Best microfiber towels?

Best microfiber towels?

Gonna try the Optimum No Rinse & Wax solution. Recs on microfiber towels?

Bated Breath | 30. Mai 2018

I prefer waffle weave microfiber towels over plush. I like these:

sroh | 30. Mai 2018

Bated Breath | May 30, 2018
I prefer waffle weave microfiber towels over plush. I like these:

Hmmm, not sure about this for ONR. For rinse-less washing, you want a deep pile so that dirt and dust gets picked up and trapped by the pile. Waffle weaves are great for drying, but with all due respect, I don't think it's best for ONR. Too easy for some dirt to get picked up and then scratch the paint.

Here's a good article on MF towels to get you started, Something like the Shine and Buff Waterless Wash Towel would be good.

lilbean | 30. Mai 2018

Also, keep in mind that once you use the towels with the Optimum wax, they can no longer be used to dry the car because they will repel water.

cornellio | 30. Mai 2018

Nice article. Didn't realize such details.

I just got these for ONR wash, Seems good after my first try. Hope they don't scratch.

Just got this wave rider waffle weave for drying. Hope this combo works without scratching. Love the name.

Bated Breath | 30. Mai 2018

I've been using waffle weave microfiber towels with ONR for over 10 years without swirls or scratches. The plush towels are a nightmare when the pollen and leaves are falling in S. Texas.

lilbean | 30. Mai 2018

I actually use the big red sponge to wash and the microfiber to dry.

Gregg Ray | 30. Mai 2018

Did folks quit using chamois?

lilbean | 30. Mai 2018

I think so.

sroh | 30. Mai 2018

@Bated Breath, cool, good to know. I'm sure many different products will work if used properly.

The important thing is to always remember and never forget, all it takes is one sharp/hard object on the towel to ruin your day.

@Cornelio, those will work great.

earwickerh | 14. Februar 2020

like lilbean said: sponge wash, microfiber dry. We use these and for delicate work (e.g. ceramic coating...) I really like ultra-fines here

btw great articles sroh, thanks!

bjrosen | 14. Februar 2020

Costco sells a giant pack of microfiber towels, that's what I use

RayNLA | 14. Februar 2020

Is this post and advertisement?

andy.connor.e | 14. Februar 2020

earwickerh is an advertisement reviving a 2 year old thread.

wallbrook | 14. Februar 2020

The best microfiber towels are those made from cotton!!! Microfiber towels are made of plastic and plastic pollution -- from the macro to the nano level -- can be quite deadly.

WW_spb | 14. Februar 2020

I buy Costco one as well

RedShift | 14. Februar 2020

I have stopped using microfiber towels due to the plastic pollution mentioned above.

Cotton is all I use now.

andy.connor.e | 14. Februar 2020

cotton towels only. I got rid of all my polyester crap years ago.