Two issues with my new Tesla

Two issues with my new Tesla

I just Recieved my new tesla Wednesday and I have two small issues

1)the passengers side view mirror does not tilt when car is put in reverse

2) a very distinct creaking noise (perhaps from the sun's hard to tell) while driving

Any easy fixes to these problems. I would hate to take it to service already!!!

Darmok | 31. März 2013

Did you set the mirror to where you want it to be while in reverse and then save your driver profile? Mine didn't tilt until I set them both, but car needed to be in reverse to set them.

pmeyer1106 | 31. März 2013

I don't have a sunroof, but I too have a creaking noise. I believe it is from where the seat belt exits the pillar.

marcsbussin | 31. März 2013

Side view mirror fixed. Thanks Darmok!

Darmok | 31. März 2013

I have a creaking noise from the same place as pmeyer, no pano roof. I wonder how many creaks and rattles there were in the old Lexus that the engine noise drowned out. It's so dang quiet that I hear every little thing. They all go away when I open the windows. :)

Captain_Zap | 31. März 2013

I don't have any unusual creaks or rattles at all.

Well, maybe one. It is repeatable and I know the cause. It is from playing "Locomotive Breath" at 10.

stevenmaifert | 31. März 2013

I count myself lucky. The only issue I've had after three months is the driver's side map light push on, push off feature quit working. The San Diego Service Center fixed it in 30 minutes. I'm also still running 4.1 without issues and thankful I still have sleep mode and only lose 2 miles of rated range per day.

DouglasR | 31. März 2013

@steven - did you just decline to install 4.2 and 4.3? Do you get nag screens? Is there a way for you to install once you have dismissed the installation screen/timer? Thanks.

Tâm | 31. März 2013


If you decline software update, an old fashion alarm clock icon will do "occupying" Tesla between the "T" and BlueTooth icons.

stevenmaifert | 31. März 2013

@DouglasR - I get the new software notification screen the first time I power up the car each day and I have been touching the X to close it out. It reverts to the alarm clock icon describe above.

nuritk | 31. März 2013

I, too, had the creaking noise in my sunroof. After 1month of driving, the creaking noise went away. Yeah!