission -- the mother of all missions -- and that is, to wean our planet off its addiction to fossil fuels, helping to create a long-term sustainable society; one that our grandchildren can enjoy and be proud of."

"No automaker that chooses to concurrently produce internal combustion engine vehicles, can ever be authenticated as having a 'mission' that is as purposeful and meaningful as Tesla's is. This mission -- in combination with a brilliant product -- is the reason everyone wants to own a Tesla and the reason everyone wants to work for Tesla."

"I love the concept of a positive feedback loop; I believe there is significant alpha hidden in the unappreciated, uncontrollable appreciation of variables (i.e. finding situations where outputs loop back to increase inputs). This is a natural phenomenon with Tesla. Not only does every sale and delivery generate more sales, through continuous endorsements and "green-bragging" -- every unit sold also adds recruitment power to attract the best and brightest engineers, designers and business developers to join the cause (yes, cause - not company)."

"This is incredibly beneficial for Tesla's future. Additionally still, the company receives synergistic consumer brand appeal and talent recruitment allure, through its association with two other powerfully missional companies: SpaceX and SolarCity (SCTY) -- living legend, Elon Musk, is heavily involved with all three of these causes … (this man gets it)."

"So in my most short-forgiving estimations, short-sellers are chasing after a best-'expected'-case scenario of 50% -- in a herd again -- while risking theoretical unlimited losses (unless they're eating into their potential profits with an expensive hedge). On the other hand, when you buy Tesla shares in a diversified portfolio, you are effectively putting less than half of your allocated capital at risk, while buying into the extraordinary plausibility for Tesla to build a brand and ecosystem that allow it to dominate the future of personal transportation."

tes-s | 09. Dezember 2013

Perhaps to the enlightened, but to rest it is a car company.

Mathew98 | 09. Dezember 2013

Yeah, it just a car company that create enormous grin for owners.

Botox not included in purchase price...

noddinglapin | 02. Mai 2015

The interesting thing is that it's not really important what
the general public thinks of TESLA on the surface.

As Simon Sinek mentions in his TED talk, people ultimately make decision through their gut.

The earth needs us to be effective, not righteous, and if it takes a commercial fascade and a cool looking car to get us there, I'll jump right onboard.

brad | 02. Mai 2015

The tide is turning. One friend told me about a month ago he went to test drive a Porsche Panamera. The salesperson asked "What else are you considering?" My friend said, "Well, I may look at the Tesla". Without skipping a beat the Porsche salesperson answered: "Go get a Tesla. They are unbelievable".

Last weekend I was parking my car when another Model S driver pulled up and the new owner said "Hey! So glad I found you. Can you answer some questions about my car?" I helped her reset her 17" screen using the two button method and asked her about her purchase decision. She told me that she had asked her good friend - from a well known family in the Washington, DC area that is in its third generation of owning 15 local area dealerships - what she should buy. Apparently his advise was to buy what he bought! So she bought a Model S.

The ICE manufacturers are acting like dinosaurs. GM fought against TMC opening direct sales here in Maryland as they know are convinced that they should fight to put the pivot to EV off as long as they can. What they haven't realized yet is that they should use the open patent portfolio and shift gears towards the future instead of burying their heads in the sand of the past.

I don't own the stock - but I do drive a model S85D and we have a reservation for a model X.

When and if I determine the Powerwall makes sense for us I will sign up for that too.

Captain_Zap | 02. Mai 2015


I had to give up my botox to buy the car. ;-)

nbrianjohnston | 02. Mai 2015

I believe in Elon's vision of the future. Clean air, cool cars, and some us us will live on Mars.

renwo S alset | 02. Mai 2015

My only wish is that TMC was like SpaceX, privately owned. I would have even more confidence if shares were not traded publicly, which sometimes leads to bad decision making.

Brian H | 03. Mai 2015

Zen works better than botox, anyway.

Anthony J. Parisio | 03. Mai 2015

I have to agree. For me this is a mission more than a car. Tesla is technically company more than a car company. Elton Musk is a leader more than just a businessman. Change is the only thing constant. I believe it best to embrace it and guide it for the betterment of all. To me Tesla and other company's are the beginning of an honorable attempt toward the betterment of all.

Anthony J. Parisio | 03. Mai 2015

P.S.: That is the reason I bought this car. It was much more than I should spend on a car but the mission is worth it.