Where to send NAV errors to?

Where to send NAV errors to?

Is there a place you can email to inform the maintainer of the navigation system of changes from the road info it has? We have a few new freeway interchanges that haven't made it into the current nav database around here...

NKYTA | 13. November 2013

@shop - if you've got the time, this is my suggestion:
- stop car short of interchange if safe
- take picture with your smart phone
- take screen shot of Nav (hold down button left button for five seconds)
- note the the time
- send the three pieces of info to ownership@

All that said, I don't know if that we'll speed up the process much... | 13. November 2013

If the issue is with the Google map, then Google needs to fix it. Here's the link:

If it's with the Garmin database (i.e. the map view in the instrument cluster), ownership may be the best way to go. Garmin also has an support page:

Where there is a link to report an error, but that jumps to a page that has a Server error!

DallasTXModelS | 13. November 2013

Just tried garmin and support, no server error now. | 13. November 2013

Retested - still fails in Firefox 25. Tested in IE 10 and it works! So if it fails, try a different browser.

judimasters | 13. November 2013

Where is Brian H when a poster dangles prepositions? | 13. November 2013

I'm not sure sending to Garmin is a useful thing.

I'm pretty sure the system is based on Navigon (which is a Garmin company) but if you report an error to Navigon, you are not sent to the Garmin error reporter, but the Navteq reporter (who manages the data for a huge number of navigation systems.

This picture from an iPhone on the Navigon site looks exactly like the Tesla display.

Brian H | 14. November 2013

Truly, something up with which we should not put.

shop | 14. November 2013

Well, I just sent an email to Tesla Ownership about the map errors and they said they would forward them on. They also said: "Our navigation system is a combination of Garmin mapping technology and Google Maps. ", so take that for what it's worth.

shop | 14. November 2013

Also, FYI, Google Maps on my PC currently does show the correct route on one of my problem areas, but the version Tesla has is using an outdated freeway interchange map.

stephen.pace | 14. November 2013

I would love to see an option on Nav that you could press that would send feedback like "please review this route that you just used" and automatically email you so you could provide additional context. Nav works great most of the time, but I've had a few that were just way, way off. Not Tesla's fault, of course, but if you don't have a mechanism to remember the exact route, or prompt you to submit, few will.