Tesla Model X & childbirth

Tesla Model X & childbirth

This topic is intended for the signature Model X reservation holders who are somewhat medically inclined. Acquiring a Model X sig can be compared to having a baby. Now, hang on a minute and let me explain. Imagine a couple who, back in 2011 after witnessing their neighours (Canadian spelling, like weegee) arriving home in a Tesla S with a newborn baby girl, deciding that they had to have one. Unfortunately, after trying unsuccessfully for many months & the fact that they would prefer to have a boy (Model XY sex chromosome), they decided it was time to try a fertility clinic. On February 9, 2012 they plunk down a $40,000 deposit to the clinic who assured them that they would conceive a boy in short order. Time drags on & finally, at the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2015, their obstetrician happily announces that they have conceived (VIN assigned) & the child would be a boy.

Imagine how happy the couple was to find out the delivery date would be ....... soon.

aesculus | 24. Oktober 2015

Baby Boomers?

Red Sage ca us | 25. Oktober 2015

Diaper trucks in Glendale, CA?

vperl | 25. Oktober 2015

Gee whiz, hope the X has a better delivery system.

Buy a KIA, be Happy®. | 25. Oktober 2015

I heard a rumor that out of sympathy for elderly people Tesla has altered the Model X reservation number system. They now divide your resrvation number by your age. I now have a VERY low number. ;-))

aesculus | 25. Oktober 2015 That makes as much sense as every other rationale I have heard. Good for you.

Brian Vicars | 27. Oktober 2015

My final line in this post I created was intended as pure, unadulterated sarcasm. Sheldon, are you listening? 9 months is the time between conception and delivery & can be calculated quite accurately. So.. a delivery date of 'soon' would not make the couple or Tesla reservation holders pleased.

Red Sage ca us | 28. Oktober 2015

I was a baby that gestated for ten months...


vperl | 28. Oktober 2015

Hope my baby is sqeezed out by may 2016.
Notice I put in the year.