Wind noise increase inside cabin

Wind noise increase inside cabin

I have noticed over the past several weeks an increase in wind noise inside the cabin , mainly from pano roof and both front side windows. It's come to a point where I'm unable to talk on Bluetooth because no one can understand what's being said do to the noise. I find myself using the phone with Bluetooth off to carry a normal conversation.
I have a 2014 85 kWH model S. Is anyone having similar problem?

JGB | 21. Januar 2015

For the passed sixteen weeks we have driven down to Baltimore, as the temperature drops below 25F I get noise at the top of the driver side window. The colder it gets the louder the noise

buickguy | 21. Januar 2015

Sounds like you two -- benignof and JGB -- will be making service appointments soon as your experiences are not acceptable.

NKYTA | 21. Januar 2015

Service center call..

Brian H | 22. Januar 2015

Shrinking seals, I warrant.

Haggy | 22. Januar 2015

If others came along and said they had similar problems, you'd be able to go to them and point out that it's a widespread problem. The fact that people like me are enjoying a quiet car gives you the opportunity to point out that your car isn't behaving like others. Either way, the SC should be able to take care of you. They are very good about that.

I had a wind noise problem with an Infiniti once and I'd never buy a car from them again, in part because of how they handled it. All it took to fix was a spray of a dry silicone for a few seconds. It's nice that Tesla will do what it takes to keep your car from driving you crazy. You are in good hands.

Land of Texas | 06. Juli 2016

I have the same problem in my driver side door. The service center has been very nice and tried many times to fix it and no luck so far. If it wasn't right in my ear I would not care but it is so annoying and it always hits worst at 72 miles per hour. So hopefully I am going back again on Wednesday for number four. Hopefully this will be the last and last and final time, I so hope.