Tesla Responsive Dash(board) Web App

Tesla Responsive Dash(board) Web App

I am in the process of creating a responsive dash(board) web app for Tesla owners. I won't be getting mine until Feb/Mar (P8460); however, I wanted to create this thread to get feedback from current and future Tesla owners of feature requests they would like to have on a single web app. I will start it off:

UPDATED with all the requests below as of 2013.01.07 @ 9:56 PM EST

Weather - Desai
Charging station locator - Desai
Insurance integration - Desai
RSS feeds - Desai
Custom widgets - Desai
Service records - steveflaherty
Personal 80A HPWC charging station locator - JayBoy
Social network (personalization, backgrounds, colors, other Tesla owners, etc.) - tashbrook
Novelty widgets - tashbrook
Available (free) charging slots at a charging station - bjm
Flight statuses (TripIt integration?) - paul_villasenor
Sports ticket - JoshG
Stock ticket - JoshG
Twitter feed - JoshG
Sticky notes - JoshG
Clock - goaliemanshark
Instruction manuals - DrTaras
Day/night modes - Desai
Wiki - Ben Goodwin
Calendar sync - patrick.meier
Synthetic engine rev sound - Steve Proteau

I have created a signup/landing page for users who are interested:

Looking forward to the feedback!

TeslaModelSOwner | 02. Januar 2013

i'm working on one as well, mine will be a bit more customized as it is for business use and will be getting proprietary data feeds.

How will you develop and test without a unit to test with?

sflahert | 02. Januar 2013

Great idea! How about service records?

Desai | 02. Januar 2013

@E60: Like other mobile web app development that I do - I test it in a virtualized environment. It won't be exact since I have no idea what kind of browser it has but I can get the dimensions and few others from the tech specs and hope that it supports all modern browser features/functionalities. Once I get a few major "must-have" features from everyone, I will create a prototype and have current owners test it out until I get mine.

Also, people can email me at if they do not wish to post on here and I will keep a master list.

Anonymous | 02. Januar 2013

If users are agreeable, a method of contacting the 80A HPWC owners for a cross country trip might help until the supercharger network is finished.

Desai | 02. Januar 2013

@JayBoy: are you suggesting that Tesla owners who have the 80A HPWC installed at their property be listed publicly that any other Tesla owner can drive up and charge on their trip? Not sure how many 80A HPWC owners are out there, but I am not sure how many would be willing to be "open" up to allow others to charge up. I think it is an interesting idea.

If there are 80A HPWC owners who can reply to this thread - we can gladly add that to the sublist under #2 - Charging station locator.

Velo1 | 02. Januar 2013

I know we have Google Maps, but a compass or direction indicator for the dash would be great, too.

Can you add guide lanes to the back-up camera? Please, pretty please?

Desai | 02. Januar 2013

@Velo1: At the moment (sadly) I won't be able to add your three requests to the list:

Direction indicator
Camera guidelines

The reason for this is because those items are currently not exposed (or allowed) from the browser. The GPS is not accessible from the browser for develop the compass and/or direction indicator. Once (and if) Tesla opens this up, we can add these two to list.

The reason camera guidelines can't be added is because that is a separate app outside the browser and again is currently not exposed. I am hoping when (and if) Tesla releases their API/SDK, these three requests should hopefully be possible.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep them coming!

Dr. Bob Reinke | 02. Januar 2013

Nearest Charge Station on my route and it's status is a must. If it can be had on my desk-top---why can't my touch screen give me the same information? By the way, this infromation was promised when I ordered my Signature Performance.

kent | 02. Januar 2013

Once I receive the HPC, I would allow anyone to charge provided they email me first. We don't have a Supercharger in Ohio and if I provide the juice for someone traveling, I'd be glad to do it.

tashbrook | 02. Januar 2013

why not make an iphone app that integrates with your dashboard app? IF so then i could remotely see (as well as in the car):

Charging status. ie. if I charge at a supercharger or local Blink charger etc. I want to know the status. it shoud alert me at some threshold I set.

You could create a social network where I can opt in to show my location to other Tesla owners or alert me when one is close. just for fun.

Find my car? thinking of sporting events and huge venues. I swear I parked in section WW!

