A useful fix for the Model S

A useful fix for the Model S

A lip or door on the shelf below the touchscreen. Everything seems to fly out at every red light....

SCCRENDO | 08. Juli 2013

Seems like you are braking too sharply.

cfOH | 08. Juli 2013

Just put the stuff on the floor and then...floor it! ;-)

Jamon | 08. Juli 2013

No way sccrendo. His problem isn't with the red lights. It's the green lights. And that pesky instant-torque acceleration!

olanmills | 08. Juli 2013

You're on the wrong track there...

Brian H | 08. Juli 2013

It's a delayed effect. Kicks in when the red light extinguishes.

mikefa | 08. Juli 2013

@SCCRENDO, it's not the red light - it is what happens after coming to a full stop at a red light.

olanmills | 08. Juli 2013

Anyways, I agree with what the OP is saying. Instead of having a little lip, or "wall" or something like that, I think it would be cool if there was some kind of net that had slits in it so that I could shove something like a phone through it without having to remove the net or fabric or whatever it is. Of course, this might make removing the item a little more cumbersome, but I still think it would work.

electricblue0303 | 08. Juli 2013

Agree - I have some nice glossy brochures to hand out when people ask about the car and they keep slidin' all over creation!

Captain_Zap | 08. Juli 2013

The brochures fit that spot perfectly. I'm on my third batch.
They do go flying upon moderate acceleration. But I'm not complaining.

SCCRENDO | 09. Juli 2013

I thought I wasn't braking hard enough. So my problem is I'm not accelerating fast enough to let all my stuff fly out

TeslaOR | 09. Juli 2013

At the green lights I don't have to stop (regen) and then bolt. So it really is the red lights that are the root cause of all my problems :)

cloroxbb | 09. Juli 2013

Braking = going forward. Your body (and everything else) is still traveling forward when you hit the brakes hard. So you fly forward.

Instant acceleration = pinned to the back of your seat. Everything not secure will fly! :)

You just had it backwards.

JohnnyMac | 09. Juli 2013

I plan on testing this "design flaw" all day today. Will report back but this could require years of repeat testing. :-)

wcalvin | 09. Juli 2013

Add a nonslip rubber mat to the center slot.

Brian H | 09. Juli 2013

Or an elastic band around the brochures.

NICE | 09. Juli 2013

Duct tape fixes everything

dglauz | 09. Juli 2013

The first time stuff flew out of that slot I just laughed out loud. The slippery things just stay on the floor now.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 09. Juli 2013

{ also keep hand-outs in the slot. My solution is to stuff a microfiber towel in on top of them. Holds the stuff in place and the towel is handy to bunch up and clean the screen withour upsetting the 17 inch screen settings.

kashiraja | 10. Juli 2013

I have given this issue a some consideration...but Dr. Bob Reineke +1! I'm going to try that out.

TikiMan | 10. Juli 2013

Hmmm? I've never had that problem. Mine has a nice rubber liner in the shelf, and it holds all my stuff (iPhone, sun-glasses, etc) perfectly on full-punch runs.

Chooch San Diego | 10. Juli 2013 has a center console insert that matches all the interiors for MS check them out

its a bit pricey at 869$***

dtesla | 10. Juli 2013

Maybe he is accelerating so fast light is red shifted.