Tesla Model S w/ Cquartz FINEST! | TLC Auto Detail | Northern, VA

Tesla Model S w/ Cquartz FINEST! | TLC Auto Detail | Northern, VA

Hey everyone! I am slowly working through my backlog of Tesla write ups. This one is from this past spring, and was actually one of the first Tesla's that we worked on. For this particular vehicle we were scheduled to do a one step correction and apply Cquartz Finest for the protection. Cquartz Finest is a coating that can be applied to the paint, wheels, trim, and glass of a vehicle to offer outstanding protection. It is super hydrophobic so it sheds dirt and water much better than other last step products, and it looks amazing while doing it!

We started with a decon wash and then cleaned the wheels, tires, and wheel wells. We also used a mild clay bar on the paint to remove some bonded contaminants before we polished. It was overcast most of the day, so there aren't many sun photos. Here is how the paint looked to start with.

The sun peeked out for a few minuted once we finished the buffing. It came out great!

We then did a full wipe down of the paint, glass, and wheels with Car Pro Eraser to prep the surfaces for the coating. Each surface received two heavy coats of Cquartz Finest. Here is how it all turned out!

Cquartz Finest is easily the best looking protective product on the market today. As you can see it gives a dripping wet gloss to even a light colored vehicle like this. Couple those looks with the two year manufacture warranty as well as amazing water and dirt shedding properties, and you have a killer product!!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our write up! As usual we had a blast with this Model S, and we will have more to come soon!


rbarry | 23. September 2013

Looks incredible!

Do you just hose it off occasionally? Or does it need special attention / materials to keep clean?

Kimscar | 23. September 2013

How long does the Cquartz last? I know I'm looking at Opti Coat Pro. Certainly many posts on this issue.

@TLCAutoDetail I would like to know your take on the subject of OptiCoat Pro and Cquartz. I realize they are different materials.

TLCAutoDetail | 23. September 2013

@rbarry Thank you! You still need to use proper wash techniques to make sure you don't cause swirls in the paint, but the vehicle should stay cleaner longer, and not require any heavy scrubbing. You also won't have to wax the paint, use a wheel cleaner, or dress the trim for the duration that the coating is applied. You could purchase all the products to keep it looking great for about $75.

@Kimscar Cquartz Finest is warrantied for 2 years, but can last much longer. It has made it past 3 years in testing, but it will all depend on how you care for and store your vehicle. Rest assured though it will last over 2 years, and look great doing it!

Opti-Coat Pro vs. Cquartz Finest is a tough one since different people are looking for different things. Personally I prefer Cquartz Finest because it offer the best looks in my opinions and the best protection since it is a super hard coating. I also feel that it sheets water better and keeps a care cleaner. Finally, I actually like the 2-3 year durability because you should be getting at least a light buff on your vehicle every few years any way to keep it looking it's best. Personally Cquartz Finest is the best looking product you can put on your car.

That said, Opti-Coat is also a great overall product. Recently the warranty (which is an additional cost with the product, not include like with Finest) has been dropped from lifetime to 5 years. It still will protect your paint, and look good, but if you are after the best looks, I would go with Finest.

Kimscar | 24. September 2013


Thank you for giving me your perspective on it.