2016 Tesla X

2016 Tesla X

I am buying a 2016 tesla model x.
I want to make sure the car is eligible for the new clean air decal program (red stickers) that would be valid till 2022.
The owner of the car is telling he has not registered for the decals before and I should be eligible for a new program.
Is there a way to check the VIN no to see if the car has not been registered before?

Redmiata98 | 01. Mai 2018

It would be helpful to know which state/country you are in. My first look would be to the state’s department if motor vehicles web site page. | 02. Mai 2018

The new red decals sounds like California. I don't know of a way to check the VIN if it has been registered or not before. I'd start with the DMV, but I'm not hopeful on navigating that maze :) If the stickers are not on the car, I don't see why they would have been purchased.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 03. Mai 2018

NO -- they clearly say it has to be a 2017 or later - Ineligible... only other way to get is to forge or steal them or buy a 2017 Leaf and put the stickers on the 2016 X.

lilbean | 03. Mai 2018

Thanks for the info, @Melania!

jerryk | 04. Mai 2018

Reading the websites, and it seems that the vehicle should be OK. The second link shows the 2016 Model X..

However, the Red decals you can get now expire Jan 1, 2019, and the rules for getting one beyond that have not been published.

jerryk | 04. Mai 2018

Ignore the part in my early post about " the rules for getting one beyond that have not been published.". They are there. | 06. Mai 2018


"Vehicles issued a green or white decal in 2017 or 2018 will be eligible to reapply for a decal in 2019 granting them access to high–occupancy toll lanes until January 1, 2022."

I read this to mean any older car that has never applied before and applies in 2017 or 2018 can get the newer red stickers that are good to 2022. For example, I bought my S in Dec-2016, but didn't apply for white HOV stickers until January 2017. My reading is I should be able to switch to red stickers. Only downside is I hate the look of the red stickers (although would look ok on a red car). | 06. Mai 2018

On further reading, I have it a bit wrong. The Red stickers are for brand new cars that have never applied before. They expire at the start of 2019.

There will be a new color sticker (not yet stated) and a process (not yet implemented) that will allow those that got a sticker (white or red) in 2017 or later to extend it to 2022, but it has some income requirements.

Starting January 1, 2018, if a consumer’s gross annual income is above the thresholds they have to choose between getting a Clean Air Decal or a CVRP $2500 rebate. For example, single filers have a $150K threshold.

Now isn't that simple (not).