XPEL Ultimate, Opticoat & Opinions/Outcomes

XPEL Ultimate, Opticoat & Opinions/Outcomes

Here's my plan:

Install XPEL Ultimate on EVERY surface. This is overkill.


Tint for the rear hatch (I have the 3rd row seats).

Tint for windows and pano roof. Not sure how dark. Would like to stay legal. Consider phase change tint if anyone has experience.

Trying to find an installer LA, OC or SD as spend time in each.

Anyone can suggest alternates?

Cost expectations?

mortgagebruce | 28. August 2013

I would Opti-Coat before installing the XPEL. Let the XPEL protect the Opti-Coated paint.

SamO | 28. August 2013

Thanks Bruce

NomoDinos | 28. August 2013

Xpel full body - 5K
Opticoat pro - 400-600
Tint - really depends on what kind, Photosync has the highest heat rejection and is the most expensive, prob 1200 for full car

I'm doing the exact same thing, but with matte xpel:)

Extreme Autowerkz in Cerritos is my top choice and where I'm going (they've done great work for some friends higher end cars) but there are a lot of really good paces in oc, too. Put up before and after pics when you're done!

NomoDinos | 28. August 2013

Also, suntek is supposed to be really good as well, a bit cheaper but only 5 year warranty as opposed to xpel 7-10

SamO | 28. August 2013

Thanks NMD. Big help.

mortgagebruce | 28. August 2013

There is also a film with a lifetime warranty called Nano Fusion.

The dealer that applied my XPEL did a very poor job and I've been back three Saturday's in a row for repairs and the car still isn't right. There is another local installer that does nothing but this film and while they're 45 miles from my house I'm going there.

He sells both the XPEL and the Nano Fusion and he recommends the Nano Fusion for a number of reasons. I've not had the time to do a bunch of research yet but will in the next few days.

NomoDinos | 28. August 2013

Samo - no problem!

Bruce - thanks for the info, never heard of nano fusion before, would be interested to find out more of your heart anything

Kimscar | 28. August 2013

If your looking in Orange County check out Show Car Detailing I went there last week after finding them on this Forum. Richard has done a number of Teslas and was doing a white one while I was there. When I get my MS next July I am taking it there. Tuesday I am taking my wife's car in to get opti coat pro. We discussed opti coat 2ppl etc. also he has a tint guy. I know the tint guy does the 3m crystalline.

I was impressed with Richard. He posts a lot go his work. Has FB page also.

Hodas | 28. August 2013

@Kimscar, was that last Wednesday? If so, that was me you met whose white S85 was being opticoated. :)

Kimscar | 28. August 2013

@ Hodas
Hey small world. Yes that was me. How do you like. The work he did. It looke like the prep was flawless. Ill be there Tuesday for wife's car. Sadly for me July for red Tesla. Such a ling wait.

Hodas | 28. August 2013

I am very happy with Richard's shop's work. I will probably give it its first washing this weekend.

BG121 | 28. August 2013

Samo, check out Protective Film Solutions in Santa Ana. They have done over 40 Model S already. Do 3M tint and xpel for sure. Not sure about opticoat. They are good about email replies.

XPEL Jeff | 29. August 2013

+1 on Protective Film Solutions. They do fantastic work.

When selecting a film, make sure you understand all of the aspects. Just from the films mentioned on this thread alone, there are varying degrees of clarity (lack of orange peel), thickness (ability to stop rocks), as well as chemical and stain resistance (the factors that keep film from yellowing, being stained by bugs, or being harmed by waxes).

Whoever you use for installation, have them scratch the film up with a wire brush and draw on it with a permanent marker.

To avoid spamming the thread with an XPEL advert, feel free to contact me at if you'd like details on the traits of specific films and how they measure up to each other.

Jack_L | 29. August 2013

Getting my car in Sept I hope. Talked with highly recommended local Xpel/Opti guy and he says to Xpel first and Opti over the Xpel. Says that's the best protection. Not sure if it matters but not putting film over whole car - just full front and rear bumper.

earlyretirement | 29. August 2013

Evan Rowe with Auto Armour is supposed to be really good in San Diego. I've seen some of his work with some of the San Diego Tesla group's cars and it looked really solid and he seems like a perfectionist. I heard him speak at one of the group meetings.

I plan to have him do the XPEL on my car. His # is 858-255-0102