Who needs a frunk?

Who needs a frunk?

Can't we forgo the frunk and fill it up with an optional battery pack for even more raaaaaaange?

(Clearly I am not an engineer)

Anthony J. Parisio | 22. November 2014

Where would one put the spare tire?

david.baird | 22. November 2014

It's full when we go on vacation, so no!

Doug H | 22. November 2014

When I take my daughters to college, I need every bit of space I can get. Even after I fold down the rear seats and fill up the cubby hole below the rear trunk, I still fill up the frunk.

Initially, the square hole in the frunk was supposed to be more battery space. The problem they had was with the temperature control system extending into the frunk area. So Tesla decided the trash the supplemental battery idea and give us more storage.

KdotB | 22. November 2014


Thanks for the info Doug, was not aware of that | 22. November 2014

After nine months we have yet to use the frunk. It's been opened maybe 3-4 times. We avoid opening (and closing) it for the usual reason.

KdotB | 22. November 2014

Sorry I meant "removable"

Yes stupid. But a few times I've found myself caught where I need to head out after a heavy day of driving. Something like a mophie juice pack I could pop in for an extra bit of power (maybe for long trips?) seems to have some value. Yes this idea completely disregards concepts of weight, heat, general theories in physics, and cost.....and is at risk of Double AA battery and non-removable iPhone battery type jokes

PRFSRR | 22. November 2014

Found the frunk handy for my golf clubs!,,

David Trushin | 22. November 2014

No thanks, i already have one. | 22. November 2014

There are a number of problems with frunk battery, but it is technically possible. Here's a short list of some of the issues:

1) Can't be swapped as part of a single pack (swapping was an original design requirement, that perhaps is not that important anymore).
2) Adds weight
3) Requires a larger cooling/heating system (and more weight)
4) Shifts the balance of weight significantly forward - reducing rear traction (not so important for AWD).
5) Increases center of gravity (maybe not that much).
6) Will significantly change the handling, requiring a complete suspension retuning (and likely complete re-engineering).
7) May require structural improvements for the added weight.
8) Will require new crash testing.
9) Reduced safety for frontal crashes (less crumple zone).
10) Adds significant cost (not an issue to some).
11) New EPA testing, as it will be less efficient than other models.

So while it is possible, I would be very surprised if it is ever done. I expect Tesla will wait until a newer battery technology is available that has a higher power and volume density to keep the current pack design.

SCCRENDO | 22. November 2014

Was at the Costa Mesa SC yesterday and they informed me that all Tesla recommended tow trucks are carrying spare tires. I carry a spare tire in my frunk so I thought it would free up frunk space but my wife has nixed that one. The risk would be that the tow truck runs out of spares. Also if you have your own spare you don't have to go back to the Service Center to return the spare. The tow truck changes your tire then takes it to the Service Center where they do the repair. If you have your own spare you don't have to go back. Also it's unclear whether the tow trucks in more remote areas will carry spares. These will be generic spares.

thranx | 22. November 2014

But...where would the raccoons live?

LEvans | 22. November 2014

With the 7% annual advancements in battery density, they can already release a ~110kWh battery pack. They have not felt the need to do that partly because they have no competition so as far as a larger battery capacity s concerned, it makes more sense to installer a larger capacity battery with the existing structure than potentially reengineer the car.

If the frunk battery was possible, we are talking about hundreds of pounds of weight... Who knows, maybe we'll see a higher capacity battery pack next year :)

J.T. | 22. November 2014

@WEB_SRFR Who knows, maybe we'll see a higher capacity battery pack next year


AoneOne | 22. November 2014

Babar, Horton, and Dumbo?

ir | 22. November 2014

KdotB: "Sorry I meant "removable"

You and what crane? Even if there was a removable frunk battery, it will be really heavy. Not your average 12V battery.