Wind Noise from Real passenger side of window

Wind Noise from Real passenger side of window

I noticed strong wind noise from real passenger side of window. So I sit on back seat while my wife drive, I noticed exceptional wind noise from window of passenger side of real seat while driver side of real window is quiet. Anyone else has same issue? | 10. Juni 2014

I've not heard this issue before. Sounds like you have a leak in the window seal. Take it in to service for a check out.

Brian H | 11. Juni 2014

Rear passenger side window? Real means actual, "not imaginary".

David Trushin | 11. Juni 2014

Service bulletin. I had the same thing. I don't anymore.

J.T. | 11. Juni 2014

I had similar prolems on the driver's side. They found that the backing from some insulation had not been removed during installation resulting in a less that perfect seal. Once they fixed it was much improved.

dglauz | 11. Juni 2014

Brian, you must forgive his Italian accent.

CT-Greg | 11. Juni 2014

Funny timing on this post. I noticed last night that when the right rear window is down there's a rapid, rhythmic sound. Not front left. Haven't tried the other two yet.

nickjhowe | 11. Juni 2014

@youngnapoli - the rear window might be slightly mis-aligned. Look from the outside and see if it sticks out at all. Service can adjust it.

David Trushin | 11. Juni 2014

Because of the aerodynamics of the car, certain window positions cause wave interference patterns at certain speeds. Just readjust the window until the vibration goes away.

DAVIDD8000 | 11. Juni 2014

Same problem, passenger front. Seems to come from around the glass triangle or slightly below. Windows well closed. One service attempt didn't help. Will go back in next couple of days.

aviationfw | 12. Juni 2014

I had the same problem. The rubber seal had come out of its channel. Easy fix to push it back in the channel.

jjacobs016 | 25. August 2014

I have terrible wind noise from the driver's side window. It is not on the passenger side and I drove another Model S and it did not have the same issue.

What should I do?

nickjhowe | 25. August 2014

Probably a window alignment issue, or possibly a bad seal. Look outside the car with the window rolled up and see if anything is sticking into the airflow. Service will fix it.

Land of Texas | 15. November 2014

I have the same issue and i think it is from the front triangle window. taking it in next week to look at. Is the triangle window supposed to be out and not inside the rubber area. it looks really weird. hopefully they can fix it.