Windows Phone App Update?

Windows Phone App Update?

Does anyone know who wrote the two Tesla Apps for windows phone (Tesla Companion and Tesla Connect) and if they are working on an update for 6.0?

After seeing the calendar functionality with my wife's phone I'm looking forward to that feature with my Windows Phone!

ökostromer | 13. September 2014

the guy who wrote tesla companion is called gustavo franco. hoping for an update so we can use the new calendar function...

josh | 13. September 2014

I've heard that with 6.0, Tesla is using a whole new REST interface that makes the reverse engineering done with the WP apps much much harder.

proven | 14. September 2014

I hope it can be done (or I wish Tesla would support Windows Phone!).

mcdonalk | 14. September 2014

The calendar function aside, do the basic functions (monitor charging, control AC, etc.) work with Tesla Companion and Tesla Connect with Tesla 6.0?

proven | 14. September 2014

@mcdonalk: The current version of both apps still function properly with 6.0. None of the new features are there obviously--calendar, notifications, keyless start.

So yeah it's not anything urgent, but would still be nice.

castortiu | 22. September 2014

There will be a new update for Tesla Companion this week (, this update supports the new Firmware 6.0 and also some new features as Keyless driving or naming your car

However Calendar is a much more difficult task since goes beyond the REST API.

We are working trying to integrate Calendar as well soon.

ökostromer | 22. September 2014

great news, thanks a lot!

balabanshik | 22. September 2014

What firmware version(s) does the current Tesla Companion version support? 5.12? 5.14?

castortiu | 22. September 2014

Tesla Companion support all car versions (6.0 inclusive), old Tesla APIs have not been retired, the current version will work fine with Firmware 6.0 however the features as Calendar, Name your car and Calendar won't be available

proven | 22. September 2014

Great! Thank you for your hard work!