Waterproof Key

Waterproof Key

I surf and need a waterproof key that can put in my wetsuit? Either that or the ability to lock the fob outside (e.g., hideakey) of the car without anyone being able to push the handles and open the car.

Any suggestions?

nickjhowe | 04. Februar 2013

Liquipel. ( I've been thinking about this for my keys. Unless you can find somewhere local that has an in-store set up you'll need to send the key off to them. That is if they do it - they only do cell phones right now.

But at least you can send one key at a time and still have use of the car.

Or go with the low tech solution for $10

RickT | 04. Februar 2013

Any dive shop can sell you a "dry wallet" O-ring sealed container large enough for a Tesla key.

I haven't taken my Model S on a dive trip yet, reticent to load wet gear into the trunks until I get some rubber mats. But when I do, it will be Monterey where it's cold and I dive dry. I'll put the key in the pocket of my dry suit undergarment. ;-)

tvntesla | 04. Februar 2013

The key Fob is already water resistant except the battery chamber. I know that because I took my car keys including the key fob and went surfing in the ocean. I always do that, but I forgot that the Tesla key fob is now in the ring. After 1hr, I came back to the car (not the Model S) and realized that the Tesla key fob went into the water with me. I immediately opened the fob and took the battery out and left it open. At home, I tried to blow warm air to dry it for a while. I checked the battery and it was half of the voltage, so I went to the store and bought a replacement battery. The key fob didn't come back, so I left it open overnight. In the morning, I put the new battery into the key fob to try it last time before taking it to Tesla Service and it worked just like before. I changed the battery back to the old one and it still works. And it's still working. LOL. I now have more respect for Tesla. I am sure that the key fob is made in California and not in China.

cmlaff | 04. Februar 2013

I recommended this to every Tesla employee I spoke with beginning in August ' 09 and explained that to help Tesla
appeal to a wider audience a waterproof option would be important. Alas, only one employee surfed like I and others on this forum, and she had nothing to do with design. She was very understanding however. Here's what I use;

scriptacus | 04. Februar 2013

@tvntesla - for future reference, leaving wet electronics in rice (dry, uncooked of course) will dry them out much more quickly than air drying. :)

aaronw2 | 04. Februar 2013

It is sad to hear that the key fob is not waterproof. My Prius fob is waterproof and I have tested this half a dozen times when it's gone through the washing machine. The battery cover is protected by an O-ring to keep dirt and water out. The Prius Fob is built like a tank and can take a lot of abuse. I still open the battery cover overnight to make sure it is dry, but I never had any issues with it or with water getting inside as far as I could tell after almost 7 years. Also, reports of the Tesla fob cracking has me somewhat worried. Hopefully they are covered under the warranty.

Brian H | 05. Februar 2013

Someone reports half of his two fobs didn't survive the washing machine. He's decided not to wash the other, and is awaiting a replacement from TM.

mal42north | 05. Februar 2013

I was contemplating using plasti-dip, but I think I'l try one of those overboard cases first.

Kutu | 23. April 2014

I too would like an option for unlocking the Tesla with a waterproof key. The best option would be a simple metal key that would really be water proof. I would never trust my Tesla key in a box underwater and I don't like any of the other ideas for waterproofing the fob.

Currently, with my ICE vehicle, I use a key that I had made just to open the doors and I leave the fob and key in the vehicle when scuba diving from the beach. I would like that option with the Tesla. Until I come up with a better option I'm going to use a metal box (the keyed type for securing a gun)and temporarily cable it to the underside of the rear bumper of the Tesla when I'm diving. The box will act as a Faraday shield for the Tesla fob.

tes-s | 23. April 2014


Kutu | 23. April 2014

@tes-s I don't think a baggie would be good under water protection. It may be a suitable solution for kayaking, sitting on the beach or around a pool. But, the reliability underwater is just not there. I have been scuba diving over 45 years and I clean O-rings on flashlights and cameras before every dive trip and I still have had devices flood a couple of times; that is why I take nothing electronic underwater unless it will serve a purpose there.

TAD_CA | 23. April 2014

This isn't a solution for the waterproof key, but if you line a hidekey container with aluminum foil, it will not allow the key to unlock the car.