waiting for red

waiting for red

If you finalized with the red paint has anybody else discovered that, in fact, February is the LONGEST month of the year?

Brian H | 08. Februar 2013

Yeah, that's why they made it so short. To reduce the excessive lengthiness.

Chuck Lusin | 08. Februar 2013

Hopfully March and April don't feel long also!

Brian H | 08. Februar 2013

Time flies when you're having sun.

DLM270 | 08. Februar 2013

Still checking the Fremont Plant Test Track every few days, hoping to see a RED MS being tested. No luck yet.

vinster | 08. Februar 2013

Curious - what are your reservations numbers for your red? Mine is 4605. I reconfigured when the red was released in the design studio in end Nov. I'm waiting to hear about the first multi-coat red delivery.

atlg8or | 08. Februar 2013

I'm 6574 and finalized on 12/3 for multi-coat red. April/May estimated delivery which seems to be the standard.

@Dean@Fremont - please keep us posted when you spy any in the plant parking lot or test track!

mthanos | 08. Februar 2013

I'm building a garage and ordered the red both because it the color I wanted and because the garage wouldn't be finished until the end of March. Sometimes things just work out.:)

DLM270 | 08. Februar 2013

I'm 9001 and finalized on 11/30. My MVPA says Feb/Mar delivery, but I believe it will actually be Mar/Apr, since it is understood that the Red production will be started in March.

DLM270 | 08. Februar 2013

@atlg8or You can count on it! I will be letting both Forums know if and when I see any RED around the plant. And Pictures if possible.

celtrog | 08. Februar 2013

Dean You're the MAN!!!

Brian H | 08. Februar 2013

Was the car tested by Endgadget a MC Red?

memcd | 21. Februar 2013

In the Q4 Earnings call transcript, Elon says:
"Well we do see some deferrals taking place because we have a new color coming out which is actually a really great color. I have to admit it's a really great color. We spent a lot of time on that red but I'm not suggesting anyone delay their order, but it is an awesome red."

I guess that makes waiting better (or worse).

yoda | 22. Februar 2013

Lets hope so. Look forward to the pics from Dean...and thanks in advance

This has been a very long wait and is getting very tiresome. I'm 8868 and my MVPA originally said Feb/Mar delivery, but revised to Apr/May after a configuration change.

tmwright | 22. Februar 2013

Every time I pass an MS on the road I get a flash of envy and second guess my decision to wait for the red. Eventually, I get over it and I'm happy with my choice. But April/May feels like a lifetime away!

vinster | 22. Februar 2013

Likewise, every time I see a Pearl White MS on the road, I wondered if I should've stayed with that color! Honestly, I'm still happy with my decision, and will wait patiently.

If the first red owner can update this thread with pics, l'll really appreciate it!

JohnQ | 23. Februar 2013

I'm 1,491 and deferred my config for the red. Though I'm impatient I'm willing to wait what will end up being an extra 6 months to get the color I want.

jso1123 | 23. Februar 2013

What percentage of Model S owners/future owners chose the red color?

EJH | 23. Februar 2013

I reserved in August, and finalized order in mid-January.

Red-on-black Performance in the Toronto, Canada area, and am looking for an April or May delivery. ( #406 in Canada)

All of the colours are nice, but I think that the red is going to work the best with the black roof, nose-piece and tires, and the red taillights to give the car an "uncluttered" look.
Red is also the colour with the lowest drag coefficient.

DLM270 | 23. Februar 2013

No REDs on the track yet. Today I only saw a White MS and last Wednesday I saw several Greys and a White.

Brian H | 23. Februar 2013

Faskinatin'! What colour has the highest?

EJH | 24. Februar 2013

Just having fun!