Gas guage... ROTFLMAO!!!

tashbrook | 02. Januar 2013

Here is antoher innocent one but kind of cool. I have solar on my house and on my network it tells me how much I have generated per week/month/year/lifetime and the carbon offsets in terms of trees planted or ICE's taken off the road.

Second idea is a counter for the number of smug Prius drivers you can irritate with the Tesla. ;)

Velo1 | 02. Januar 2013

Toward Find My Car, I currently use my iPhone. There are a few good apps for this like Motion X, Trails, and others.

Good luck with all this Desai and thanks.

bjm | 02. Januar 2013

Is there a way of keeping track of Supercharger status - ie. whether a charger is in use or is free? This would be quite helpful in planning a road trip.

SpinMD in NC | 02. Januar 2013

Did you see this from another thread on similar issue (iPhone app and connectivity to the car)?

GreenMachine13 | 02. Januar 2013

Thanks for posting. I hadn't seen that. I've been curious about an app.

Anonymous | 02. Januar 2013

Yes, I was suggesting that. I will have a 80A HPWC available to MS travelers in Raleigh starting in April.

Mocaptain | 02. Januar 2013

Having extensive experience in the web/mobile world, and the fact that I will be taking delivery at the end of the month, I would be happy to help or provide feedback.

Are you referring to responsive design so it can be used in the dash as well as other mobile devices or were you just referring to the functionality being responsive.

jat | 02. Januar 2013

@Desai - PlugShare already lets you do that with L1 or L2 chargers -- they also list "Tesla" as an outlet type, but the ones I have seen seem to refer to Roadster chargers. You can put in HPWC in the text description though.

SpinMD in NC | 02. Januar 2013

JayBoy, I am in Cary... Taking delivery last week of January. Where are you in Raleigh?

Manta | 02. Januar 2013

For those interested in sharing their HPWC (or using someone else's), I suggest you check out and their iOS/Android apps.

As for what I'd like to see in a dashboard, it would be helpful to me if data could be automatically pulled from my TripIt account ( regarding my next flight about 4 to 6 hours prior to scheduled departure. My thought is that when I'm in this time window, I'm either starting to think about my flight or I'm on my way to the airport. Rather than launch an app on my phone while I'm driving, it would be much easier to look at the car's screen to see if my flight is delayed or has changed gates.

Manta | 02. Januar 2013

@jat - Looks like we were typing the same thing at the same time. BTW, PlugShare does list Tesla (Roadster) and Tesla (Model S) separately (at least on their website).

Desai | 02. Januar 2013

@Dr. Bob Reinke: Similar to what I stated to the reply to @Velo1, currently the GPS option in the browser is not available so finding the nearest charging station based on GPS won't be possible today. However, I will add locator based on manual input of current location.

@kent: You are a good sir. My hat is off to you. If I were to get 80A HPWC, I too would share. I will add @JayBoy's request to the list of nearby "personal" charging stations.

@tashbrook: Tesla is already work on an app that does exactly what you are requesting: charging status, find my car, etc. However, the purpose of this Tesla Dash web app is to provide additional features besides what was demoed in the upcoming Tesla app. I have also noted the option to have a social network type feature within this web app for all the Tesla owners to customize and connect with other Tesla owners. LOL @ gas gauge - would be funny to have as a novelty widget. I am not sure I understood your second comment?

@Velo1: Tesla's own app will have this feature which is beyond any iPhone find my car app. For example, it will show you the charging status, if the car is in motion, if so when you go to locate it - it renders it in realtime overlay on Google Maps. It also has the option to show current internal temperature and ability to set the climate from the app. My goal isn't to compete at all with Tesla's own app, but to provide another single responsive Dash web app to provide much more at the driver's finger tips.

@bjm: This maybe an option down the road depending on what Tesla's API/SDK includes.

@SpinMD: Thanks for finding the video (I was looking for it) - this is what I was mentioning to @tashbrook and @Velo1 for there feature requests.

@JayBoy: Hat off to you too. Glad to have some great Tesla owners willing to share the love!

