Updates that should be made

Updates that should be made

Lets start a list a items that Tesla can likely do in a software update. Copy and past this list and then add yours so we have one list.

I've only been driving my p85 in bergen county for a week, but these are obvious to me so far.

Dome lights come on only when doors open, not when put into park
More spaces for favorite radio stations.
Larger icons for favorites when media function is full screen.
Key not in car warning when already on. ( I drove home and my brother called me 30 minutes later to tell me he still had my key)
Tire pressure readings, not just low warning.

mortgagebruce | 20. September 2013

I'd like to see a nice stylus that is magnetic or that can be easily grabbed to use on the touch screen to avoid fingerprints and smudges. I'm buying one today but would like a nice built-in or factory integrated one.

Gizmotoy | 20. September 2013

Key not in car warning sounds like a big one. The cars I've had with transponder keys all sound a warning if the key exits the vehicle while it's on. As you mention, otherwise you can get to your destination and exit the car, only to find out you've stranded yourself there. I'm surprised that's not a high priority fix.

AmpedRealtor | 20. September 2013

This isn't really a software request, but I wish that the charge port door had an automatic or spring-loaded closing mechanism. I can't tell you how often I forget to close the charge port door before leaving in the morning!

cantwaitforthefuture | 20. September 2013

agreed on the TP readouts. even my "lowly" Camry Hybrid has that feature. However, due to the TPS tech, I have to use a TP gauge to find out which of the tires is slightly low (if not obvious from visual inspection) as the transmitters go with the tires, so when you rotate tires, for example, any particular sensor could be at a different corner of the car. it's too bad there is no way to determine after rotation which TPS goes with which tire so that we could manually update the location. my TPS readings are laid out in a straight line on the screen, so as to make it obvious Toyota isn't trying to confuse us with the lack of position info. :)

cantwaitforthefuture | 20. September 2013

oh, btw, I didn't mean to imply that there isn't a different TPS tech that can alert the driver to exactly which tire has what pressure. wish my cars all had that.

J.T. | 20. September 2013

@tesladude. Did you check out the Prioritized Software thread by Rod and Barbara?

Gizmotoy | 20. September 2013

It's too bad they hide that from non-owners. I'm really interested to see what's on there. I feel like it would give prospective owners a better feel for where the model is headed.

I've seen a couple threads like this with annoyances people have that I know will bother me that could be rectified with software, and I always wonder if they'll be fixed.

J.T. | 20. September 2013

@Gizmotoy. Just to clarify, the list isn't generated by Tesla as stuff they're working on, it's a poll of owners to prioritize which software enhancements we'd like to see. We earnestly hope that Tesla refers to it as they continue forward but all it really is a wish list. Rod and Barbara do an excellent job of taking all of our "whining" and codifying it for us. BTW I believe rear camera guidelines have been número uno since the list began.

GeekEV | 20. September 2013

@mortgagebruce - Maybe something like this that you could "park" in the USB port would work.

PeterVags | 20. September 2013

When my wife drives the car and then I get in to drive, the only way to reach the seat preset is to cram myself into the drivers seat and hit the button on the screen. It would be great if there was an option (perhaps within the app) that controls the seat preset. Then I could adjust the preset before I get in the car.

Velo1 | 20. September 2013

@AmpedRealtor - I'm with you. Our garage is a bit tight, as there is a structural post in the center of the two car space due a living area overhead. So I have to squeeze into the driver's seat (after manually folding mirror, too) only to be reminded half the time I failed to close the charge-port door. I usually just back out, then hop out to close it, but every time I think it sure would be nice to have a means to close it from the cockpit.

PBEndo | 20. September 2013

@Amped and Velo
If they had designed it to open forward, instead of back you could close it with a firm press on the go pedal.

J.T. | 20. September 2013

@petervags You could use the buttons on the seat.

Brian H | 20. September 2013

You can define an "Exit" profile that moves the steering wheel and seat to a convenient setting.

Andercam | 23. September 2013

Sure would be nice if the "Exit" profile was executed when the car was put in park.

djwill | 23. September 2013

Putting in park or opening the door raises and retracts the steering wheel. Stepping on brake returns it to the preset.

tomkist | 23. September 2013

I agree that it should be easier to change the driver profile. I can't sit in the car when the seat is set to my wife's profile.
More radio station presets would help too.

Brian H | 24. September 2013

control buttons on the side of the seat.