Tesla Performance Driving School ?

Tesla Performance Driving School ?

I am a firm believer that people getting a drivers license should get a good level of car handling training as well as a bit of mechanics. Likewise I think it more important for anyone with a performance car (not to mention great fun).

Should Tesla offer something like Porsche does @ the Barber track in Alabama (no relation so Skip Barber that I know of) or Ferrari in Quebec?

sbeggs | 08. Februar 2015


Sounds like a great idea!

carlk | 08. Februar 2015

It's a good idea but Model S is still not a Porsche handling-wise. You don't need a driving school to teach you how to do 0-60 in an MS.

Red Sage ca us | 09. Februar 2015

The main purpose of the driving school is to teach 'best habits' with a Tesla Motors vehicle, I think. People who get used to heel-and-toe maneuvers, or using a handbrake, may find that certain aspects of the Model S are too different from what they have learned before. They may well have gotten used to operating a machine, rather than driving a car, so to speak.

There are lots of existing options out there, but one specific to Tesla would be very helpful, I think...

TaoJones | 09. Februar 2015

Good resource list start.

I continue to hold out hope that Bondurant, just outside of Phoenix, will become a leading option for Tesla owners.

While I haven't taken the time to revisit their website lately, it seems reasonable that they would already *have* an option to provide instruction (pick your poison from basic to advanced, defensive to executive to performance to tactical) using your own car. A la carte knowledge sharing, if you will.

One would think the insurance companies *rolls eyes* would offer incentives for the completion and periodic renewal of such training. As we get older, it doesn't hurt to have a refresher every 5-10 years or so. Frankly, I'd like to see mandatory periodic training (not at the Bondurant level, but still) for EVERYBODY in LA County. I've had my dashcams for maybe a month and already have multiple vignettes of inconsiderate, boneheaded, dangerous, and just plain rude driver behavior.

ktrivedi70 | 09. Februar 2015

Funny this should be a forum topic. I just made plans with 2 buddies, one of whom is also a Model S owner, to go to a place called Summit Point Motor Park in WV. They do a skidpad course with their cars, then take you out in your own car for more teaching/driving. And they have 50 amp plugs there!

Earl and Nagin ... | 09. Februar 2015

When the Tesla Roadsters first came out, a lot of us early buyers got together for a Skip Barber High Performance Driving Course at Laguna Seca, in Monterrey, CA.
I believe it was a good idea for people who may not be used to having so much torque instantly available. Of course, at that time, none of us had actually driven a Tesla Roadster, we'd only ridden in them. We didn't know how well behaved or safe the Roadsters were going to be so we had a bit of self-preservation in mind.
Skip Barber offers courses in many places. Most of the schools are specific to a particular track. My impression is that there is great value to taking any of them.

carlk | 09. Februar 2015

For one thing, within it's limit, MS is the easist car in the world to drive by a large margin. The other thing is it's not the best car you want to do track driving or track-like driving, yet. I would even take a Miata to do driving school than an S.

Eventually I hope Tesla will have Porsche or M like handling and offer driving school when the car is capable of track driving. It may not be too far away from the way Tesla is pregrassing I'd say.

alanwwebb | 09. Februar 2015

P85D is a big step forward in handling. I think it might be fun on a track, and I'm considering taking it to an autocross. But, perhaps we should be thinking about a road safety school more than a track school.

With this much power and weight, training in safe stopping, handling a slide or a spin (especially in slippery conditions) cornering feel and quick maneuverability (maybe a slalom course) could benefit a lot of drivers.

carlk | 09. Februar 2015


P85D is a big step forward in handling.

Why you think it's the case? From everyone who own both P85+ and P85D I don't hear them say that other than the ride is a little smoother. It got the same tires and pretty much the same suspension hardware as the P85+. At least that's what I understand. It could get some help from torque vectoring but I have not heard anything mentioned and if that is in some way implemented.

