too quiet

too quiet

Are electric cars really too quiet? Or is this a big fuss over nothing?

While they are at it, maybe they should do the same thing for bikes. And pedestrians too. Dogs should be required by law to bark more often. etc. To avoid collisions. Safety rules!

negarholger | 25. Februar 2013

The noise pollution of ICEs is sickening. Next thing they will come up with to protect their fire dragons is that EVs need to carry a bottle of compressed CO and release goverment regulated amounts while driving.

Brian H | 26. Februar 2013

Carbon monoxide? That really is a poison.

vanopzij | 26. Februar 2013

You are right @penguin_brian.

The strange thing is that ICE engines are limited on the amount of dB they are allowed to produce.

This really is conflicting regulation. And what about so called trolleybusses? They are already electric and don't produce any sound. The busses date back to the 19th century and no regulation was required while they where around.

dstiavnicky | 26. Februar 2013

I own two Hybrid vehicles and either one can drive around a parking lot under 25 mph in electric mode... totally silent.

I like sneaking up on people and then sitting on the horn ;)

Don't take my fun away, I want to do it at high speed in my Model S !

P.S - It all balances out though as I have very loud pipes on my Harley... ha, ha, ha...


penguin_brian | 26. Februar 2013

@Kleist: I can just picture the following conversation. "Why does my car not work? The battery is full." Mechanic: "You ran out of the pollution gases. I can change the bottle. That will be $1,000". "Why does it cost so much?" "Much research was conducted to work out the perfect blend of gases to destroy this environment [...] plus the required taxes to clean up the environment afterwards"

Just bring back and adapt the rules from "The Locomotive Act 1865" - that will fix any safety issues.

"The Locomotive Act 1865 (Red Flag Act):

"Set speed limits of 4 mph (6 km/h) in the country and 2 mph (3 km/h) in towns.

"Stipulated that self-propelled vehicles should be accompanied by a crew of three: the driver, a stoker and a man with a red flag walking at least 60 yards (55 m) ahead of each vehicle. The man with a red flag or lantern enforced a walking pace, and warned horse riders and horse drawn traffic of the approach of a self propelled machine.
Firstly, at least three persons shall be employed to drive or conduct such locomotive, and if more than two waggons or carriages he attached thereto, an additional person shall be employed, who shall take charge of such waggons or carriages :
Secondly, one of such persons, while any locomotive is in motion, shall precede such locomotive on foot by not less than sixty yards, and shall carry a red flag constantly displayed, and shall warn the riders and drivers of horses of the approach of such locomotives, and shall signal the driver thereof when it shall be necessary to stop, and shall assist horses, and carriages drawn by horses, passing the same,"

The 1878 amendment has a curious point:

"Vehicles were forbidden from emitting smoke or steam to prevent horses being alarmed."

holidayday | 28. Februar 2013

I want the speaker in the front of the car. That way I can change the sound the car makes.

Today, I want to sound like the car in the Jetson's.

TeslaRocks | 01. März 2013

Yeah well you know someone is desperately trying to come up with excuses why we don't need EVs, right now. Reminds me of the short air tycoon in the movie The Lorax who's trying to stop the planting of a tree. It's a good family movie, by the way.

penguin_brian | 02. März 2013
DBT | 03. März 2013

Tesla should have a user-selectable synthetic engine sound, just for fun if nothing else. BMW _already_ does this in the M5 at least on the interior. Can't wait to drive my V12 electric tesla around town.

Thanks me for this idea later Tesla engineers!

ChristianG | 06. März 2013

They aren't many gas cars too don't emit much sound when they are not using much power from the engine like when parking or rolling with 50 km/h on a street. I don't see much difference to an ev. But yeah, a beeping sound when drivin would be a serious as I probably wouldn't drive that car.

TeslaRocks | 06. März 2013

Yeah, AWDTesla, this device is called the stereo. Apparently it can play any song ever recorded.