Transcipt of Elon Musk on CNBC re: NYT article

Transcipt of Elon Musk on CNBC re: NYT article

NYT has doubled down...

jbherman | 11. Februar 2013

Let's see...

We'll stand behind what our guy "said."

Oh, wait a minute, there's that log file!

L8MDL | 11. Februar 2013

NYT response:

"The Times's February 10 article recounting a reporter's test drive in a Tesla Model S was completely factual, describing the trip in detail exactly as it occurred. Any suggestion that the account was "fake" is, of course, flatly untrue. Our reporter followed the instructions he was given in multiple conversations with Tesla personnel. He described the entire drive in the story; there was no unreported detour. And he was never told to plug the car in overnight in cold weather, despite repeated contact with Tesla."

jbherman | 11. Februar 2013

I wonder if Tesla recorded those conversations (for "quality control")? | 11. Februar 2013

Tesla has ALL the data from the car in question. Tesla has ALL the data about my car. They know my car is in the garage charging. The question becomes how long you keep the story in the news cycle after you dicredit, dismiss and let the story die...

Jewsh | 11. Februar 2013

Sigh. It seems like many people are all too willing to discount electric cars. Why is everyone so hooked on ICEs? It's illogical when we know an ICE can run out of gas as easily as an electric car given the same lack of attention. The Tesla manual and every Tesla rep I've ever talked to has suggested an overnight charge at every opportunity.

Essentially I think it comes down to this: A reporter who wanted an electric car to behave like a gas one was disappointed.

Jewsh | 11. Februar 2013

Also -12c (10F) appears to be uncommon in Conn. and even gas vehicles will manifest poor range. Average temperatures in Conn. appear to be around -1 or -2c... temperatures where the battery may have seen much improved performance vs. what was described in the article. Can someone from the area confirm? :)

(I am using to get temp info... probably not the best source but it was quick.)

I also note that at step #4 in the article's diagram the author didn't complete the supercharge. Why not? Doing a range charge would've been a lifesaver, I think.

Furthermore I guess I don't see why someone would expect the Model S to be a highway superstar in the cold. On the best of days it has 265 miles of range. In the cold every car gets worse mileage.

I'm annoyed because none of this hooey will prevent many people - myself included - from making more reasonable highway trips and finding the car perfectly usable. This article is a disservice to NYT's readers who trust them to relay what an average user's experience will be with the Model S. I can't imagine *most* of their readers cross five states on a regular basis...