Tesla Listens - Email regarding X

Tesla Listens - Email regarding X

In case you didn't think Tesla read the forum. In case you didn't think they listen.

Here is an email I just received that went out to X reservation holders.

Dear Model X reservation holders,

Thank you for your continued patience in the Model X reservation process. We are making steady progress towards delivering a phenomenal car that defies comparison.

With Model S, we made a point of delivering a product that was even better than the show car, and we are extending that philosophy to Model X. In fact, every element of Model X – from the interior to the falcon wing doors – either lives up to or surpasses the prototype we initially unveiled.

In October, we announced dual motor all-wheel drive and Autopilot. These were important leaps forward for Model S, but we’re pleased to confirm that they will also be central to Model X. The dual motor propulsion system of Model S 85D will be the same system that powers Model X, delivering uncompromised range and control of traction. But this is not simply a scaled-up Model S – every detail of this car has been optimized for the unique mission of Model X.

Model X demand has been intense and orders are continuing to come in at a rapid rate. We’ll be spending much of 2015 building and testing production-intent prototypes before delivering the first cars to customers in North America in the third quarter. While we’ll be working through all orders as fast as possible, anyone ordering the car today should not expect delivery until well into 2016.

In the meantime, we are building beta vehicles in the factory right now, and we’ll be using them for crash testing in the near future. We’ve tested the car’s aerodynamic qualities in the wind tunnel and have achieved an unprecedented level of aerodynamic efficiency for any car of this size and carrying capacity, allowing us to maximize range potential.

We can also reveal that Model X will be the first electric vehicle with towing capability. The optional tow hitch will support accessories and racks to transport skis and bikes with the minimum effect on aerodynamics. We're also working with the best rack and accessory companies in the world to have elegant carrying solutions ready for Model X customers next year.

Thank you once again for your continued support and confidence. You are helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport, and you will love your Model X.

Tesla Motors

TESLA 3500 Deer Creek Road | Palo Alto, CA 94304
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If you did not get this you probably did not opt in for communications. I thought this was a nicely done email. It shows the respect I believe is earned by our deposits.

Thank you Tesla. You made me smile. again

gutowskia | 18. November 2014

Thanks for sharing. Great to see confirmation of the tow hitch option. With falcon wing doors, I don't know how else I could carry all my bikes. Big relief. Thank you Tesla!

Goose | 18. November 2014

key comment for me: "we are building beta vehicles right now"

mkent | 18. November 2014

It made me down right giddy!

cdave | 18. November 2014

I opted in for email updates but did not receive one. What is your reservation number?

mkent | 18. November 2014


mdemetri | 18. November 2014

I also just got the email. Very happy.

Goose | 18. November 2014

i got the email and i'm #11,246

not sure of the connection though | 18. November 2014

I also got the e-mail (#10,000 something) - it also sounds like no 60kWh option...?


mdemetri | 18. November 2014

@omarsultan - why do you say no 60 - because of towing?

Iowa92x | 18. November 2014

Nothing here that we haven't already heard.

timf2001 | 18. November 2014

It's very well possible that they could skip the MX60, but I wouldn't discern that from this email. All it said was the dual motor propulsion system is the same that is used in the Model S 85D. This does not imply anything about the availability or lack thereof of the 60 kWh hour model. If anything, you can read it to mean there will be no Model X P85D, or at least not with the exact same propulsion system as the Model S P85D. However, I would be shocked if they don't offer some sort of performance version.

mdemetri | 18. November 2014

There is new information:

1) "The dual motor propulsion system of Model S 85D will be the same system that powers Model X". This implies two 188hp motors for the regular X, instead of a small and large motor like the P85D (although the performance X will likely be like the P85D). For towing i would have thought you would want the bigger motor in the back even in the regular X.

2) Beta's being built now will be used for crash testing. This is important as after crash testing, the major design will be locked in. Only slight changes could be made without re-doing the crash testing.

3) "..unprecedented level of aerodynamic efficiency for any car of this size and carrying capacity.."

4) "...anyone ordering the car today should not expect delivery until well into 2016.". The website still says early 2016 for new orders.

Towing and falcon doors were also confirmed.

So nothing earth shattering but enough to satisfy me at least.

vandacca | 18. November 2014

It's amazing, I received this Email too. There is no new information that I hadn't already heard from somewhere else, or that I hadn't deduced by myself. However, it was reassuring to hear this directly from Tesla and I'm impressed that Tesla seems to follow this forum. Kudos to Tesla!

mdemetri | 18. November 2014

@timf2001 - the website has always shown a performance version for Model X

timf2001 | 18. November 2014

Yes, which is why I said I don't expect there not to be one. | 18. November 2014

No email for me :-((

babstude | 18. November 2014

No email here either weird, maybe they send the mail out in batches or something i.e. Will receive later

In any event good to hear we arent being forgotten! | 18. November 2014

I was very happy to receive the email. Yes, there was technically not much of any new information. Almost all of it could already be gleaned from things Tesla has said in the past combined with common sense.

