Vanity mirror cover fell off

Vanity mirror cover fell off

I got in my car this evening and flipped the (vestigial) driver's side sun visor down. The hinged plastic cover for the vanity mirror fell off in my lap. Looking at the cover, it's obviously broken, with the plastic pegs the secured it snapped off.

This seems odd since I virtually never use the mirror. I can't recall the last time I flipped the cover up.

Has anyone else had this happen?

sberman | 25. Juli 2014

I've never heard of this happening.

But that doesn't matter. Simply notify the Service Center.

Bighorn | 25. Juli 2014

I've heard of it happening several times. Never really understood the point of the cover, but they will "upgrade" it at the SC.

eddiemoy | 25. Juli 2014

happened to me during cold winter, they replaced.

SoCal Buzz | 25. Juli 2014

Without a cover, reflection might get rather annoying when visor is in use...

cchodroff | 26. Juli 2014

I had both vanity mirror covers fall off on the same day! SC replaced, but it doesn't look like a different design.

nick-r | 26. Juli 2014

Same thing happened to me last week. I also never use the vanity mirror. I called the service center, which is a three hour drive from me, and they said that they can't send me just a new cover. They would need to replace the entire sun visor.

They offered too eto my house to replace it,but I'm just going to wait till they have another service call in my area to replace it. No sense in wasting their time for such a minor thing.

qblack1 | 26. Juli 2014

Both of mine have one broken hinge, but haven't fallen off. Planning on getting these replaced. Very weak mechanism. An initial oversight, but they'll take care of it.

J.T. | 26. Juli 2014

@Dramsey I've never had the cover fall off but I have cracked a few mirrors when I looked into them.

AmpedRealtor | 26. Juli 2014

Surgeon General's Warning: The visual of getting into a $100,000 car only to have the vanity mirror fall into your lap may send you into irreversible convulsions caused by your body laughing and crying at the same time.

Dramsey | 26. Juli 2014

Took it by the Rocklin service center today-- where I had to go to pick up a new front bumper cover and other assorted pieces-- and they replaced both sun visors for free in about 10 minutes. So, happy.

NKYTA | 27. Juli 2014


Love this forum. :-)

Dramsey | 27. Juli 2014

@AmpedRealtor: Yeah, every time some little thing like this annoys me, or I ponder how my Audi A6 Prestige has a much nicer interior for half the price, I the accelerator.

Works every time!

Funny thing about that Audi: when I drive my Evo or my Saleen Mustang, stick shift cars both, I still enjoy them. They're fast (in ICE terms), fun to drive, and handle well. There's really no overlap with the Mod S.

The Audi, on the other hand: well, when I got it back in early 2013, I was really impressed. Smooth, reasonably quick, quiet, and the 8-speed auto made imperceptible shifts and enabled 70+mph highway mileage in the low-mid 30s. Lovely interior and tons of techno features the Tesla doesn't have.

Now, it takes me several days to get used to the Audi again. It seems somehow slightly crude and unfinished. The engine auto-stop/start now strikes me as a hack rather than a clever feature; and while I appreciate the ventilated seats, radar cruise control, and whatnot, I look at the button/touch pad/knob-festooned center console and find myself wondering why I need all that stuff rather than a nice useful storage space (my wife mentions it every time we get in the car, as she huffily sticks her purse on the floor in front of her.) Did I say the 8-speed's shifts were "imperceptible"? They're real perceptible to me now. And the nonlinearity of the throttle response of the very nice supercharged V6 is faintly annoying.

Funny how perceptions change...

Bubba2000 | 27. Juli 2014

Both of mine fell off spontaneously. The whole thing including hinges are made of brittle plastic. Same thing happened to my Porsche and it is built he same way. Need to use metal hinges and tough plastic. Rarely used Part of learning curve. Rest of car is perfect so far.

PBEndo | 27. Juli 2014

I have lost track of how many replacement covers I have received (I guess 4-6). They all appear identical to the originals, so I haven't noticed any new design. Interestingly, I hardly ever use the visors, let alone the mirrors, though my passengers may at times.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27. Juli 2014

This is a weak point and one of mine had to be replaced. Same thing can happen on the little doors on the pano roof that cover the roof rack attachment points. One of mine apparently flew off, was recently replaced during other service work, no charge. Your service center will take care of it gratis.

iTesla | 29. Juli 2014

I cannot confirm or deny that my visor cover is on my lap. Speaking Alpha may be lurking. :-)

dano | 29. Juli 2014

This happened to me last month - the hinges on the original mirror cover door are just stressed plastic, so eventually they fatigue and break. The new ones I received as replacements have a real mechanical hinge design now, which looks like it will last a long time.

David Trushin | 29. Juli 2014

The cars come with visor mirrors?