Who owns a Tesla in SC, What is your annual vehicle Tax?

Who owns a Tesla in SC, What is your annual vehicle Tax?

I just paid my annual vehicle tax on my 2014 Stingray, It is based on the value of the car and goes down every year.

The tax on my 2014 Corvette was a little over $1,200 which seems like a lot but really is not that bad. Had I bought the same car in NY where I used to live I would have paid sales tax on the full purchase price which would be over $6,000, but in SC the sales tax is maxed out at $350 so I am more than $5,000 better off down here. Plus NY registration fees are expensive in NY but non - existent in SC. Fees vary throughout the state of SC but I am looking for a ballpark number of what the property tax will be on a P85D

ragtopday | 21. Mai 2015

I am going to bump this to the top, I can't believe that there aren't any Teslas in SC. Someone most own one and they probably had to pay the car property tax

jordanrichard | 21. Mai 2015

Are you asking about property/exise tax or sales tax on the purchase?

I am in CT, and we unfortunately have to pay "personal property tax" on stuff like cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles.

Anyways, the amount you pay depends on what town you live in. If it works the same way down there, you will need to hear from someone that lives in your town.

LostInPA | 21. Mai 2015

Based on the number of Supercharger(s) in SC (1). I would venture that Tesla sales are pretty low, even lower than PA. Thus your chance of a valid response will be pretty low. Your best bet will be to call your state revenue department.

Captain_Zap | 21. Mai 2015

You might try posting your question here. It will not fall off the page quickly and you will probably catch more local eyes.

LostInPA | 21. Mai 2015

Personal vehicle tax rates vary by county. Here are sample tax calculators for Richland, Lexington & Pickens Counties:

Hopefully the county tax calculator you need will be available online.

ragtopday | 21. Mai 2015

I know the amount varies but I would like a general guesstimate, I live in Anderson.

When I lived in NY I would have paid eight and a half percent of the sales price (I paid a little over $70,000 for the Corvette ) plus in NY I would have probably paid a couple hundred dollars every two years for the registration. So When you include NY sales tax and registration it is over $6,000.

In SC the sales tax on a car is maxed out at $350 But you have to pay the personal property tax. The first years tax was a little over $1,200 but it will go down every year. SC is far less costly than NY.

As far as getting an answer from the state, I tried to do that before I bought the Corvette but I could not get a accurate number.

The amount of the property tax will not effect my decision to get a Tesla, but I am curious.

My 1996 and my 1962 Corvette's tax is about $25 or $30 a year

LostInPA | 21. Mai 2015

Unfortunately, the Anderson County Tax Auditor does not have an online calculator. They require you submit the following form...