Voice Command Reference?

Voice Command Reference?

My new (wonderful) Model S arrived yesterday and I'm learning its features. One thing that is conspicuously missing is a reference to the understood voice commands. I've tried saying "help", "commands", etc., and it just says "unknown command". It would be great if it could tell me the supported commands.

So far, the only command that I've used successfully is "drive to...". I understand that it also supports "call...", but I haven't tried that yet.

Searching the forums, I've read that the supported commands were listed in the 4.1 release notes, but I've got 5.0 and I didn't see where to read the older release notes, even if they still applied to 5.0.

Has anyone got a table of the commands that work?

rbarry | 19. September 2013

Bookmark this page in your Tesla browser.

It has some fun / full screen graphics.

It also has the "full" voice commands currently recognized.

stevenmaifert | 19. September 2013

Voice Commands - You can now use your voice to easily navigate to any business or location, listen to music via the Internet, or dial a contact. Note: This feature requires connectivity. 1. To issue a voice command, press and hold the voice button (upper right) on the steering wheel. 2. Wait for the tone and then speak your command while continuing to hold the button down. 3. Release the button when you're finished speaking. You'll be prompted through the process via onscreen messages at the bottom of the instrument panel (e.g., "Processing..." while your voice command is analyzed). Below is the supported syntax.

Listen to Music
You can use your voice to search for and play selections from the Internet music service Slacker. Begin your command with "Listen to" or “Play,” followed by the name of an album, artist, or combination.

Listen to The Black Keys
Listen to Boogie Wonderland
Play Honkey Tonk Chateau by Elton John
Listen to Free Fallin by Tom Petty

Once a selection is made, you can then listen to a custom radio station based on your search results. Note that providing multiple cues in your voice command, such as artist plus song name, will often improve the voice recognition accuracy.

To navigate or search within the Maps app. say 'Drive to," "Navigate to," or “Where is," followed by an address, business name, business category, or landmark.

Navigate to 3500 Deer Creek Road Palo Alto
Navigate to Starbucks on University Ave In Palo Alto
Drive to Starbucks on Homestead in Cupertino
Navigate to the French Laundry
Where is Stanford University

Call a contact
To place calls on a phone connected via Bluetooth, start your command with "Call" or “Dial,” followed by the contact's first and/or last names.

Call Jason
Dial Mike Phillips

ChrisH314 | 23. Mai 2016

I do not understand why there are so few voice commands. Surely something like 'Sunroof open ten percent' or 'temperature down 2 degrees' or 'radio source fm' would be really easy to implement. Certainly, compared to the intricacies of navigation. And having it triggered by the 'record' button would handle any safety issues - only the driver could do it - and having these operations voice controlled would be safer than taking your eyes off the road to find and fiddle with buttons or touch icons. 'Navigate cancel'. One I'd particularly like is 'Suspension cancel' to remove an unwanted location based suspension setting.

Silver2K | 23. Mai 2016



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