Tesla VS dealers / makes me angry

Tesla VS dealers / makes me angry


The recent legal battle between Tesla and auto dealers makes me angry. It feels like the music industry who got caught off guard by Apple Itunes. Or the big cable companies with the instant popularity of Netflix. I know there is a lot of jobs and money involved but come on, each time an industry battles innovation and progress they loose...they might win some time but sooner then later they will bite the dust. Just like the PC makers who are selling less and less againt the tablet market. Tesla is driven by passionnate minds who don't care about money in the first place, they are inspired and saying "enough is enough" we need to shake this old industry that has lost its faith in making great new products. I think we might see other car companies with young brilliant minds, inspired by Musk and his team. Inspiration is a unique force, contributing to a new movement result in a workforce that don't count hours, who is proud of achieving "the next big thing". I am truly impress by Tesla, It's a privilege to be a client...when is the last time you said that about a company?

Keep on going guys!