Thank you King of Prussia Store!

Thank you King of Prussia Store!

Thank you to the nice people at the Tesla store in the King of Prussia (PA) mall. Called yesterday and confirmed they had charging available.

Staying overnight at a hotel across the street, and charging at a NEMA 14-50 along with another Tesla with CA tags (not sure if that belongs to Tesla or a "real" owner). They have a couple of 14-50s, a roadster charger and a HPWC (I think only 40 amps though).

Nice folks and made my overnight trip from CT easy. Will probably do it again - at least until my company gets a charger installed at the office down here.

BetterThanEdison | 19. August 2013

How fast was that charger? (mi/hr)

tes-s | 19. August 2013

I'm plugged into the NEMA 14-50. Charging at 23/hr, 194v 39A with 108 miles of range. Standard charge will complete in 5 hours 28 minutes, which will be enough to get me to the office and back home tomorrow with about 70 miles to spare.

AlMc | 19. August 2013

They have several 14-50 charging spots at this location. They are very good about S owners dropping in for a charge, if needed. As I recall (could be wrong) there are no superchargers at the location.

Manta | 19. August 2013

Yes, the nearest Supercharger is in Newark, DE.