Train carrying Model S crash?

Train carrying Model S crash?

Ther have been posts on the Norwegian forum from a member who claims his car was on the way to Norway, but the train carrying the car crashed (In USA)? Any one else "over there" who can confirm this? And if so, how many cars where lost? Hope all train personnel are ok...

Mathew98 | 01. Oktober 2013

It doesn't pass the smell test. If this was true, the story would be plastered to all thew news channels about any potential hit on TSLA deliveries...

cfOH | 01. Oktober 2013

AFAIK, Tesla doesn't rail-ship its cars across the North American continent...truck only.

GDH | 01. Oktober 2013

Would Tesla train cars to the east coast to be shipped?, seems odd that they couldn't ship cars from a California port.

Brit.l.T | 01. Oktober 2013

the only rail crashes I heard involved one passenger train in Chicago and one in Cali (not a car transporter.) Doesn't smell right. LIke PP said they only use trucks too.

WhisperingCJ | 01. Oktober 2013

I thought the European models were being assembled in Tilburg, Netherlands?

JPPTM | 01. Oktober 2013

Model S gets containerized and shipped to Europe. Not transportred on a car carrier in the USA AFAIK.

carmacoma | 01. Oktober 2013

@ kribensa yes they do, for the EU. But Norwegian models are assembled in California, since Norway isn't a part of the EU. The forum member got new VIN number and status changed from ready to... To, is building... And then got the message that his car had been in a train accident, from his Tesla contact .
Not sure this link will work-

carmacoma | 01. Oktober 2013 could this be the train? Cars are shipped to Norway in containers from the east coast. But don't know how they get them from Callifornia to the ship.

jbunn | 01. Oktober 2013

I went by the factory two days ago. There were about 20 intermodal containers parked on the south side. Those could be used for closed container shipping by truck, boat, or train. Don't know if it's for parts coming or going...

I don't know if they are using it yet, but to the east side of the factory there is a train siding that terminates at the north east side of the factory, near the service center. This was apparently part of NUMI. At some point, Tesla will probably need to reactive this as they move to Gen III.

Brian H | 01. Oktober 2013

Strange; I'm in Canada, but got this message:
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Benz | 02. Oktober 2013

Yesterday there was a train accident in Belgium. The train was transporting many Fiat 500 cars. These Fiat 500 cars were being transported from Antwerpen to somewhere in Germany.

Nexxus | 02. Oktober 2013

Hey!! It looks like Charlie Sheen was driving that one!

bent | 02. Oktober 2013

They could be going on a (short) train trip from the Tesla factory to the port somewhere else in California?

skulleyb | 02. Oktober 2013

I am surprised at how many train crashes happen when you look into it.....

dlake | 02. Oktober 2013

Tesla jokes should be like Chuck Norris jokes.

What happens when a train (or truck) carrying Teslas crashes? The Teslas drive off and carry the train (or truck) to their destination.

Remember, the Tesla broke the roof crusher machine during the NHTSA tests!

Jamon | 02. Oktober 2013

@Benz - thanks for the picture. Very sad sight even though it didn't involve Model S.

In another decade all cars can be safely and cost-effectively transported via Hyperloop!

carmacoma | 02. Oktober 2013

There are now 2 reports on the Norvegian forum, from members who have got their car delivery delayed because of a train accident. So something has happened, doesn't seem to be trolls...

Pricee2 | 02. Oktober 2013

There may have been other cars on the train that were not damaged but are delayed because of the accident.

Benz | 05. Oktober 2013


That would be a real fast delivery then.

Hagen | 09. Oktober 2013

Tesla told me the same story. Delivery in Germany was planend in October. My Car was built and ready for pick up and now they are building a new car.

JimAlger | 10. Oktober 2013

Im actually surprised Tesla doesnt use rail more considering the tracks go right to the plant in Freemont.

billreeves | 10. Oktober 2013

Comment unpublished.

Mark22 | 10. Oktober 2013

If it had been Brorway instead of Broway I would have thought you were really Barney;)

Brian H | 11. Oktober 2013

Don't you mean Barmy?

NKYTA | 11. Oktober 2013

Very interesting non-story. My main takeaway from that story is that you are a very lucky guy.

billreeves | 11. Oktober 2013

Hey, it's just a story. Don't go confusing it with reality or anything. ;)

Captain_Zap | 11. Oktober 2013

Comment unpublished.

jbunn | 11. Oktober 2013

How can you tell when a Fiat 500 got scrunched? Its like knowing when moldy cheese goes bad.

Hans Peter Endal | 16. Oktober 2013

Hi, I can confirm to be one of the unlucky Norwegians who have to wait for a new Model S to be built. Hopefully Freemont factory can speed up production and advance logistics and transport. After all I have been waiting in patience for my P85 since December 2012....
VIN16750 R.I.P

Captain_Zap | 16. Oktober 2013

Wow. My comment was edited as "comment unpublished" for commenting on another comment. It was an innocuous comment too.

Chuck Lusin | 16. Oktober 2013

Tesla's prefer to ride in the Hyperloop, much smoother and faster!

Brian H | 17. Oktober 2013

Tesla reported the crash; the cars are being replaced urgently to minimize delay.

Blvr888 | 17. Oktober 2013

Source please?

Brian H | 17. Oktober 2013

IIRC, a buyer reported an email stating as much. News report is unlikely; train crashes are low interest unless there is a chemical release or fire, etc.