Thank goodness we have reCAPTCHA to protect us from spam

Thank goodness we have reCAPTCHA to protect us from spam

I'm really pleased I spent all that time identifying bridges and road signs.

EVRider | 03. Juli 2018

Is that because you’re not an owner? I’m an owner and never have to deal with captchas when posting topics.

cohen.stephen | 03. Juli 2018

He's being sarcastic becuase the forum seems to be full of spam even though there's a reCAPTCHA here. I have to go through it as well.

Jesperj | 03. Juli 2018

It's somewhat ironic that the canonical test, on a forum dedicated to cars with self-driving features, the canonical test of whether you're a human being or not is whether you can identify other cars and road signs.

eric | 03. Juli 2018

Does this forum have a "translate" button?

murphyS90D | 03. Juli 2018

No but you can cut and paste to Google translate.

kerryglittle | 03. Juli 2018

I'm an owner and have to log in almost every time and look for school buses and road signs. Maybe I'm not a good owner. LOL.

booshtukka | 03. Juli 2018

Yes, I’m an owner.

I rarely see the reCAPTCHA for creating a new thread, but see it almost every time I respond to one. Like this response, even though I created the thread.

This forum would be a horrific embarrassment to any company, let alone a tech company.

barrykmd | 03. Juli 2018

Is there a Kia or Hyundai forum we can start spamming in retaliation? :-)

Shesmyne2 | 03. Juli 2018

+1 barrykmd

Still Grinning ;-))

jerrykham | 03. Juli 2018

I'm an owner - although the site doesn't think so. I can't post links and can't flag content. I have tried THREE TIMES submitting a ticket to Tesla to give me owner privileges on the forums. One even generated a survey on how they did (which I responded to with "you didn't fix the issue". None of them ever gave me owner permissions. But, the CAPTCHA I get is just a check box that says "I'm not a robot" and I just have to check the box. Maybe this is because I use Chrome? I don't get the ones where I have to identify things.

booshtukka | 04. Juli 2018

@jerrykham You must be clicking the box in such as way that Google trusts you. :) If it's unsure, then it asks you to identify road signs, cars, or shop fronts. If it's still unsure it asks again. For some reason, it never trusts me.

EVRider | 04. Juli 2018

I don’t see captchas for either new topics or replies, that’s why I asked. If it matters, I use Safari on either a Mac or iPad to post here.

Silver2K | 04. Juli 2018


I'm in!! :)

Sailfast | 04. Juli 2018


I use Safari on my Mac and my iPad and I do usually have to identify the parts of the photos which show signs, storefronts or naked ladies.

Silver2K | 04. Juli 2018

Naked ladies!?!? I'm switching to Apple!!

EVRider | 05. Juli 2018

If you’re an owner and still have to deal with the captchas, are you also unable to post URLs? Some owners can’t post URLs, others (like me) can. I’m wondering if the captcha requirement and inability to post URLs are related.

Silver2K | 05. Juli 2018

This issue has been around for some time now. Owners permissions may not have been granted after delivery. If you can't see clubs at the root of the forum, you need to contact customer service.

booshtukka | 06. Juli 2018

I am an owner. I think I cannot post links. I always see the reCAPTCHA.

booshtukka | 06. Juli 2018

I am an owner. I think I cannot post links. I always see the reCAPTCHA.

booshtukka | 06. Juli 2018

Turns out I can post links! Joy. Not sure why it was posted twice though, apologies. The first time it said my response to the reCAPTCHA was rejected.

To be honest, that's really weird. I get how easy it is for someone to sign up for a fake account. But to purchase a car seems a bit extreme for a Russian bot net.

Rutrow 3 | 04. April 2019

Uh oh... This could be a problem.

booshtukka | 05. April 2019

I’ve had to email Tesla now to confirm I’m an owner. I still see the message telling me to email them to confirm I’m an owner. I asked about that, they said it’s to tell people who haven’t done it yet.

It wouldn’t be hard to only show that message to people who needed to see it and avoid unnecessary cognitive load and confusion. Typical attention to detail.

Wasn’t this forum going to be upgraded last year?

EVRider | 05. April 2019

@booshtukka: Who said the forum was going to be upgraded?