Who provides the 3G service?

Who provides the 3G service?

I have really poor cell coverage at my house with AT&T, one bar or no bars :-(
I use a mcell repeater for my cell, but I don't think the tesla can use it as you have to program a phone number.

Can tesla use my wifi in the garage for updates and connecting to the app?

kilimats | 05. Februar 2013

Wifi hardware is there but software doesnt take advantage of it...YET !

Not sure who is the provider though

riceuguy | 05. Februar 2013

Sadly it is AT&T, but wi-fi is reportedly coming very soon...

RD7 | 06. Februar 2013

Knew it was going to be AT&T (MISERABLE coverage where I live, no signal AT ALL at my house) but still not at all happy about it. My P85 delivery is in April - hope they have WiFi by then.

Really wish they had Verizon instead - considerably better coverage nationally. | 06. Februar 2013

It's possible it might change to another carrier. I believe they have been in talks to find right plan/cost with carriers. While AT&T now, and likely to remain, I expect they may also be looking at T-mobile (also GSM). Not knowing the hardware, I doubt it supports CDMA used by other networks. CDMA (like Verizon) is really limited to the USA. GSM allows a single design to work almost world wide.

Of course if they go to LTE, it would work on most networks. Tesla has never even hinted at LTE support, so it's unlikely the hardware supports LTE. Remember, the Model S was designed back in 2008/2009, before any chips were available for LTE. Future cars like the X might include LTE hardware, and if we are really lucky, maybe Tesla will produce a hardware upgrade for LTE in the S.

kilimats | 06. Februar 2013

we don't have AT&T in canada, who is it here ? | 06. Februar 2013

Not sure which carrier, Microcell (Fido, Cityfone) or Rogers Wireless, but both are GSM so either one is possible.

ir | 06. Februar 2013

@Fran2: The way LTE is fragmented, I doubt we are going to see decent support inside the Model S:

It's a free-for-all in terms of the radio frequencies networks are choosing for LTE. So much so, that apple has to build 3 different models of iPhone 5 with different LTE frequency support:

I hate to break it to you folks, but I think the best path beyond 3G for the Model S will be WiFi tethering to your smartphone. Then you just need to buy a new phone to support the latest cell data technology.

Getting Amped Again | 06. Februar 2013

I know this has been mentioned before, but wouldn't it be nice if when we are tethering our smartphones, to have phone's screen shown on the S LCD like 2X size? Then give us touch access to everything we have on our phone - GREATEST DRIVING DISTRACTION EVER!

toto_48313 | 09. Februar 2013

@ kilimats

It's Rogers in Canada.

awaite | 15. März 2013

I'm in the same boat as @Tech4Ever and am 90% certain it's AT&T given my Verizon phone gets decent signal here and I had to purchase an AT&T Microcell for my old phones because reception here is terrible.

There is a "phone number" for the car just like there is for an iPad that uses 3G/LTE. If we can figure out how to identify the number the microcell solution would be viable I would expect.

My other concern is how I'm going to get any update to the software given where I plug in has no network connection. So even if they update the OS to enable wifi connectivity, I need to be able to get that update before I can benefit from it. Expecting I'd have to make a trip to the service station, fortunately pretty close but still less convenient.

Robert22 | 17. März 2013

It's a shame Tesla didn't wait for T-mobile. They have been updating their frequencies to work with the iPhone and within the next two months will be announcing non-contract plans with unlimited data to compete with ATT and Verizon. iPhones sold will be unsubsidized but plan pricing will be significantly lower than competitors for switchers.. This may be the way to go via tethering when/ if AT&T turns out to be their partner. LTE will also be coming later in the year.

TESLAOWNR | 18. März 2013

A 4G module is already pre installed but not activated in all car's. At least that is what my ds told me on delivery. I guess we have to wait for Tesla to decide on carriers ect. And on when to activate.

gasnomo | 18. März 2013

Actually for me thank goodness its ATT, I have verizon and since Sandy i have 'no service' on my verizon cell phone in my house, but at least my MS has 2 bars...

David Trushin | 18. März 2013

Teslaownr you have to take what the ds and sales people with a very large grain of salt. I was told that the LTE hardware was not installed, but would be a "simple" retrofit. Probably will be but then they will probably start charging for service.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18. März 2013

It is NOT always AT&T. Rockville SC says it varies by delivery location and car location and includes several service providers, but Verizon is not among them. Sounds a bit like the wireless-enabled Kindle service, which can switch among providers under multiple contracts maintaned at the Amazon corporate level. It is confirmed that existing Model S does not have either 4G or LTE, and it is not modular - it is an onboard chip, non-swappable. No upgrades coming, we have what we have. Hopefully tethering to personal cell phones (when it comes) will speed up cell service, although the browser is the main speed limiter right now.

David Trushin | 19. März 2013

On board chip does not necessarily mean not replaceable. The chip is attached to some board and the board is attached to a connector. So at some level it is replaceable. The size and the cost of the replacement is the only thing that is at issue. I for one am not that concerned because I plan to use wifi tethering. It's more flexible and I can use my existing data plan. Now all we need is wifi.

420weblazeit | 21. Juni 2014

@ toto_48313

Can you roam on AT&T or use 3G/navigation in the US?