Who wants to be in a record breaking EV parade?

Who wants to be in a record breaking EV parade?

This came to my attention yesterday.
As it is in Cupertino, CA I am sure that Teslas can dominate.. In numbers.

NOLEK SUM | 04. September 2014

Well, I would, but I have to floss my otter that day.

jomorale | 04. September 2014

I'll be there

DarrellH | 04. September 2014

We'll be there.

thranx | 04. September 2014

@gadfly; one good floss deserves an otter. | 04. September 2014

Yep, be there again this year.

acegreat1 | 04. September 2014

I would be there but..... I would have to leave last month to make it in my leaf I'm in ny

Red Sage ca us | 05. September 2014

thranx: +1 UP! LOLoLOLoLOL!

RichardKJ | 05. September 2014

+1 Only 20 MS registered so far. We can do better.

RichardKJ | 06. September 2014

Let's get this back on the first page and see if we can get some more folks interested. After my registration there are still only 22 Model S (and 3 Roadsters) compared to 88 Leafs. They estimate they need at least 500 BEVs to make the record.

Brian H | 06. September 2014


buickguy | 06. September 2014

I'll be there with my S85!

RichardKJ | 13. September 2014

As of today registrations include 146 Leaf, 45 Model S, and 8 Roadsters. Free coffee and donuts for early arrivals.

kawdennis | 13. September 2014

I just signed up

kawdennis | 13. September 2014

RichardKJ What time is early? I can be their at 6am. Will anyone be their that early?

NKYTA | 13. September 2014

Alas, workload isn't going to let me join. :-(

reitmanr | 13. September 2014

I will be there. Want the victory for MS! Heck, I see nearly a dozen each rush hour on 280 or Alpine road every day. Aren't we Tesla Land!??