Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Just wanted to chime in here and say that Apple CarPlay would be a tremendous addition to my Model S. (Or, if for some reason it's not possible to add, I hope Tesla would consider its inclusion in new models.)

My phone is the center of my life, and it's so much more convenient to have the car honor that (as my wife's Honda does.) Not to mention that I have found Apple Maps' routing to be significantly better than that in even Tesla's newest Maps upgrade.

My Model S is the best car I've ever owned, hands-down. But CarPlay is convenient enough that I likely wouldn't buy another Tesla unless it supported it.

rwcannan | 19. Dezember 2018

I appreciate the Tesla loyalty - it's fantastic car without Apple CarPlay. But it could be beneficial to offer a choice. .
Would the car be more attractive with a choice? This isn't a yes or no question, It's a "who and how many?" question. How many would see it as a key element in the mix?

I'd love to see it.

I'm hearing that the interior will be redone soon. I might wait to see if that includes Car Play, or something like it.
If it was there now, I'd buy now.

Most companies really value this kind of feedback. Hope Tesla does.

phuongrn | 24. Dezember 2018


storm3163 | 25. Dezember 2018

yes for me

TonyK_MSM | 29. Dezember 2018

We just got a new Honda Odyssey that has CarPlay, Took my first drive in it today and two things struck me.

1. I had to use the breaks!
2. CarPlay is awesome. Switching between Amazon Music, Spotify and Downcast is very cool and no Slacker.

+1 for CarPlay.

laalves | 30. Dezember 2018

I vote yes for Apple Music which is the music streaming service I use. Would be fine also with Carplay, I'm already using it in my other car.

angelacoviello | 30. Dezember 2018

I vote yes!

jeffreycastrill... | 31. Dezember 2018

Please, Apple car play but aslo Android Auto since many people use both. Come on Elon.

red.nixen | 05. Januar 2019

YES PLEASE ! I vote for the Apple Car Play, it will save lives.


tonyfe | 05. Januar 2019

I just moved to a TM3 and after a week of driving I really miss my CarPlay. I wish Tesla would implement it.

It makes activities done on the phone much safer and gives you continuity of experience outside the car. Before leaving for work I used to say “Hey Google, what’s my commute look like today?” And the fastest route was sent to my phone and available via CarPlay. If I wanted to exchange text messages, or have Siri read / adjust my schedule for the day I could easily do it with my voice.

I don’t understand the opposition to pro CarPlay feature ask for Tesla. It’s an supplemental feature. It makes the car a more compelling product and grants integration with innovations being made outside of Tesla, like the Google Assistant + iPhone + CarPlay example above.

jjb1701 | 09. Januar 2019

I vote YES for Apple Carplay and to Android Auto, Spotify, and any other integration options. Even just the Apple Music app built in as a streaming music option would be a great feature.

jbrandonharris | 10. Januar 2019

yes | 15. Januar 2019

Another resounding YES vote. There isn't much of an argument against it. There is a lot of confusion in this thread, which I won't directly address(to the posters), around the impact CarPlay has, as well as the privacy ethos of Apple compared to Google. The majority of naysayers citing privacy, and security, _must_ do better research on the subject. I'm a very outspoken proponent of protecting privacy, and in this day and age Apple is the LEAST of our worries. You won't see me touch an Android device if I can avoid it. Don't get me started on social media.

alexhales17400 | 15. Januar 2019

A major NO for me. Apple and Google need to horse up on the off chance that they need to be a piece of Tesla resound framework. Simply ask Google the amount they paid to be the default web index for Safari.

pankaj | 17. Januar 2019

Yes please...why not! Then you have an option to either use Carplay or just use what we currently have. I think it is a great value for the customers...and definitely my kids will love it.

NKYTA | 18. Januar 2019

Why not?

Licensing costs, perhaps? I don't want it, and I don't want my next Tesla to cost $$$$ more for something I'll never use.

Why not?



carlk | 18. Januar 2019

Not to mention integration will always have negative effects on Tesla's own awesome system. Other car companies have no choice but to take the easy and lazy way. Tesla never do things like that. | 18. Januar 2019

I vote no.

adhemarmontagne | 20. Januar 2019

it would be great if apple carplay was in the model 3 tesla

kenneth | 05. Februar 2019


There must be some kind of beef going on between Tesla and Apple that is preventing this from happening. Maybe because they've stolen to many engineers over the years...

And what incentives does anyone have for downvoting Apple Carplay and Android Auto on the Tesla? If you say security you have no argument and probably have no understanding of how these things work. Google "sandboxing" please.

Maybe it's a business decision and the most probable argument is that Tesla wants to "own" the cockpit and not let anyone else in unless the customers demand it. Most of Teslas EV-competitors have allready rolled out their implementations of the two and Tesla is not big enough to continue down this path. | 05. Februar 2019

Then again most other car makers provide such awful UI and interfaces that CarPlay and Android Auto are almost required to make them seem somewhat more relevant and usable. Tesla may be the only automaker who understands that who owns the software owns the market. So far it's working out well for Tesla, and not so much for others. The Model 3 alone was also the best-selling premium vehicle (including SUVs) in the US for 2018, so they must be doing something right. It may even indicate those with CarPlay continue to lose market share and is the reason those vehicles are becoming market failures (ok, as silly of an argument as many others).

carlk | 05. Februar 2019

"And what incentives does anyone have for downvoting Apple Carplay and Android Auto on the Tesla? "

I'd vote for it if it's a Ford or Nissan but did you ever see how UI in those cars work with or without CarPlay? They have nothing to lose but Tesla has a lot to. Nothing comes for free. Any feature, especially a pretty significant feature like this, will add complexity and more chance that things will screw up. I'm almost certain if that happens there will be a lot of people who will be sorry for what they wished for.

What I vote matters nothing, There is the fundamental reason on Tesla's part which is it's very keen on vertical integration. Again other companies do not have any technologies they don't really have a choice. Tesla on the other hand would not want its screen/system to be controlled by other company's software. Especially for those two companies that are also potential competitors. Remember Tesla's goal is one day to be as large as, if not larger than, Apple or Google is.

crobins | 06. Februar 2019

I vote yes. And I would also like to see support for Spotify and Pandora in addition to Slacker. Choices are good. A premium car should offer choices.

9114s | 06. Februar 2019

NO, no need for me for Tesla to increase price paying royalties to Apple or other. I run Spotify through my iphone X already and sound is great on the Tesla 3.
I will be more interested by paying a software upgrade for +50 HP/torque on the AWD.

michiel.van.hulst | 07. Februar 2019


jainishshah | 09. Februar 2019

Yes, I will be a great additional feature.

ezzafash | 10. Februar 2019


nguyenhahai1234567 | 10. Februar 2019

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francesco.turrini | 16. Februar 2019

I do not understand who,says no.
I spent a lot of time on my Tesla and I would like to have a perfect integration with my phone.
If you don’t want it, you just don’t use it.
But not having Apple CarPlay is a strong minus.

NKYTA | 16. Februar 2019

Or a strong plus, even from one all in on Apple.

If you can’t wait for soon, by something else.

climbbike | 17. Februar 2019

yes yes yes. thinking about a perfomance model 3 and going backward (not having carplay/android auto) is tough to get past

jbertaux | 20. Februar 2019

I love my new tesla 3 but I just tried a BMW 330 with Apple CarPlay it is amazing you can listen to text messages and send text messages via CarPlay without typing anything just by voice recognition I think it’s a wonderful feature and I would love to have it on my Tesla I missed a BMW for that please tesla consider

don.lind | 21. Februar 2019


smoro88 | 21. Februar 2019

Yes please. With this nice screen. It would be amazing and with being able to talk to phone it is another plus for driving comfort.

stefaan.vanassche | 22. Februar 2019

Would be very nice to have it - I'm using carplay in another car and it works like a charm. Having access to most apps (i.e. Waze) in a very userfriendly way is just a great thing. Unless Tesla develops like an own app store for 3rd party apps, it will never be able to offer the features that an open platform as carplay can offer. Weird to say this about a platform from a historically very closed platform ...

carlk | 22. Februar 2019

Isn't the reason that Tesla does not want to offer an open platform the same reason that it does not want to integrate carplay? If Tesla ever wants to change that I believe it will do the former instead of the later. Remember all the rest car makers do not have anything of their own and Tesla has the goal of becoming a tech company as big if not bigger than Apple or Google.

kriss01 | 22. Februar 2019

I vote for Android Auto

DaMasta79 | 22. Februar 2019

+1 for CarPlay or some CarPlay like feature.

edgar | 26. Februar 2019

Yes, please.

I dont understand why anyone would vote no. How exactly does having more features hurt your bottom line?

It's like if someone said "does anyone think Tesla should add support for viewing currently playing playlists to the built in media app" and I said NO!!!! because I'm happy just using my phone while im driving to pick a song.

It doesn't hurt me at all for others to have this feature. | 26. Februar 2019

@edgar - You make a great point, but the concern is taking away engineering resources from other areas to do CarPlay and then maintain it. It seems many people want CarPlay, but have never actually used it. A few here have used it an found it rather disappointing, while others have used it and love it.

Then there is the security risks. Most automakers are clueless on security and seem to just not care. Adding a ton of new code to support Carplay that is not under Tesla's control adds risk. Risks of hacks, bugs and more.

