Where are the pictures from folks who were at the event?

Where are the pictures from folks who were at the event?

I can't find any on these threads and it would be great to see the windshield and a close-up of the rear storage.

Ankit Mishra | 01. Oktober 2015

Yes. Pictures please.

johnse | 01. Oktober 2015

There are a few links to photo galleries at the TMC forum.

Ankit Mishra | 01. Oktober 2015

Want moar here. Plz!

Mark Z | 02. Oktober 2015

I shared my photo stream data at Flickr during the event. Many enjoyed the pictures, however they are not as pleasant to view without title/descriptions. Now that I have been home for a day, the photos are sorted and ready for viewing. Enjoy the 2 pages of photos, almost 150 total. 2 movies are towards the end, so look for the movie icon at the center of the photo. Hover the mouse over the photo to view the title/description. Click the photo for a larger view or to use the slide show feature. Enjoy!

Direct link: | 02. Oktober 2015

@Mark thanks for the post! What time did you leave? It looks like you were one of the last ones to leave!

Ankit Mishra | 02. Oktober 2015

@Mark Z
Thank You. The photos are great and I really enjoyed watching them. I couldn't find the videos.

Mark Z | 02. Oktober 2015

TeslaTap - I left just before 1 AM. The seven hours were filled with talking to others and helping some with the decisions of how to configure. Above all, buyers should buy what they need and will enjoy. Ask your friends who ride in your car if needed. I did, and was surprised that all of them wanted 6 Seat Interior. I will miss that seat, but I will appreciate the extra space more.

Ankit Mishra - There are only two videos. The rear of a white Model X showing the doors rising outside. Another inside where the doors close. Both are on page 2 and you must look for the > play arrow in the center of the photo. Click it, then click the blue > arrow and the video will begin.

Thanks to all who have made complements. Sorry for a few blurry picts, but they hold value to someone so I included them. Since I am in line for one of the first Model X Signatures, there should be amazing photos yet to post. Just don't ask me to visit home improvement stores to buy items to see if they fit! I will test that feature with some stuff from home. With an Escalade, Model S and Model X (all in Sig Red colors) I am set up for CR style comparisons.

lkashworth | 04. Oktober 2015

Thanks Mark! I was curious when I saw the button to close the FWD with everyone reaching up so high. Did you see any shorter folks (like me) who could not reach the button?

Cacique | 04. Oktober 2015

Here's what @wesellfremont was able to capture.

Good lookin' out @wesellfremont

aesculus | 04. Oktober 2015

Here is another set posted to Facebook of the event.

Mark Z | 05. Oktober 2015

lkashworth - The doors were being closed together by two individuals for the last time. Other buttons exist to lower the doors. Some controls are definitely on the touch screen. There are buttons on the side door posts that the passengers were using. Here is a video from my photos: