Anyone from New Mexico taken delivery on the Model 3?

Anyone from New Mexico taken delivery on the Model 3?

I haven’t seen many Teslas around these parts, much less a Model 3. Just wanting to see what other fellow New Mexicans experiences were like with their 3. Time to delivery, how it all went down, ect?

christian | 12. Mai 2018

Not being from New Mexico, and not calling people from New Mexico "New Mexicans", the title of this post really threw me...

ajk | 12. Mai 2018

@christian - totally

bobbygkandel | 12. Mai 2018

Haha sorry! Born and raised here! Proud New Mexican! At least you knew it was a state!

bobbygkandel | 12. Mai 2018

Changed the title!

Rico | 12. Mai 2018

I'm supposed to get mine delivered any time now. I've seen at least one and I've seen several S and Xs. I ordered online as soon as they opened up, got my invite and configured on 4/13 and got the VIN on 4/17. All paid up now and just waiting for them to truck it to me.

Trekman | 12. Mai 2018

@Rico - When you say "truck it to me", are they bringing it to your home, or to some proxy dealer in Albuquerque? And did you pay extra for this?

Just_Ted | 13. Mai 2018


Rico | 13. Mai 2018

If you're a certain distance from the nearest dealership, they will deliver the car to you. Yes, to your home - not to another dealership or anything like that. It does not cost anything extra. The car is being prepped/shipped from the Colorado delivery center.

djharrington | 13. Mai 2018

@Bobby, I’ve had my 3 in ABQ since early Feb. There was at least one employee’s in ABQ since late last year. Now there are several and I tend to see one almost every day. Where in NM are you?

bobbygkandel | 13. Mai 2018

I am in the eastern part of the state in Portales. We were just up in abq for the state track meet. I saw a few Teslas, but no 3s. I configured 4/13 and still haven’t got a vin. I am wanting to see if that is common for anyone else here

bobbygkandel | 13. Mai 2018

@Rico my story is same ad yours. Reserved it the day it opened? Configured 4/13. Still no vin though

Trekman | 13. Mai 2018

So does this mean we're going to miss the class/orientation? Or will a Tesla representative be in the delivery vehicle?

sbeggs | 13. Mai 2018

Bump | 13. Mai 2018

I'm in northern NM waiting for my M3. It was bumped from June-July to August -October. Have you configured with the AP? I figure that NM is too poor to paint stripes on the roads around here so the AP will not work too well until I get near SAF and going to ABQ. Do wonder if I need to have AWD as I live on the side of a mountain with no one plowing taking care of the road but me. Any suggestions? Larger wheels for a bit more ground clearance....

Rico | 14. Mai 2018

Yes, I believe that means that we miss the orientation. My understanding is that they don't send a Tesla representative with the car. I was told I could schedule time at one of the centers for a walk-through after the fact, but not sure it'll be worth it at that point. - sounds like you're up on the hill huh? I did configure with AP. There's a lot of highway out here, and thought it'd be worth it. Obviously, I wasn't interested in waiting for AWD, but I can see why you would. My understanding is that they handle winter weather pretty well without the AWD, so we'll see. Also not sure if you've noticed, but the Tesla store has chains already available for order for the different tire sizes. That may be an option as well. | 14. Mai 2018

Rico, thanks. Hill is 500' altitude change in 1 1/4 mile. Use Autosock on my motorhome when the going gets tough. Tomorrow I am 71. Waiting is tough....

cornellio | 14. Mai 2018

Partial credit given? I was born in New Mexico but live in California now. Hope to drive the 3 back there someday. Got to get back to Santa Fe.

Rico | 15. Mai 2018

Hell yes it counts! Should be a great drive to Santa Fe. It's beautiful out here right now. Weather is perfect. :)

hdtravel1 | 15. Mai 2018

It's still illegal for Tesla to sell cars in NM ( the evil and powerful car dealer association ) Jerry Ortiz Pino introduced a bill last session to try to make it legal for Tesla to sell cars in NM but Gov Martinez refused to hear it. Please contact your state senators to start building momentum for the winter 2018 - 2019 legislative session - we MUST get a bill going so Tesla can get a showroom and service center in NM. 400+ miles to Denver or Phoenix is a long drive to visit a Tesla service center. And getting your new Tesla shipped in is a dicey prospect.

michael.zeiler | 15. Mai 2018

I live in Santa Fe and received my red Model 3 last week. I went to Littleton, Colorado to pick it up and drove it back. While delivery to my home was offered, I was warned it might take some time to deliver to New Mexico. Thrilled with the car, first I've seen in the state

djharrington | 15. Mai 2018

I would recommend the New Mexico Tesla Owners Club for those of you interested in following legislative saga. Brian Dear, who spearheads the group, had a very nice update on how that effort is going at the last meeting. We also have a few 3s in the group now if anyone is interested in seeing one, and I’m always willing to meet someone in ABQ.

