Wish List for Model X

Wish List for Model X

Okay. I realize it's kind of late in the game but I did post a chicken and egg discussion previously in regard to the need for superchargers up the mid Florida corridor if you want to convince families to buy the Model X. How else can we visit Mickey? Next thing I know, BAM! we have superchargers on the turnpike. So here goes. (Yes. I know it was a co-winky-dink but lets just go with it and say it was my post.)
Here's my Model X wish list.
1) Ventilated/Air con seats (which are probably way more energy efficient than cooling an entire cabin)
At minimum, there better be 3rd row AC vents or people in the back will melt.
2) 4G connectivity. The current connection is painfully slow. Even better, a 4G Wifi hotspot for the kids.
3) Stow and go seats or at least make them easily removable.
4) Storage areas. It's a family hauler for crying out loud.
5) Program the key fob to change the seat setting for the key holder. Currently, you cannot get in the Model S if your spouse is vertically challenged and drove the S just prior to you. You have to move the seat back so you can sit and reach the screen to press your custom setting.

jjs | 04. Juli 2015

+1 I like your list. I would like to add one to the wish list.

1) Ability to purchase and X. ;) | 04. Juli 2015

Wish we could order one now.

Lucythesplainer | 04. Juli 2015

wish we could see the features.
the final styling/size.
even the colors.

vperl | 04. Juli 2015


Ankit Mishra | 04. Juli 2015

Why 110 is the magic figure? Car would be pretty heavy.

innov8tive | 04. Juli 2015

1,2, and 5 make my list.

-Cup holders for rear passengers.

Lastly, but I could live with out it, climate controls for the back.