@Mocaptain: Any help would be greatly appreciated (both in development/design and/or QA testing). As far as the responsive design - it is in reference to both: responsive to work on any mobile device (smartphone/tablet/car) and functionality which will be every changing based on user feedback and Tesla's openness down the road.

@jat: I am trying to not just do one thing (find charging station) that PlugShare does - but provide an all inclusive app for all Tesla owners.

@paul_villasenor: Will add the ability to do flight statuses (maybe some sort of integration utilizing Tripit's Developer API, if possible)

Loving all these suggestions! I started this comment with only replying to the first four - ended up refreshing the page and had to add the last 6 more replies. Keep them coming!

I plan to have a private beta version of this app soon. Please email if you have the Model S and want to join the private beta.

jat | 02. Januar 2013

@paul_villasenor - the Android app just has "Wall Outlet (120V)", "EV Plug (J1772)", "Tesla", and "Nema 14" (plus a custom entry that you can type text).

Regarding flight info, I am too spoiled with Google Now automatically figuring out my flight information, telling me when I need to leave according to traffic, etc -- I wouldn't want to have to manually enter any of that in to some other app. It also does it for calendar appointments if you have an address, and it even figures out typical destinations (like a friends house I frequently go to on Saturdays) and tells me how long to get there.

Brian H | 02. Januar 2013

Just to repeat, some have created 'EVSE' rigs that join two 14-50s to make an 80A input. Here's a link to one blog describing it:

They're using KOA feeds, which are common.

Brian H | 02. Januar 2013

Detail: He's an EE, and calls it his "Multi-Input EVSE". Sums 2 in-phase currents.

Volker.Berlin | 03. Januar 2013

This thread contains a lot of discussion on software features that people want to see on the Model S. Most of them require interaction with the car, which (currently) is not possible from within a website, but I'd think that you can get some inspiration nonetheless:
("private", i.e., owners and reservation holders only)

Desai | 03. Januar 2013

@Volker.Berlin: Thanks - will take a while to decipher that thread of 13 pages.

patrick.meier | 03. Januar 2013

Desai hi,

I am full of Mac and iOS devices, but my business calendar runs on Exchange 2010 with Outlook as my main client. What I would pay money for is some way to integrate the address information I note in my Outlook calendar entries to be integrated into my navigation system. I. E., when I get into the car in the morning, the nav system already knows my destinations for the day. Or at least I find my calendar entries in a worklist from where I can copy the destinations I want to the nav system.

Any thoughts?

Best wishes,


Anonymous | 03. Januar 2013

SpinMD, I live in Brier Creek. Res # 14,780. Currently drive a Leaf.

DanD | 03. Januar 2013

Last time I checked Tesla didn't publish a developer's environment. Has that changed?

Volker.Berlin | 03. Januar 2013

DanD, no. Just a web browser.
("private", i.e., owners and reservation holders only)

Desai | 03. Januar 2013

I have created a signup/landing page for users who are interested:

@patrick.meier: I will see if I can setup integration for schedules using Exchange. However, until Tesla releases their API/SDK for the integration into the navigation - the automated routing will not be possible. What I mean by this is that I can probable create a listing of your schedule based on your Exchange account. However, you wont' be able to click on it to route to it. You may have to copy it and paste it manually until API/SDK integration is available.

@DanD: You are right - As Volker.Berlin noted too that Tesla hasn't released any API/SDK. I think this wont' be released until much, much later.

Desai | 04. Januar 2013

Just received a request to create a custom private app for a business. If anyone else has any requests for private apps - please post your requests on here as well or email

Steve Proteau | 07. Januar 2013

Best feature would be a synthetic engine rev sound through the speakers controlled by the steering wheel buttons. Just to mess with people.

DouglasR | 07. Januar 2013

Ooh! Could you make power folding mirrors too?

Desai | 07. Januar 2013

@Steve: Currently without the SDK we can't have the steering controls do anything. However, it can be done as a button in the web app.

@DouglasR: I am assuming you are being sarcastic from Steve's statement; but if they include this in the SDK - I will be sure to include it ☻

mtom007 | 24. April 2013

Desai: do you have an ETA?

mtom007 | 25. Mai 2013

@desai : was this all a joke? Any ETA?