Rico | 16. Mai 2018

Got my MSM 3 yesterday morning. Met the guy about a block away at a vacated building with a large parking lot. The car arrived in a covered truck, which was nice. Nothing to it. The driver unloaded it, handed me the keys, got a couple of signatures from me and that's it. Short and sweet. I knew most everything I needed to by following this forum and reading the owners manual.

While I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with it yet, I'm very much in love. We'll see if it's real love or just infatuation in a few months. :)

Now if only the app would start working...

Trekman | 16. Mai 2018

What color did you get? Was there not enough room at your property for the truck to deliver there? Was the truck big enough to carry two? Did you remain in the parking lot and key your cell phone to it, or did you just use the key card and drive it to your house? Were any of the documents you had to sign, acceptance after inspection?

Rico | 17. Mai 2018

Color was Midnight Silver Metallic. There was probably enough room at my place, but I didn't know how big the truck would be and I thought I'd spare him the having to navigate residential streets with parked cars, etc. The abandoned place a block away was just too easy not to go that route.

The truck was big enough to carry at least 6 cars I would say. Was pretty big, but honestly, I barely paid it any attention as my eyes were fixated on the 3. No Tesla rep, no phone key. In fact, as of this morning, the app is still not working for me. I get a message saying 'There are no products linked to your Tesla account'. I fully expect this to start working today. I was told it takes a little bit of time to mark the car as 'delivered' and the app starts working. As such, just used the key card and drove it home.

I also don't know exactly what I signed. :) I know... horrible. I signed 2x on a tablet device. I assumed they were just accepting delivery.

One other note - the delivery specialist in Colorado noted a very minor scratch that I likely wouldn't have. He sent me a picture of it the day the car got loaded on the truck and referred me to Car Crafters. He said they would take care of it at no cost to me. I followed up asking if they'll also cover a rental if the car has to stay there for multiple days, and he is supposed to get back to me on that. Good that they noticed it and offered to fix it. Again, it is *very* minor, and I had to look kinda hard for it even after knowing where it was. Impressed with them being proactive about it and not just hoping I wouldn't notice.

scott | 17. Mai 2018

I'm in TX and ordered mine 4/1/16. Received an update and my deliver pushed to April 2019, 3 years from deposit!! very frustrated.

Trekman | 18. Mai 2018

so which Supercharger are you closest to?

bobbygkandel | 21. Mai 2018

Just got an email today saying mine won’t be ready till now. Needless to say, still no vin and im five weeks in now.

hjelmn | 12. Juni 2018

I just put my order in last week (June 4). I am in Los Alamos and hoping to pick it up in Colorado. No VIN yet. well post back once I have it. I ordered a red long range with there aero wheels.

hjelmn | 25. Juni 2018

The "Edit Configuration" link disappeared from my Model 3 page yesterday. Looks like a VIN has been assigned.

LecidVSOP | 28. Juni 2018

I live in ABQ, I just got M3 last saturday ( 6/23/18 ). I still learning about M3. I would like to know some M3 owner we can talk together about Tesla M3. Thank you

jppoetsol | 12. Juli 2018

Are any Model 3 owners going to the National Drive Electric Week in Santa Fe this year?
I live in Albuquerque, but plan on attending in the hope if sitting in a M3.

I am anxious to order a M3, but am worried about the seats and head restraint "fitting" me. I have found that most cars produced in the last few years, to be extremely uncomfortable. I like to sit "upright", which results in the *fixed* head restraint pushing my chin into my chest.

hjelmn | 12. Juli 2018

My Model 3 will be at the Los Alamos Electric Car Show on Saturday 07/14 as PEEC. Will be giving test rides.

hjelmn | 12. Juli 2018

Ack, no edit button. /as/at/.

