We want a "Purebrid" EV, which only Tesla can deliver on!

We want a "Purebrid" EV, which only Tesla can deliver on!

As it has been stated in other forums, why would\should we settle for the worst of both worlds in considering a Hybrid or another archaic ICE (age) vehicle. The Future is here and Now!

BYT | 24. Oktober 2011

You are preaching to the choir! :) I think everyone here agree's with that but where I read a lot, no, a TON of false information on is other sites. There is sooo many misconceptions and falsities about the Model S and Tesla in general out there. People are very ignorant outside of this site when it comes to this car!!!

Denis Vincent | 24. Oktober 2011

I would like to "coin" the word "Purebrid" to describe the Tesla, having been at the Factory Event confirmed without a doubt that I have made the right decision. The real clencher was the " joy ride" ( my son and I went for 3)...through the slalom, the car was incredibly flat, no rock or roll, which I think can be attributed to its wide stance and extremely low centre of gravity. Pure and simple awesome acceleration was the other factor, and this was in the 5.6sec Beta. (I've driven the Roadster, "hang onto your head" if you don't want to get whiplash! ) I do however recognize that managing\monitoring the electrical and other systems for a Purebrid will require a whole new perspective regarding the layout of the dash, console and computer systems and monitor, which I believe the people at Tesla have grappled with. Conventional thinking must be cast aside in order to make way for this new challenge. I, for one, believe that the the best place for this to happen is indeed in the heartland of computer innovation and technology, Silicon Valley. What we may have thought was necessary, luxurious,cool on the instrument "clutter" and console may no longer be necessary, like so many other things that had to do with a ICE V. When it comes to the interior, the "elephant in the..." is the 17" monitor. The question is, can we live with it or should we expect Tesla to modify it in the interest conventional expectations. The simplicity of the visual layout is what has most of us baffled here, we should allow Tesla some latitude with what they are trying to , and for that matter. have accomplished.

gjunky | 24. Oktober 2011

Why the term Purebrid? It is not a hybrid of any kind. Perhaps Nobrid :) ? Oh, wait, every ICE car is too.

Denis Vincent | 24. Oktober 2011

I gave some thought to "Thoroughbrid", however, in the world of horses, "Toroughbred" is also known as "Arabian" or "Quarter Horse", neither of which are in keeping with the association that I am trying to make, for all the obvious reasons. On a more serious note, the chassis of the Tesla S, especially when seen "in person" is a true marvel of Pure Simplicity, the passenger accommodation and storage capabilities is Purely Ingenious and Zero Emissions makes it a Purebrid EV.

jbunn | 24. Oktober 2011

I've been suckered my whole life by detroit concept cars. They display something that looks like a ufo, then build the pinto. I didnt and still dont understand it. Perhaps a clean slate in silicon valley is needed.

Like you, as a reservation holder, I'm feeling very smart after Freemont

Robert.Boston | 25. Oktober 2011

No need to create a new word for this. "Purebred" is the right term: "a pedigreed animal of unmixed lineage". Or "pure" or "true".

Denis Vincent | 25. Oktober 2011

Robert Thanks, that where the inspiration comes from, however as applied to the automobiles, namely the Tesla, I morphed it to "Purebrid" as in "hybrid".

Brian H | 25. Oktober 2011

Even simpler, a Hybrid without the Hy; just a Brid!


BYT | 25. Oktober 2011

Just call it Lightning minus the Thunder!

VolkerP | 28. Oktober 2011

If I can get a Purebrid, I'll sell my Toyota Hybris within a second!

ncn | 29. Oktober 2011

I think I prefer "Purebred EV" (or "PureV"?). "Purebrid" looks too much like a typo.

In practice, I usually say "All-electric" when talking to ordinary people and "BEV" when writing on technical enthusiast forums.

Mycroft | 29. Oktober 2011

Actually, I prefer "magic". :-D

Denis Vincent | 29. Oktober 2011

ncn I like the variations on "Purebrid", seems to be a consensus on the presents of the word "Pure...". The real intention of this exercise is to provide the Tesla with an identity that distinguishes it from "Hybrids", which it is often compared to and made reference as in the literature and news. One thing for sure, it is not a Hybrid "mutt" (Fisker), its a practical, spacious, luxuries, zero-emmisions people carrier in a class all of its own.