What is the Price of Gas Where You Live?

What is the Price of Gas Where You Live?

I hope you don't immediately know and have to go out for a drive in your Model S to find out. Here's what happened to me:

I was out of State on a business trip when my local business colleague asked me during a lunch break "what does gas cost where you live?". I said "I really have no clue". He pressed the issue and asked why I wouldn't have a clue. When I answered "I haven't bought gas in the last 4 months, as I drive a Tesla Model S". My colleague lite up like a Christmas tree and started asking me dozens of questions. We had a nice Tesla-time 2-hour lunch, including showing him a ton of pictures on my smart phone.

BTW, I am back home and looked - gas in Evergreen, CO is $3.49 for regular.

Andrzej1 | 21. September 2013
Velo1 | 21. September 2013

@Andrzej1 - I wasn't really needing to know. I was just seeing if owners were like me and have not paid attention to gas prices.

WhisperingCJ | 21. September 2013

Not an owner yet, but £1.37 (about $2.19 PER LITRE!!! here in the UK
And that's why I intend be an owner!

jat | 21. September 2013

Since my wife drives a LEAF, we really have no idea what gas prices are, as they just aren't relevant. The only time I have been to a gas station for gas (I stop for drinks and bathroom breaks on long trips :) has been when I rented a car.

jman | 21. September 2013

About $3.60 here in central Mass.

DJung | 21. September 2013

$4.10 for Regular in Newport Beach.. $4.30 for premium. Can't wait to switch to a Tesla Model S!

KennyB@US-FL | 21. September 2013

$3.39 for regular/$3.79 for premium in Fort Lauderdale (Don't have Tesla yet :(

David70 | 21. September 2013

About $3.79 in Cheney, WA. (Regular) | 21. September 2013

On the Central Coast of California, for premium about $4.00 plus. (Monterrey, North County)

mario.kadastik | 21. September 2013

$6.70 / gallon in your units here in Estonia :) guess why I'm hetting the MS :)

jbunn | 21. September 2013

Truly, I have no idea. Have not bought a drop of gas in 6 months of more.

Brian H | 21. September 2013

Last I noticed, about $1.42/liter in Vancouver, Can.

jqphan | 21. September 2013

In San Jose california, gas dropped a little. Now it cost $3.83 regular and
4.05 premium.

Neech | 22. September 2013

Driving around Chicago yesterday premium gas is $4.49 a gallon.

AnalysiZ | 22. September 2013

1.826 Euro per Liter
3.7854 Liter per Gallon
1.3524 Dollar for a Euro
9.3479 Dollar per Gallon

In the Netherlands today.....

C Bretaud | 22. September 2013

1.53 Euro/Litre for Regular (Fr)
--> 7.83 Dollar per gallon with the same $/€

1.32 €/L for diesel
--> 6.76 Dollar per gallon

ssarker | 22. September 2013

no idea!

Velo1 | 22. September 2013

@jbunn and @ssarker - right answer.

@AnalysiZ - good lord, you will get a raise in useable income when you have your Model S.

AreBeeAZ | 22. September 2013

Don't know; don't care :)

cloroxbb | 22. September 2013

$3.36 for me, Fort Meade MD