Top Reasons You Reserved A Model-S..or will...

Top Reasons You Reserved A Model-S..or will...

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but have been a fan for some time now.
I am doing a marketing research project for school and I want to identify what key features that people are most interested in about the Model-S.
It would be very interesting to hear all the positive comments and motivations behind why you love the Model-S as much as I do.
It could be any features, such as the obvious (duh, its electric!!)
But I am most interested in:
1. What you like the most about the car?
2. What factors you consider when deciding to buy one,(top 3 features at least)?
3. and why you want it over other choices out there in the same expected price range?

PLEASE post!!! I need and want your feedback!!

Thank you!


discoducky | 10. November 2011

1. Design, best looking car I've ever seen
2. Cost of ownership, environmental impact and performance
3. Outside of all of the above it's faster with incredible cargo space.

Tiznom | 10. November 2011

Wow that was fast, Thank you!
keep it coming, the more the better!

Timo | 10. November 2011

2 and 3 of Discoducky list. Especially the 3, it will be way faster than anything else in its price range without being tiny sport car.

Volker.Berlin | 11. November 2011

Here are two threads that have all the answers you want:

(One of them was actually on the front page of the forum when you posted, the other one is linked from there. It's probably easier to look around existing information that was collected over a couple of weeks or months, than collecting everything anew with a fresh thread.)

jackhub | 11. November 2011

Appearance, performance, convenience (of filling up)

evpro | 11. November 2011

No cash = no reservation, but, in addition to all the above I think there is a 50/50 chance that gas will either go to $10/gallon or be unavailable (rationed) within the next 5 years.

I just drove the Leaf and the best part was passing every gas station and knowing I would start with a full "tank" every morning, then pay 1/10th the cost per mile.

Tiznom | 11. November 2011

Thank you!
@Volker.Berlin, thanks a ton!
It seems there are a lot of people out there doing marketing projects and studying Telsa! I wasnt sure if I should hijack someone else's thread, but I def appreciate the links!

joefee68 | 11. November 2011

To quit sending oil dollars to the middle east ... my Model S tag = OPEC KMA

Mycroft | 11. November 2011

1. Being able to pass up the gas stations.
2. Being able to FLOOR IT without worrying that I'm hurting the engine, transmission, drive train, etc.

Leofingal | 11. November 2011

1) I think Electric vehicles are generally the right way to go.
2) I don't want to "settle" for a bland car (I was extremely disappointed by the way the Volt evolved from concept to production), and I love the way the S feels (maybe a bit on the big size for me, but no penalty based on it's statistics).
3) I am on board with Tesla's "Master Plan" of making EV's desirable first (luxury/sports models), then increasing access to them by improving the cost model.

maxmindel | 12. November 2011

1. Fueling my car in the comfort of my home.
2. Spending 8 to 11 times less on fuel
3. Because the dashboard is revolutionary
4. Because it offers a lot of cargo space for a sedan
5. Because it is a beautiful designed car
6. Pride in doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint
7. I've hung on to my car for 13 years waiting for this technology to arrive at my price point

Rumbles | 12. November 2011

faster than a 911
more room than a SUV
quieter than a Rolls
more beautiful than an A7
more glamorous than a Ferrari
cheaper per mile than a Prius
better statement than any other car
better future for us all

EdG | 12. November 2011

Wow, Rumbles, nicely put... The only thing you left out was "better floor console design than a ..." !


ride525 | 12. November 2011

Rumbles, I like your reasons, except, "more room than a SUV". Legroom? Headroom? Rear Seat room? Cargo room?

What SUVs are you thinking of here? Virtually all SUVs I can think of have more room than Model S.

Chinook234 | 12. November 2011

It,s just cool.
IPAD on 4 wheels
No parkingfee
No toll on tollroads
Faster than almost all
In Norway gas cost allready 10 $ pr gallon..
And electric is cheap. :)

JohhnyS | 12. November 2011

1. The car is fascinating--it is not a bland boring luxury car.
2. It is ahead of its time.
3. I have never been interested in an American car before.
4. It will help reduce our dependence on imported oil from unfriendly countries.
5. Traditional internal combustion automobiles are harming the environment. I am not going to ride my bike to work or take the bus, so this way I can be a part of the solution without sacrifice.

The Froq | 12. November 2011

Because I believe in the goals of Elon and I am proud to help him!

Rumbles | 12. November 2011

@Ride525. To be fair, you aright, there are many SUVs with greater capacity. My wife is considering the Audi X5 which has 29.1 / 57.3 cargo capacity. Model S has 36.8 / 66. (Standard / seat down). Maybe I should have said "as much cargo capacity as some SUVs".

ride525 | 12. November 2011

I'm not familiar with the Audi X5? Do you mean BMW X5?

Rumbles | 12. November 2011


brianman | 12. November 2011

Note that he said his *wife* is considering it, hence the weak memory on the exact model name/number.

