How exactly do you activate auto park?

How exactly do you activate auto park?

Friend has a model 3 and can't get the P symbol to show up consistently. I get the parallel parking situations but what about parking in a regular parking lot perpendicular. Does it need to have cars on both sides or cannot read just lines on the floor? How do you drive by it to let the car sense the spot?

EVRider | 13. Mai 2018

Have your friend read the owner's manual section on Autopark. Answers to these questions and many more are documented there. The manual can be viewed on the touchscreen or viewed online here:

The only reason I'm not answering the questions here is because there are a lot of other subtleties to Autopark that your friend needs to learn about.

One thing you won't see in the manual is that the P indicator can be flaky and sometimes appears when you're sitting in traffic.

billlake2000 | 13. Mai 2018

You know how you can be commuting and find yourself sitting in a parking lot on the freeway? Does the P show up then?

EVRider | 13. Mai 2018

@billlake2000: You're trying to be funny, but it can actually happen. I've been stuck in traffic with traffic on both sides and had the P show up -- even when there's no gap large enough to park in. When using Autopark in a real parking spot, always look to make sure the spot is really usable.

medved | 13. Mai 2018

Yes, the "P" sign appearing in traffic is obviously a software bug (happens randomly, I cannot establish a clear pattern). It should be relatively easy to fix, but it might be a relatively low priority comparing with other bug-features.

Mike83 | 13. Mai 2018

You must do a procedure to enable auto park and then you exit the car for parking in the garage. There is also parallel
and perpendicular parking with you in the car. This is beta and is being updated. All this will be incorporated into FSD.
It really helps to read the manual and release notes on the updates. We love these features as it parks the car better than a driver.

SCCRENDO | 13. Mai 2018

I have read the manual and never have got this to work for me,

KP in NPT | 14. Mai 2018

Is it like the S/X that first it has to be enabled in settings?

But I agree to RTFM.

seattlemag | 15. Mai 2018

@SCCRENDO, so far only perpendicular parking as worked for me. It's actually been quite reliable in parking lots. I've seen the gray "P" in traffic on the freeway, but it has yet to present itself while driving slowly past parallel parking opportunities.

YMMV I guess while they work out the kinks

SCCRENDO | 15. Mai 2018

I would love to know what I am doing wrong. I have only seen the P in traffic when stopped at a traffic light. Once I saw it near a friends house when there was a space between 2 cars that happened to be a driveway. The road was curved but I initiated autopark, got nervous that it would hit the car behind and I hit the brakes. I live in a cul-de-sac and a neighbor's car was parallel parked close to the beginning of my driveway which is about 130 degrees angulated from the neighbor. I got it try park and it attempted to perpendicular park me next to the parallel parked car. There was no car on the other side of me. Only my driveway. Unless I am doing something seriously wrong it has been pretty worthless to me up to this time

JAD | 15. Mai 2018

It has worked very well for me in both parallel and perpendicular parking. You need to follow the manual and be going around 10 mph, be about 5 feet from the parking spot and drive well past the desired spot and cars must be on both sides of the spot. The P appears, you put it in reverse and hit start on the screen. Car squeezes in spots I would not attempt. Been pretty impressed, but two issues I have is you have to drive fairly far past and in traffic, a car may come up behind you so the car can't park and it is also fairly slow if there are cars behind you they can get mad.

crmark | 09. September 2018

I have yet to be able to get autopark to work for me since our delivery specialist demonstrated it's use in the Tesla parking lot? I feel like have continued to follow the instructions in the owner's manual.

alan | 07. November 2018

Yeah, I have RTFM several times, but since I have yet to see the "P" appear, it doesn't help very much.

gcklo | 07. November 2018

Never got AutoPark to work. I never see the P in any parking lot. I occasionally see the P sign on expressways when there is stop and go traffic.

hokiegir1 | 07. November 2018

It took me 6 months before I was finally in a filled enough lot with time to test this, but then it worked well in a perpendicular spot (haven't tried parallel since figuring it out). There need to be cars on either side of the spot you are attempting to park in. Drive past the spot very slowly. You need to be fully past it before the P will show up. If you think you are past it but no P yet, keep inching up until it shows up (this is why I waited to try it until I had time -- it's SLOW). Then follow the remaining instructions and the car will back into the spot. The hard part is getting it to "see" the spot. I've only tried it with spots on the passenger side of the car, and I was close to that side (normal traffic flow), so it recognized them pretty well. At some point, I'll do some driver's side testing.

Spartan-117 | 07. November 2018

Posts like this make me happy to know I'm not the only one! Shows up in traffic all the time. Parking lots, rarely. Concluded it must be me, screw it, it's a quick and easy thing to park a car. But still annoyed I'm missing out on the cool factor.

Carl Thompson | 07. November 2018


Thank you for the tips! (Getting real advice and not just trolling is what works on this forum.)

Carl Thompson | 07. November 2018

"Shows up in traffic all the time. Parking lots, rarely."

Exactly my experience except I would change "rarely" to "virtually never."

httran26 | 07. November 2018

Maybe you are driving too fast. Try slowing down when approaching an empty spot between two cars. This is for perpendicular parking. I don't do parrallel much.

Rt002k | 07. November 2018

Perpendicular also works if you do the first move - swing the nose out so you are at a 45 deg angle to the spot. Imagine the spot is 6:00, and you point your nose to 1:30 or 10:30, with your back end in the center. This is how I use it when doing perpendicular because it's much faster. Works 90% of the time, all the time.

With parallel, there needs to be a car in front of and behind the spot. Pull perfectly even with the car in front, the P will appear.

Rt002k | 07. November 2018

Which I now realize is 135 degrees to the spot, not 45 degrees. You are 45 degrees from your approach.

me | 08. November 2018

I got it to work twice in a year of ownership (both parallel). I’ve tried driving very slowly by all manner of spaces but alas no magic ‘P’... unless I’m in traffic that is.

Looks like it needs a lot of work to come close to VE or BMW’s versions which I find very dependable.

me | 08. November 2018

I got it to work twice in a year of ownership (both parallel). I’ve tried driving very slowly by all manner of spaces but alas no magic ‘P’... unless I’m in traffic that is.

Looks like it needs a lot of work to come close to VE or BMW’s versions which I find very dependable.

me | 08. November 2018

Sorry - VW not VE in the previous comment

rosenthal | 31. Dezember 2018

I’d like to know too.

ODWms | 31. Dezember 2018

I used it this weekend. I pulled up to parked cars with one space open in a perpendicular parking scenario. It worked, but I notice it is very slow as some have mentioned here. It also left the car slightly askew in the space. The cars on either side were both slightly off in the same position (fronts left, rears right), and my car ended up the exact way. Even the graphic on screen showed that the car was slightly uneven in the space and I though it was odd. Then when I got out to see it was clear the car was mimicking the positioning of those cars.

nansen | 17. August 2019

Here is a one liner:
"under 10mph, as close to the spot as possible. keep driving until P displayed"

detail steps:
0) find a spot between two cars (either parallel or horizontal)
1) go real slow (say 5 miles per hour)
2) drive as close as possible to the intended spot
3) keep driving further from the spot until P appears
4) bring M3 to full stop
5) put it in reverse
6) follow on screen instructions
7) press break to get the hang of control (to get confident)

other observations:
feels very slow as we are just sitting there.
pressing break pauses autopark.
if possible, let the impatient driver(s) to pass by breaking
I'm not sure about pedestrian behavior, so I pause and let them go