Firmware 1.15.6 Max-Charging

Firmware 1.15.6 Max-Charging


My PW2 updated to firmware 1.15.6 yesterday and I was using "Cost Saving" TOU mode with a backup reserve of 25%.

The Gateway went offline about 6:05pm yesterday to do the automatic upgrade and just after midnight came back online and started charging from 27% all the way up to 100% in 3.25 hours. After that the PW2 sat on 100% all through the day until I noticed what was going on at about 6:15pm today. I then changed the mode to "Self Powered" and it started to discharge, but after about 50 minutes, it started charging again. I have tried putting it into "Balanced" and also back into "Cost Saving" but it still holds firm on 100% charge (most annoying during peak usage time).

Just wondering if anyone else had issues, as regardless of the mode I set, the PW2 seems to want to charge the battery to 100% and leave it there.


cwied | 30. April 2018

This seems to be happening to a lot of people (see here: Tesla support is apparently telling people to switch back to self-consumption and try again tomorrow.

sashton | 30. April 2018

I am on an earlier firmware but getting exactly the same symptom. 100% full but sadly the app will not connect so I'm stuck with a US battery until Tesla support get back to me.

paulb | 30. April 2018

Thanks for the feedback.

At exactly midnight on the second day, it went back into discharging. It seems like it was establishing a new baseline for it's adaptive control.

Just letting people know as it looks like intended behaviour.

sashton | 01. Mai 2018

Yup same here. Just after midnight last night the battery started discharging again. As it looks like my PW is stuck on an older FW level 1.15.1 I gave them a call and they confirmed the TOU issue was a cock up over daylight savings settings and (hopefully) is fixed now.