Windows open

Windows open

I took my Model S to Las Vegas last week. When I arrived at the car the next morning, all the windows in the car were down. Fortunately nothing was taken from the vehicle. When I called Tesla, they told me they would investigate, but also suggested the possibility that I put my key in my pocket with the "roof' pressed down for an extended period. I suppose this is possible although I wasn't close to the car for any extended period after parking.

Anyone else heard of this or experienced it?

olanmills | 01. April 2013

All of the windows were down? The only "normal" way that can happen, as Tesla suggests, is if you hold down the middle button on the key fob for a few seconds.

When you try to roll a window up, if it senses a jam, it will roll down, but that should not happen to a window that has already been rolled up all the way.

Your car has a 12 volt battery which runs all of the sort of electronics that you as the user interact with, including the infotainment system, the door locks and handles, the dome lights, etc. The 12 volt battery is charged by the big main battery.

If there is a defect in the 12 volt battery or the system that charges it (or if the 12 volt battery is very old, which can't happen yet), then the 12 volt battery will deplete and eventually die. If the car detects that the 12 volt battery is low, then the driver side window will automatically roll down. It does this because so that you can reach inside and use the mechanical door handle to open the door. Since the 12 volt battery powers the locks and handles, if it were to die completely and the windows were rolled up, you would not be able to open the doors.

A faulty 12 volt battery would explain the driver side window rolling down automatically, but as far as I know, it doesn't cause the passenger windows to roll down.

mpottinger | 07. April 2013

I've had my car less than a week, and it has happened twice in my driveway. All four windows are down, not just the driver's window. The key was sitting on my nightstand both times, so it wasn't an inadvertent key activation. Will call Tesla and report back.

njelectric | 07. April 2013

I have had my car for one month and had not seen this issue until this morning. Took my Prius for a stretch and when I came back my Model S was sitting in the garage with all four windows down. Experimenting I found that the button would drop all four windows and that the car could sense the button from my bedroom which is over the garage. For now I am going to assume operator error unless someone else reports differently. Would hate for it to happen outside on a rainy day.

David Trushin | 07. April 2013

This almost sounds like a RF interference problem sort of like garage doors opening "on their own". I wonder if the key fob frequency is programmable or at least changeable to a new fob. You might want to inquire about that with service.

Brian H | 07. April 2013

Mylar baggie solution? Tinfoil?

DTsea | 07. April 2013

i have had this happen once at work and once in garage at home. i hope its not the battery thing. wish i could disable the key fob roll the windows function.

David Trushin | 07. April 2013

To folks that are having this problem: When you have some time, take the battery out of the FOB and see if it still happens. That way the FOB can either be implicated or exonerated.

David Trushin | 07. April 2013

Also, check in the washer and dryer for the other FOB (see "downloaded 4.3 and now my garage door opens and closes all the time"

Brian H | 07. April 2013



clelliott | 12. Dezember 2013

Just left work and came out to find all four windows down in my Model S. Glad it wasn't raining.........

SCCRENDO | 13. Dezember 2013

Could have accidentally pressed the key fob. Happened to me once. Have to press and hold it