Be careful with that when she's in the conversation, Rumbles. ;)

ride525 | 12. November 2011


Thank you for posting this. I looked and was unable to find the Model S specs. All I could find was Elan Musk saying it had twice the cargo space of a BMW series. (Twice the 15 cu ft of a BMW series 5 would be 30 cu ft, but I'm guessing Elan did not mean exactly twice.)

That being said, your post gave me the inspiration to compare the Model S vs. my Lexus RX (the smallest of Lexus' three SUVs). Amazing, using you posted 36.8/66 cu.ft standard/seats folded compared pretty favorably with my Lexus RX, which is 40/80.

I was pretty amazed!

sunnysailor | 12. November 2011


I agree with the Rumbles list from Nov. 12. I would also add:

9. It is made in the US.
10. Reduction in foreign oil importation.
10. I will have a place to put my purse near me and not have it on the passenger seat as there is no center console. :). (This is something that guys won't care about)
11. I don't have to buy both a porshe and a prius to meet my car needs/desires. This is helpful as I have only one parking spot. I live downtown in a large US city where the purchase price of a parking spot is the same price as a Model S. I am not buying a second parking spot.

Rumbles | 13. November 2011

Revised and extended... top ten reasons:

more beautiful than an Audi A7
quieter than a Rolls Royce
quicker than a Porsche 911
more storage than a Audi Q5
as many seats as a Ford Flex
more glamorous than a Ferrari
cheaper per mile than a Prius
safer than a Volvo
better statement than any other car
better future for us all

Mycroft | 13. November 2011

I don't know about #6, but I'm with you on all the rest Rumbles!

NoahB | 13. November 2011

1) Have to support this kind of technology for lots of reasons
2) Exciting design
3) Economics. $60K car, less 10K for rebates, less 10K for gas savings. 3 series BMW ~$45, 5 series mid $50's? There's no comparison.
4) Option value. While I intend to buy the car, unless Tesla goes BK, all I really have is a refundable deposit (interest free albiet) that is an option to buy the car. I reserved mine years ago, so I figured it was worth the risk/upside if I was right. So far, every indication tells me I'm going to own a new car sometime next summer!

Once you drive the roadster, you know these guys are the real deal. Unlike lots of folks here, I'm not a "car" guy, but why not have something exciting to drive? This is especially true when it's the socially responsible thing to do.

Slindell | 15. November 2011

1. Low money market rates, so why not sign up and reserve a spot?
2. "Refuel" at home
3. Cheaper per mile
4. No emmisions

They still cost too much, but I happen to have a little stash of "happy money" right now. Elon, you better not be late!

Vawlkus | 16. November 2011

I want it for two reasons:
1) so I can flip the bird to EVERY gas station I see
2) so I don't pay more for fuel because someone insulted a sultan's dog that week.

olanmills | 30. November 2011

1. It's "computerized". A lot of the interface is powered by software. This opens up a lot of possibilities. One simple example is the ability to set a schedule for warming or cooling the cabin.

2. Features compared to other cars (I don't want to have to "give up" something to get an EV), Price, Looks

3. For me personally, I am not that interested in luxury cars. I have a car that has 99% of the comfort and style features of a nice Lexus, BMW, etc for half the price, and I actually like the style. Lasting quality? I don't know, but then, at half the price, I won't feel bad getting a newer car sooner anyways. So for me, I didn't really compare the Model S to other cars in the same class/price range. I am buying the Model S because of its technology, and I don't just mean the electric drive train. It's a very innovative car in multiple ways.

David den Boer | 01. Dezember 2011

A lot of my reasons are already on here, but I wanted to highlight a few of my own:

1. 7 seater (this was what pushed me over the edge and made a reservation)
2. Support local industry (I live in the bay area where it will be made)
3. For a little more than a leaf or Fit EV, you get better than a 5 series or E class (for the same price as a 5 series or E class)
4. It's just plain cool.
5. Chicks dig it (ok, just kidding on that one -- I need 7 seats for my 4 kids!)

EdG | 01. Dezember 2011

@denboer (#5): Some years ago, an article stated SUVs were selling to people instead of minivans because the buyers didn't want to outwardly admit to being married with children.

With the Model S, you get to have the best of both worlds: use the rear seats or fold them down and look like an independent adult, all without driving an off-road vehicle that never goes off-road.

Teoatawki | 03. Dezember 2011

It's the best 17" laptop ever, with enough battery life to run it for months. And don't even get me started on the carrying case!

ronalddhing | 04. Dezember 2011

Law of Diffusion of Innovation. Watch The video and it will explain why we reserved a Model S.

michiganmodels | 04. Dezember 2011

@ronalddhing - Thanks for sharing.

kidheme | 04. Dezember 2011

So here are my top 3 reasons for ordering a Model S, in no particular order:
1. I am tired of our foreign policy dominated by activities in the middle east. I would like Saudi Arabia to be as geopolitically important as Uganda, for example.
2. I don't believe we can sustain the drilling of innumerable holes and craters into our planet to extract fossil fuels without everyone paying a price.
3. I want the next generation of transportation to be conceived, designed and built in the United States.

gianni.terragni | 05. Dezember 2011

Thanks ronalddhing@gma... Ted makes me discover why I reserved a S