However, since they've been so quiet about the MX people naturally start to wonder. In the absence of information directly from Tesla it feels like other voices partially informed at best or completely talking out their ass at worst were filling the dead air with theories and speculation. It was nice of Tesla to reign everything in and put an end to a bunch of the rumors.

carlshome | 18. November 2014

I am hoping by the email comment, “working with the best rack and accessory companies” they are including a roof rack. I need it to carry kayaks. I don't need the falcon doors to function when carrying the kayaks. Nor do I need a long distance (clearly carrying kayaks would have a big impact on aero). What I hope they do is include mounting points in the roof just like the Model S.

Fingers crossed.

Reservation 13,503

aljjr2 | 18. November 2014

Saw the email on my phone. Got excited just seeing "Telsa -- Model X update". All I could do contain myself to get the PC. I wanted to read it FULL SCREEN.

Yea. Thanks Tesla

NumberOne | 18. November 2014

One thing that is clear from the e-mail, (not that I had any doubts) is that the rumor about ditching the falcon wing doors was pure speculation.

The graphic that accompanied the e-mail looks great. The doors are notably different, less bulky in the lower area, and more substantial in the upper portion, with the top part more or less the same.

Another notable thing is the presence of mirrors, and not rear facing side cameras.

Whether a photo or artists' rendition, the presence of falcon wing doors as well as mirrors seem indicative of what is in the works.

johnabreen | 18. November 2014

2 questions for the forum, both speculative in nature of course:

1) with the new info, can you estimate a price, feels like 100K easily

2) im 13,500 in line or something, based on past # of cars shipped per month I'm guessing Q4'15 or Q1'16. Or am I way off?

NumberOne | 18. November 2014

Based on my hopes for my reservation, which is nearly 12,000 earlier, I think December-Feb for you. It is a large window, but it all depends on when they start deliveries. I am hoping to have mine by the end of August, but it is impossible to tell at this point. Like the Model S, I fully expect the Model X to start around $80k, and quickly exceed $100K. I hope to not go much higher than that, as it is already double what I considered wise to spend on a car. Cars have rarely made for a good investment in the past, but Tesla may well change that.

aljjr2 | 18. November 2014

@ johnabreen, I would guess the pricing would be similar Model S85D. Give a 5-10% uplift for the SUV body, etc.

Actual delivery matters when 2nd quarter production begin.... July we hope, August-Sept more likely for general production. The statement "we will be building production intent Model X's...." suggest there is something after the Beta's and before production. I would imagine that is testing the manufacturing quality processes.

Signature Series come first. I don't think they will be 1000/week to start. Hopefully, somewhere in this time period there will be a Model X Reveal.

aljjr2 | 18. November 2014

@ LeonardD.... I didn't see the graphic. Went back a viewed in its original Browser. Thank for point that out.

At a close inspection, the graphic of the Model X appears more "squared" in the back -- Looking through the windshield.

Other Opinions???

johnabreen | 18. November 2014

thanks for the replies. best email of the month for me. | 18. November 2014

As LeonardD mentioned, the FWD has changed a lot. It's pretty clear there was a significant effort made to refine the design. The placement of the top hinges appears to have moved closer together, there is much less bulk on the lower panels, and seal looks very thick all the way around the door.

I also think it's too difficult to tell from this angle whether the back has been more squared off.


email image:

paradis | 18. November 2014

Can't seem to find a "rhyme or reason" for who did or didn't get the email. I am #3747, have definitely opted in on my profile, and did not get the email - but thanks everyone for sharing it.

woohoo | 18. November 2014

This simple email from Tesla made me feel a whole lot better about my deposit. I still don't quite understand why they couldn't send something like this out right after the last shareholder report... However, I thank TM for sending the email out and it revived my excitement for my MX (res# 5600'ish)

SBCB | 18. November 2014

I'm 1,100 ish in line for the Sig X. Thinking that Sig will come with perform pack.
I get the emails and evite to D LAUNCH. Based on SIG status???

morten.g.a | 19. November 2014

Can anyone tell me exactly how Tesla intends to build a closed compartment rack for the towing hitch that can carry skis, which for cross-country means more than 2 meters long? For 90% of potential clients in Teslas 2nd biggest market (Norway) I think not being able to carry skis will make the car useless...

I was thinking of putting down a reservation, but if the info in the e-mail is correct I don't see much use of it anymore...

babstude | 19. November 2014

understand your frustration morten, too bad they don't reveal more information ... i want the vehicle for skiing as well but i have a feeling skis will fit inside ? possibly under or beside - maybe through the bottom of the seats somehow ?? i'm still willing to wait and see

Remnant | 19. November 2014

@ mdemetri (November 18, 2014)

<< For towing i would have thought you would want the bigger motor in the back even in the regular X. >>

I surmise the Performance MX, not mentioned in the Tesla email, is likely to have more power than 188hp on the rear axle.