Mystery Lab | 09. Februar 2015

I think that a Tesla driving school is a great idea. BMW and Mercedes do these course in Toronto - and they're not just for racing. Lots of different car handling situations. Also, wouldn't it be great to have an opportunity to really see what you car can do?

I've learned tons at the BMW and Merc schools. It would be great to have an EV specific course though.

I'm sure that Telsa is too busy to spend too much time on something like this, but maybe they could franchise out a course like this. It would definitely sign up.

forumadviser04 | 30. April 2015

You can, of course, pay the lowest in signing up and analyze charges and get to educate you the guidelines of the street. What you will do is pay more insurance policy when you get your certificate, and might never get anyone to tell you how to management a skid or generate like an mature, so for your benefit and everyone else who stocks a street with you, it's worth looking into any of these driving schools. You all should check out the list below:


eye.surgeon | 30. April 2015

My son and I just did the BMW performance driving school in Thermal, just outside of Palm Springs. This is a new facility based at the private Thermal Club race track. BMW has had a driving school in South Carolina for 15 yrs and now has expanded to the west coast. It was exceptional and I highly recommend it for teens on up to the old farts. BMWs are wonderful driving machines and the fact it wasn't Teslas makes little difference in terms of the skills learned and the fun had.

Brian H | 02. Mai 2015

BMWs: Tesla trainers.

haasmobility | 16. Mai 2015

BSR provides and Accident Avoidance school at Summit Point Motorsports Park in WV. These classes have provided an excellent opportunity for all levels of driver to achieve a safer and more efficient approach to driving. I have taken it with both of my kids with excellent results.
It is not out of the question for BSR to structure a Tesla oriented program that will meet the needs of owners and includes Tesla specific enhancements. Let me know if there is any interest and I can pass the word on to BSR.

richard | 16. Mai 2015

About 15 years ago I became aware that my new girlfriend was a car nut, so as a birthday treat bought her a performance car driving day at Lotus Cars, Hethel in Norwich, England. She came back with a big grin and flies in her teeth. Long story short, we subsequently bought a Lotus Elise, which we still have. We married soon after and are about to take delivery of a P85D. Her choice of Tesla!

negarholger | 16. Mai 2015

Brian - learning to fly a commercial airliner you start on a single engine Cessnar...

Red Sage ca us | 16. Mai 2015

And Ford Mustangs are apparently BMW 3-Series trainers.


A recent video from Japan showed someone doing the sort of spinout maneuvers I thought might not be possible in a Tesla Model S. He was able to manage the feat by pulling fuses that engage traction/stability control. There was lots of tire smoke as he demonstrated slick track style drifting with some precision. I'm sure there are some who would enjoy a 'SHOWOFF' mode for such applications.

Brian H | 16. Mai 2015

Cessnar = Cessna?

negarholger | 16. Mai 2015

Brian, you got me there...

samirnagesh2015 | 08. Juni 2015

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LizzieG | 08. Juni 2015

This would be a great idea. I'd definitely sign up butt I think they'd need to offer both AWD and RWD versions because I bet they both have different driving characteristics when pushed to the edge.

Mercedes operates one for their AMG cars and I have taken that course. It was one of the most exhilarating things I had ever done. Most importantly it included insurance :)

Red Sage ca us | 11. Juni 2015


wenkan | 17. Juli 2019

Finally this thing is real in China.

AIA304 | 18. Juli 2019

When the new Mustang GT odometer read 500 miles, I signed up for the High Performance driving one day course at Sears Point in Sonoma, Ca.

For the $600, you had a full day of driving “in your car”..... to the limit you can control.

With instructions from race car drivers, you learn where the limits of your car are, and what to do and more importantly, WHAT NOT TO DO! when things go awry.

Totally with every single penny. This class could SAVE YOUR LIFE, and maybe some else’s as well.

Skip Barber has driving classes at Laguna Seca as well.

You want to drive fast ? Do others a favor, go do it on a road course race track, instead of the street.

After driving on the racetrack in my ICE car, I drive WAY slower on the street.

When you feel the urge, splurge on the track..... it’s safer