Where are the charging stations?

Where are the charging stations?

It seems a good time, since the Model S is being released, to comminicate about new charging station. There are only level 2 's around Chicago, but not many. By Gurnee Mills Mall, and some of our Walgreens and Walgreens corporate here. There are more popping up in some garages in the city. It has begun....

ggr | 18. August 2012

So, Butch, it looks like you'll get yours an hour before we get ours... because of time zones. We could have picked up on Monday but my wife's commitments didn't allow it. But I think I'll still be the first at Qualcomm.

Larry Chanin | 18. August 2012


I downloaded Recargo on my iPhone and filtered out all charging stations except Tesla (under Settings). It shows around 25 stations between Orange County and San Francisco, but I'm not sure what a Tesla charging station means in this context. Can anyone enlighten the group?

I believe the Recargo Tesla chargers are Roadster High Power Connectors.

It has a different proprietary connector than the Model S so until Tesla produces an adapter it will only be of use to Roadster owners.


jerry3 | 18. August 2012

bsimoes (31 vs 62 mph charge).

If I understand what you're asking:

1. Superchargers bypass either single or twin chargers so no difference there.

2. Any a/c connector that provides more than 40 Amps of charging will benefit from twin chargers.

You can liken the connectors to transportation modes:

Walking--120V 12 amp--5 mph (hairdryer)
Cycling--220V 30 amp--15 mph (stove)
Driving--220V 50 amp--30 mph (RV)
Light rail--220V 80 amp--60 mph (HPC)
Shinkansen--90 kWh DC--300 mph (supercharger)

electricblue0303 | 18. August 2012


When are you getting your Model S? Mine will be here in Nov. We should have a delivery party for Chicago folks! (all Model S admirers would be invited of course)

Brian H | 19. August 2012

Every owner should be obliged to hold a car-warming party within 1 week of taking delivery. >:-O >:) Free buffet and bar.

Superliner | 19. August 2012

As has been mentioned, "on road" or away from home charging will probably not be the norm for many including myself. I rarely exceed 50 miles / day driving let alone 200 + coupled with the fact that I'll have a full charge nearly every time I leave home AND the fact that I have two other ICE vehicles should I REALLY need to take a 2000 mile road trip in a limited amount of time.

Not sure if I'll keep the two ICE cars I currently have though as lic. insurance costs etc. for cars that sit most of the time will probably far exceed the cost of just renting a car when and if needed.

jerry3 | 19. August 2012


Right. Vacation trips are about the only time I'll ever use an away-from-home charger.

msksus1 | 19. August 2012

I suggest that tesla owners create their own super highway of charging stations. If everyone makes available their chargers, when they are home, the range anxiety would be dramatically reduced. Either for a small fee or free charging at fellow owners, this would allow a network to be formed til more businesses are compelled to install charging stations.

jerry3 | 19. August 2012


I thought that was what they were doing. The only fly in the ointment is that it will be years before there is reasonable coverage (except for the west coast and north east, neither of which do me a lot of good).

Butch | 19. August 2012

@ggr: Please send me a private e-mail to So, a former Qualcomm employee and a current Qualcomm employee will get their Model S's on the same day. Nice...

@jerry3: Nice comparisons...I agree completely.

Brian H | 19. August 2012

The coverage by owners' home chargers + commercial sites (malls, restaurants) + the Supercharger network might fill in faster than you think, if the pressure is kept on to contact new owners about joining. A "word from the wise" from stores or TM HQ giving links to local associations and/or wider webs would facilitate that immensely, of course.

Superliner | 19. August 2012

@ msksus1; Plug Share seems to be a fairly good source for finding available "opportunity" charging. It appears many private BEV owners / non owners are making their residences available to those needing a charge top off while on the road.

I plan on doing so as soon as I get the electrical work completed on my house installing a dedicated 240V plug/circuit in my garage with another on the outside to provide access to a veh. in my driveway to opportunity charge if needed.

jerry3 | 20. August 2012


I'm sure it will for the East and West coasts. I'm not so hopeful about the middle states. My thought is that there will be a few but not where I typically travel.

msksus1 | 20. August 2012

well when i get mine in here, just mins from omaha, i will allow tesla owners to top off.

Brian H | 20. August 2012

Don't forget that the map and the fora are only a minute fraction (<10%?) of total reservations. Buyers will be far more motivated to join charging clubs than chat clubs, I suspect!

jerry3 | 21. August 2012


I don't doubt that. Any Tesla reservation holders in Stillwater, OK or Junction City, KS? (The two logical charging places for a Model S for most of the trips that I do.)

If so do you plan to purchase an HPC?

Brian H | 21. August 2012

I think there needs to be some collaboration with Tesla stores to pass on a link to co-op charging networks.

It could help overcome the dreaded "range anxiety" sales resistance!

Tojones | 20. Februar 2013

Msksus1, did anyone take you up on the tesla network? Seattle responding. Model S. looking for Oregon and points south to sacamento, on the "electric highway" to LA.