Tim.spears | 12. Juli 2018

I just got the call today to say it'll be ready in Colorado Saturday week. Once he realized I was in ABQ he said he'd contact the delivery company - it's a third party. May take longer. They'll contact me tomorrow and tell me. If it's too much delay I'll fly to Littleton CO and drive back.

hjelmn | 12. Juli 2018

Its not too bad a flight. On short notice one of the SWA non-stops are ~ $270. Then ~ $50 for a Lyft/Uber. I flew out of Santa Fe on United to get up there. The drive home was mostly getting used to driving an electric car and autopilot. BTW, the Trinidad supercharger seems a little weak. I got 45 KW out of it. Got 120 out of the Las Vegas one.

jppoetsol | 13. Juli 2018

hjelmn, thank you for the info about the Los Alamos Electric Car Show. I didn't know about that. Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it :(

Trekman | 14. Juli 2018

Thanks for tipping me off about the Los Alamos EV show. It was great, and informative. And tks for letting me sit in your Model 3 for the photo op. Sorry I took up so much of your time as there were many gathered around to ask questions. The full color large format supercharger maps and your trip itinerary were a nice touch.

jppoetsol | 16. Juli 2018

@Tim.spears I am looking forward to an update about your experience.

For those of you in ABQ, are you planning on tinting or getting a clear bra? I had a very good experience at The Tint & Trim Factory with my current vehicle. I know Horizon does Xpel but their tint selection seems poor. I am just curious what other shops are recommend in town.

I am hoping to order a car by the end of September, assuming I can get a chance to sit in one by then.

djharrington | 17. Juli 2018

I used T&T Factory on my S and 3, and will again when the P3D comes. Honest guys.

hjelmn | 17. Juli 2018

Any experience with New Mexico Tint on Candelaria? The tint they use is from the same manufacturer as the glass (Saint-Gobain) that Tesla uses. Seems to be decent tint.

dmokon | 19. Juli 2018

We reserved on 12/31/17, configured on 6/30, and are waiting (im)patiently for a VIN and delivery date. They say Aug-Oct.

jppoetsol | 20. Juli 2018

I have not ordered my Model 3, yet. I had to talk to esurance about another matter anyway, so I asked if he could give me a ballpark premium cost for a AWD Model 3 in New Mexico. He came back with $448/6-month.

hjelmn | 24. Juli 2018

$448 sounds about right. I believe that is what I am paying through State Farm (which back esurance). Not too shabby as Geico wanted $750 for the same coverage.

jppoetsol | 25. Juli 2018

@hjelmn, if you are ever in Albuquerque, I will buy you lunch ;-)

Is there a way of sending "private" messages on this forum?

dmokon | 27. Juli 2018

Got the email from our "Home Delivery Specialist" yesterday!! Reserved 12/31/17, configured 6/30. In NM we have to pay in full before they can transport from Fresno. All paperwork, transport to Tempe for inspection, and then third party transport for home delivery expected to take 3 weeks. Tesla is coming to Los Lunas!

jppoetsol | 27. Juli 2018

@dmokon from what I gather, you have the option of picking the car up in Denver. The gives you the choice to not pay until after you have inspected it.

I have even read that Tesla will pay for a rental car to get you to Denver -- that is cheaper than them sending a car carrier to Los Lunas. Since I will probably trade my current car in, I am thinking about just driving up there, but have not decided.

rdfield | 27. Juli 2018

I do have a (hopefully hypothetical) question re: home delivery. My home is Las Cruces (southeast New Mexico), and I am scheduled for delivery to my home, probably in early August. If upon offloading the vehicle I find paint scratches, glass scratches, or some other undesirable problem, how would this best be handled: refuse delivery (this is a third-party contracted trucker, not a Tesla employee)? Accept delivery and then travel the 400 mile trip to the Phoenix area and spend three days there (one day there, one day at service center, one day back)? Another solution (that does not come to my mind)? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

jppoetsol | 28. Juli 2018

@rdfield those are the exact concerns that have me thinking I will just go to Denver to pick my car in the first place. The trip back to Albuquerque would give me a good chance to drive the car anyway.

I co-worker picked his car up in California on Tuesday. The "10 minute" delivery took over 3 hours because the service center ended up replacing a body panel on the car. It would be nice if they did a QC check BEFORE trying to deliver the car to the customer.

Tyme Traveller | 29. Juli 2018

I really feel for those of you in New Mexico who either have to wait longer to have the car delivered to your home or travel to Denver to pick it up. Waiting has always been difficult for me.

I live 20 min. west of the Denver airport. The Denver/Littleton Service Center is about 35 min. south of the airport. I am making a serious offer to pick anyone up from the airport who is going directly to the Service Center to pick up a car. I am retired so I have time, but I have a few road trips scheduled in August. Obviously this offer is dependent on my schedule, but here is my email if anyone would like to discuss this option with me.

jppoetsol | 29. Juli 2018

That is a very generous offer, Tyme Traveller. Thank you.