Laryrob | 19. November 2014

I cancelled my X reservation-will wait and see whan they can deliver-they missed the WA state sales tax exemption which end 6/30//15 so no rush now. Also, will wait for kinks/modifications/additions for the X to be worked out /added (like they did to the S )before I buy.
I may trade(or sell) my present S and get the P85D which they can deliver in a month.

ed | 19. November 2014

I spy wing mirrors and a squarer rear. Fortunately no cup holders in the doors/wings - would have been a terrible error. How on earth do you get a roof rack on that? Can't wait to find out!

Red Sage ca us | 19. November 2014

Simple really. The Tesla Model X will be dimensionally transcendental. Sorted.

Remnant | 19. November 2014

@ morten.g.a (November 19, 2014)

<< For 90% of potential clients in Teslas 2nd biggest market (Norway) I think not being able to carry skis will make the car useless... >>

I doubt any Tesla has ever been designed or marketed as primarily a ski carrier, in Norway or anywhere else.

Naturally, everyone is entitled to their pet peeves, but most of such single issue denials of Tesla's success and relevance are likely to be and remain isolated.

annekristip | 20. November 2014

Seems they will not go for 60, might be that together with X comes also higher capacity battery that 85 will be base for X and S. Pricing will start S85D + 4-5000, somewhere at 89 000, if there is no increase for S meanwhile. I wonder if the initial D versions are produced, where shall be the demand for S. Soon will be 3 years without any change in looks, still fresh but not that fresh. New colours will also help. | 20. November 2014

There will be a mount for skis on each FW door. There will be the added feature that, when you open both FW doors, the mounted skis will bang together and knock the snow off. It will be a sensation in Norway.

Khagge1 | 20. November 2014

I, for one, was absolutely thrilled by the email. Here are my top 10 reasons for getting the X:

1. Fast as hell!!
2. Chicks (including my wife) are gonna dig it.
3. Fun to drive and own.
4. Upgradeable
5. Finally an electric that can transport my 7 person family.
6. Fast as hell!!! (to clarify, I am mostly thrilled that it will allow me to haul my brood and still drive something that's fast as hell!!!)
7. I'm sick of my lumbering Durango.
8. Pretty damn cool being an early adopter (I must admit I am totally bought in to the save the world aspect of their marketing)
9. Never have to go to another gas station!!!!!
10. Fast as hell!!!!

I can't wait to see one in person!

vandacca | 20. November 2014

georgehawley, I strongly suggest that you patent that Model-X ski mount design! | 20. November 2014

I think Bjorn beat me to it. :-))
I can't get the slash through the o in Bjorn.
Back under the bridge to think about that.

Bj Ø rn?

jjs | 21. November 2014

I think you missed one. It is also quick as hell. Which, yes I'm being a bit of a smart a*#, but also it is a bit different than fast!

I too have a brood of 7. However they are now too old and far flung to often get them in one vehicle. :(

Hey, maybe that could be Tesla's tag line.

"Drive like hell and save the planet, quick!"

NumberOne | 21. November 2014

One thing that amazes me is that even when given a written statement, the media and financial analysts still try to guess, and make statements that have no foundation at all.

The following phrase seems quite clear to me, and indicates no specific date: "We’ll be spending much of 2015 building and testing production-intent prototypes before delivering the first cars to customers in North America in the third quarter."

'Much of 2015' could be anything from 4-6 months, while 'most of 2015' would indicate 7-11 months. Much ado about nothing...

What does that mean? Deliveries COULD begin in July (but do not count on it). The 3rd quarter consists of 3 months only, just like the other quarters, so whether deliveries begin in July, or August (I really do not think it likely to begin in September), the difference will not be likely to be as great as Adam Jonas has guessed. (Only 5,000 deliveries for 2015.)

While I was hoping to have my car by April, I now hope for August. I do believe that the original confirmation e-mail stated that more information will be available as production nears. Well, I expect that we will have a lot more information by April which is only 5 months away. These are very exiting times.

ian | 21. November 2014

@jjs - I, too, have noticed many here using "fast" when they really mean "quick". As well as the use of "deposit" when they actually mean "reservation".

Ah, the English language. Where is Brian H. when you need him? Haha! ;-)


Brian H | 21. November 2014

Right here. But I'm not sure TM actually makes a real-world distinction.

Khagge1 | 23. November 2014


#11. It's quick as hell!!!!

Brian H | 23. November 2014

In MS you have access thru the Control Panel to the Character Map; put a shortcut on the Desktop, and select the character (into the copy-paste buffer). Or figger out the Alt-### combo. For Courier New it's Alt-0248 I think. ø Yep.

aljjr2 | 24. November 2014

Did anyone notice that there is a "slot" in the center of roof is below the hinges on the Falcon Doors. Check the picture closely (assume not a complete photo-shop). There appears to be a slot the entire length of the roof.... Possible the magic place for those Ski's.

The Falcon Doors Hinge points are above the slot. So one may be able to place something (small) on the roof without interfering with the door opening.

Iowa92x | 24. November 2014

Alj, that's a good catch. I didn't notice the slot and it does seems like it could work to coddle skis.