Using a lift to change the tires

Using a lift to change the tires

Other than putting the vehicle in"Jack mode", is there any other thing needed to put the model X on a lift so that all 4 tires can be changed quickly?

Vawlkus | 08. Mai 2018

Make sure you show the manual page the details the proper positioning for the jack points. Most will know already, but it never hurts to be sure.

rlwrw | 08. Mai 2018

How about built-in jacks on the vehicle? Activation only on reasonably level ground, with any combination of wheels being selectable. For those of us who do know how to change wheels, this could be a huge help.
Of course, password protected to otherwise keep the wheels on the vehicle.

campusden | 28. Mai 2018

tires replaced. I am glad they let me watch the road force balance. The installer didn't realize that the front tires and the back tires were different sizes until I pointed it out. The 1/2" difference and 10 mm difference isn't that noticeable until you point out the difference. Hopefully Goodyear will have there EV tire in production by the time that I need to replace the tires the next time. I decided to install the summer Hankook tires since I live in Florida. I don't really need the "Y" rating but that is the only speed rating that Hankook has for the "X". The rain performance has been excellent.

dmm1240 | 28. Mai 2018

I bought one of Tesla's tire inflator kits for around $50 and stuck it in one of the cargo area cubbyholes. It's supposed to temporarily patch and inflate a punctured tire long enough to get to a service station to get the thing properly repaired, unless you're in the middle of a Nevada desert that is.

Bighorn | 29. Mai 2018

Don't use the goop unless you're stranded with a tire that won't hold air. Usually, the leak is slow enough that reinflation is all that's needed to get to safety. Even then, the goop may prove inadequate/useless. It's a solution without a problem which causes a mess and an unbalanced wheel.

Vawlkus | 29. Mai 2018

Not to mention they won’t repair a tire after that, only replace it, or so I hear.