Lastly there is a reduction of safety. Features offered by CarPlay can be more distracting than driving drunk, such as texting (even by voice). Its' one feature I'm glad Tesla doesn't provide. Other car makers again are happy if you crash your car while texting, so a new car is required - more money for them.

tom | 05. März 2019

It is an absolute must. All support it. It works like a breeze. Just connecting the phone via BT is something from the past.

priestwood | 08. März 2019

Yes...I'd like CarPlay. I would settle for the Tesla iPhone app providing more features of use to the T3.

Brad_faucette | 10. März 2019

I, like many of you, am looking at buying a Tesla. I found this blog as Apple CarPlay is a feature I like in my current car. I read through and have to laugh about the response. The people for CarPlay have clearly used it and the people against clearly haven’t.

I get both sides of the argument but I don’t think Tesla does. To Tesla, the system is good enough... be Tesla, live Tesla, accept Tesla. Here is the problem, no single company can do everything. For example, did Tesla develop their own navigation system? No, they use Google because it is the best their is. Tesla could spend millions do develop a navigation system and it would still be inferior to that of Google.

The reason I like CarPlay is it packages the things I like about my way of communicating. I like the texting support of Siri... Can I live with the Siri interface that Tesla has? Yes, but it is inferior to Apple CarPlay system and integration.

Another angle... Apple is working with app developers on functions I have adopted in life. I am like many of you in I commute and I listen to books and podcast. For the last three years, I use the app on my Apple CarPlay system equipped on my current BMW. It is great, I sit my phone in the cradle and I can operate the app on the screen. Change books, download podcasts, back-up, pause, etc. My prior vehicle to the current BMW as also a very nice car but it did not have Apple CarPlay. I still listened to but I use Bluetooth with the phone in my hand while I drove. This sounds like what Tesla and many of you are telling us Apple CarPlay supporters. “Use Bluetooth, and you can pause and play on the screen just like music tracks”. these comments are clearly not from audio book lovers and it is okay, not everyone needs this function.

My point is Tesla can decide to move in three directions...

1. Tell us to live with it and drive our cars, it is okay to have the most technically advanced car in the world but still have to hold your phone while driving if you want to listen to a book...

2. Develop popular apps directly with your current system. Have Audialble place an app on the screen where you control directly, as you control the radio including all the critical function of the app.

3. Simply break down and adopt Apple CarPlay. Give the consumer the option. Charge us $500 and then a monthly subscription like BMW does... the people who like it will pay!

YES... I Tesla should adopt Apple CarPlay and then stay focused on the car, not try and compete with app developers.

NKYTA | 10. März 2019

Hmm. 1 or 2.

Speaking as an all Apple adoptee...but a long time Tesla Owner.

pileroux | 13. März 2019

Yes, I also want CarPlay in my Tesla... Or a mirroring option on the huge screen so that I can access my phone options easily.

carlk | 13. März 2019

Same here as NKYTA. I got the very first iPod, iPhone and iPad (but not the lame iWatch) when they came out. I have all Apples in my house except my company issued laptop. But I'm also a realist. Tesla will not let Apple to have control of its screen. Other companies have to because they do not have a better choice. The other thing is even though I use Apple devices I still don't want Apple (or Google or Facebook) to control all aspects of my life. Those who say I must have CarPlay or Android Auto in the car are dangerously close to that.

Clifspears | 17. März 2019

I want a commitment for Tesla to add Apple CAR PLAY or at least full integration of Siri and APPs & features or I plan on canceling my custom order of the 2019 Model X. I don't want to have less convenience in my Tesla than a basic Buick. I'll just move forward on buying my 4th Mercedes GLE-450 - it drives itself and has Apple Car Play. Apples and oranges I know but let's face it - if I'm driving and get a text message I have to pull over and read it one - really?

Clifspears | 17. März 2019

PLEASE!!!!! ADD Apple Car Play - you are losing car buyers.

Clifspears | 17. März 2019

I totally agree with Brad_faucette! We NEED a commitment - at least a YES (soon) or a NO (never).
TESLA needs to take a position and make it known.

Mdoss | 17. März 2019

I vote YES! Android Auto as well.

If you don't want to use it, fine. But if you want to, it should be an option. | 17. März 2019

@Clifspears - Sorry to say, it appears NO (never?) for CarPlay. Seems like Tesla's position is quite clear. Before you give up on Tesla, you might actually try one. Far more features than The Buick or Mercedes. No need for hundreds of cryptic buttons, dealing with a tiny display, endless menus to get to anything, and generally a really crappy UI. The Tesla is also a lot more fun to drive than those rather pedestrian vehicles.

The safety level of a Tesla can't be beat, I suspect it's one reason Tesla is not interested offering texting to reduce the chance of drivers killing themselves texting while driving. Studies show even voice texting similar to driving drunk. Other car makers are happy to have you total your car - more money for them for repairs/replacement.