Tesla Model S Correction and Opti-Coat Pro - TLC Auto Detail

Tesla Model S Correction and Opti-Coat Pro - TLC Auto Detail

Had the pleasure of working on a Model S last week. check out the link if you are interested in seeing the photos and the write up! Thanks!

Brian H | 25. August 2013

OOO! Shiny!

TLCAutoDetail | 28. August 2013


eddiemoy | 28. August 2013

looks nice, how much does that cost? also any recommendation in nj for opticoat?

mbergman | 28. August 2013

Eddie, Just picked up my black S from Greg at Signature Detailng in Hillsorough and car looks way better than new. Did paint correction (never knew what that meant until a couple of weeks ago) and Opticoat. He has a website you can look at. Will send you home fully charged, too. Nice guy.

TLCAutoDetail | 29. August 2013

Thanks Eddie, and I agree with mbergman, Greg at Signature Detailing does phenomenal work! I'm sure you will be pleased if you take you vehicle to him. Thanks!

StefanT | 05. September 2013

Thanks Dave the car looks fantastic and is now better than new! Back in Feb when I took delivery I was crushed to see the buffing swirls. My DS offered to have service check it out but I was thinking that if they put them there I really didn't want any more help. The dark blue looks so good in the sun. I get many complements.

The Opticoat has an added benefit. The car is now so easy to clean.
Thanks again and great job!

TLCAutoDetail | 06. September 2013

Glad you are enjoying the car so much Stefan! Thank you for the business again!