Washington D.C. Tesla Store Praise

Washington D.C. Tesla Store Praise

I realize I shouldn't expect anything less than friendly service at a small, niche store as opposed to the mass vehicle-selling machines of typical dealerships, however I was so pleased with my interactions at the Tesla Store at DC that I actually decided to find somewhere to share my pleasure... even if all I was doing was visiting for fun with no intention to purchase the car.

I was visiting DC with two friends yesterday, and one of them told me she "had a surprise for me" and that I should follow her. Next thing I knew we were standing outside the dealership. After a bit of 'little school girl squealing' on my part, I ran inside and upon being greeted by a lovely lady working there, I immediately opened with, "I admit I am a broke college student, and that I have no means by which to purchase a Model S, but I very much would like to look at it."

Normally the result of that introduction would, at best, result in a, "sure, go ahead," with the salesperson returning to their desk. In this case, the lady proceeded to guide me through a complete tour of the vehicle, acting as if I had $100,000 in hand and was ready to buy. She was very informative, even talking about the different wood grain options, and which features were most liked by their customers. She walked around the entire car, having me look at things like how much trunk space there was available.. It's funny because I was obviously just a kid in a candy store, so I don't know if it was that she was an actual car enthusiast herself, or could tell that I was, or was just using me for practice for a real customer, but the whole experience was so friendly and personal that if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would likely return to that store not just because I want a Model S, but because that sort of treatment should be rewarded with a sale.

I know this is probably seeming like a rather silly post, but it was just one of those instances where your interaction with someone is so good that you feel the need to register a compliment somehow, somewhere! So in essence, all I am trying to say is, if someone from Tesla is reading this, you've chosen the right people to sell your cars.

Randal Taylor | 10. Januar 2013

Thanks for sharing your experience. The reason you had that type of reception is because Tesla is not your usual car "dealership" and they want everyone to have a great experience at their stores. Because of this you will tell others like you have here. I hope some day you will be able to own a Tesla. We need more people in the world like yourself. Thanks for the story!

olanmills | 10. Januar 2013

This is one thing I think will work really well with Tesla stores. They are designed to sell the brand and the EV concept, not the cars directly. I think it's a really good approach, at least for these initial years when sales are relatively small compared to major automakers.

I think it's a great idea. Build up the brand as something desireable, innovative, advanced, cutting edge etc. Show that Tesla is a cool company. I think when they finally make it to the $30k cars, people will be breaking down the factory doors just to have the opportunity to buy one. I think the stores, and their approach to educate and sell the brand, as ooposed to hard selling cars/reservations, is a big factor in that.

DarrellH | 10. Januar 2013

Stang70Fastback, not a silly post at all. We have a Roadster and a Model S and we still love to go to Tesla Stores and talk to the Tesla employees about EVs in general and Tesla in particular. We always learn something new. The Tesla employees are all so nice and helpful.

Brian H | 10. Januar 2013

Consider: when you are able to buy a car, what brand will you consider first? And, will you tell others (friends, family, random strangers, other students) about Tesla?

You are now an "intangible asset" to Tesla.

Stang70Fastback | 13. Januar 2013

I will gladly recommend Tesla to anyone. They make an amazing product, and if all of their stores and employees are like this one, then I see no reason why they shouldn't succeed.