Why do we only get invited to see and drive the premium models?

Why do we only get invited to see and drive the premium models?

My questions are: sunroof or not; air suspension or not; and if no air-suspension, do I forego the tech package?

I want to sit in a car with and without the sunroof, drive it with and without air-suspension, and preferably to drive a car with a sunroof. That seems reasonable to ask before committing to an expense of $80-$100K.

It was nearly a month ago that I asked for a test drive. "You can drive the P85 - just don't put your foot down so hard, that's hoe the 85s and 60 will feel." "You won't be able to drive a car without air-suspension, but the other feels the same, but you can't vary the height." "We had a 60 in, but evry demo car is for sale, and we sell them very quickly."

I'm all for destroying the dealer system of selling cars, but I wish Tesla would allow us to see and drive cars we might buy. Maybe demand is so hot right now, they are trying to push every buyer towards tricked out P85s? I am not interested in the P. If they can arrange for a P to be available, they could arrange for another S to be available.

Henry Ford famously only produced black Model Ts. Does Elon Musk allow us to test any S we like - so long as it's a P85, with air suspension, and Panoramic-roof?

jackhub | 23. September 2013

when I had my test drive, I passed over a performance model and requested a standard 85. No prob.

Gizmotoy | 23. September 2013

Who have you been talking with? I had no problem walking into the showroom and requesting a test drive in a P85+. Then a few weeks later, they had no problem scheduling a drive in a S85 for comparison with the options I requested. They even stuck me in an S60 as well so I could try that one out.

Each time I told them what I was interested in, and which options I wanted to compare. P vs S, coil vs air, 21" vs 19", etc.

They were very accommodating, and seemed to actively encourage lively driving (though were careful to make sure tickets are on you).

In partial answer to your concerns: the coil and air suspensions feel very different. If you're deciding between them, you should try them both out.

negarholger | 23. September 2013

@Nu2Ecar - it would be helpful to disclose the location with limited test drive options.

Nu2Ecar | 23. September 2013

I'm in San Diego.

ausdma | 23. September 2013

Same thing in Austin plus you can only get test drives every 6 weeks or so when they have test drive events because of the ridiculous laws that the "free market, business friendly" republicans that run Texas are protecting. | 23. September 2013

I also had no prob driving a S (Menlo Park)--perhaps they don't have anything else handy right now?


ddyas | 23. September 2013

I'm on SoCal, test drove the 60 at the Brea mall, sat in one with no sun roof at Fashion Island Newport Beach (unless you're really small, stay away from that) , and I ordered without air suspension. They are very accommodating to finding a car for good comparison, all you have to do is ask!

rfriess | 23. September 2013

I drove them all at Santana Row, well not all, just the 85s.

hpatelmd | 23. September 2013

Triplicate post. Where are you Brian H?

Nu2Ecar | 23. September 2013

I'm glad to hear others have not received the same treatment. I can't see that San Diego would be so much worse. Maybe it's down to my 'Specalist?' Although I called tonight and was told by someone else that they only had P85's available to drive.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23. September 2013

I ordered my S85 online and never saw or drove a Tesla until mine delivered. Worked out just fine.

5000 miles and still smile every time I drive it.

bronto | 23. September 2013

At Santana Row I drove one stripped down S85 with no pano, spring suspension, no tech package and no leather. Then I compared it to a tricked out P85 on the same day. Not sure about your experience but I got to test every variation you could ever want.

Brian H | 24. September 2013

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info | 24. September 2013

@Nu2--I think I responded to another post of yours with the same thoughts. I live in Seal Beach. If you want to come to this area you can drive my pearl S85 with pano and air suspension. I can direct you to the Torrance Service Center where you might well be able to sit in a car without a sunroof. I think there might well be San Diegans who have cars you'd like to see who would be willing to make them available to you. Good Luck

Nu2Ecar | 24. September 2013

Info, thanks for your kind offer. This is my first thread on this subject. I got the impression that I'd eventually get the chance to try an S85 with the sunroof and air-suspension. The salesman told me they never get demo cars without air-suspension or pano.

Gizmotoy, thanks for the encouragement to try the non-air-suspension. The salesman said they felt the same, which would lead me to forego the air. With regards roof, I need a lot of headroom, but my understanding is the issue is in the back. 90% of the time I have no-one in the back seats, but when I do, I want them comfortable.

bryceha | 24. September 2013

It took a little time, but the Bellevue, WA store arranged a test drive on a configuration that I requested; they brought a loaner car in (which at the time did not have the 80 mph limiter :) ).

stevenmaifert | 24. September 2013

You really have to ask this question?