Tesla Model S Reservation

Tesla Model S Reservation

I know that the Model S reservation is fully refundable, and I really would like to test-drive it as soon as possible. However, is the reservation credited towards the purchase of the car? I don't want to pay several thousand dollars extra just for an early test drive. If the money is credited towards the purchase of the car, I would be more than willing to reserve one.

Mycroft | 30. Oktober 2011

Yes, it applies toward the purchase. You do know that you would be reserving one for 2013 right? That is unless you reserve a Signature Edition for $40,000.

Volker.Berlin | 31. Oktober 2011

$40,000 being the deposit required for the Signature (i.e., one of the first 1,000 cars delivered, w/ 300 mile battery and lots of options included), not the cost of the car. Nobody knows right now, but the cost of the Signature is estimated to be in the order of $85k to $95k.

Note the word "deposit". It is not a reservation fee, rather it's an advance payment toward the total cost of the car.

Mycroft | 31. Oktober 2011

Thanks Volker, clarity be thy name. :)