Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Just wanted to chime in here and say that Apple CarPlay would be a tremendous addition to my Model S. (Or, if for some reason it's not possible to add, I hope Tesla would consider its inclusion in new models.)

My phone is the center of my life, and it's so much more convenient to have the car honor that (as my wife's Honda does.) Not to mention that I have found Apple Maps' routing to be significantly better than that in even Tesla's newest Maps upgrade.

My Model S is the best car I've ever owned, hands-down. But CarPlay is convenient enough that I likely wouldn't buy another Tesla unless it supported it.

carlk | 17. März 2019

Unlike other cars Tesla's screen controls a lot of car functions instead of just the infotainment system. There is zero chance that Tesla will allow another company's software to take control of part of it. If Tesla believes it make sense to do that it will not need those "votes" to make it to do so. This obviously will not happen. For people who could not live without their iPhone (not me) the only solution is to buy a different car. There are plenty other options out there for you (who could not live without your iPhone) to choose from.

aysekadayifci | 17. März 2019


NKYTA | 17. März 2019

No, no.

ldefrenne | 17. März 2019


carlk | 17. März 2019


The only vote that counts.

Ohmster | 17. März 2019

I don’t care anymore if they add CarPlay or Android equivalent. I just want better phone integration.

It’s the only thing I dislike about our cars now.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on! | 19. März 2019

No to CarPlay.

carlk | 19. März 2019

In the news yesterday Netflix just rejected the idea of putting it onto the Apple's rumored streaming plaform. Very smart move. You want to be the Netflix (Tesla) not Apple's Netflix (Tesla) even if it can add some business in the short run. The consequences will be bad either way whether Apple becomes a dominate force in this area or falters in the future.

VicF | 19. März 2019

I very much would like to see Apple/Android integration. Sure some would not use it, just because it is there does not force usage. It is just ridiculous that a "technology" company has not included the OPTION in their cars.

Kapi_Dhwaja | 19. März 2019


MiTesla3 | 20. März 2019

Yes. I vote for Apple Car Play.

DrDavidBenavidez | 21. März 2019

This is a pretty silly debate... but I’m curious as to the reasoning behind the “No” responses.

I’d guess some are rooted in being on “Team Tesla”... if Tesla says no, then I too say no!

Some probably are classically afraid of change, or even like being part of a small group that just “gets it” (how to nativists the current interface, that is).

As is see it, it’s a no-brainer, Apple CarPlay should at the very least be OPTIONAL to the buyer. As I see it, a large part of the Tesla appeal is seamlessness, from design to function. The vibe is “it just works”. Which, I believe, it a big motivator to the “Smart Home” adopters. Which leads me to final, albeit long winded point...

Much like the Google Home vs Alexa debate, many purchases are made based on downstream ease of intergration. My Tesla purchase was NO different. So, it’s kind of funny to hear these uppity, reductionist comments like “I hope your like doesn’t revolve around your phone” or “I hope your phone isn’t the deciding factor in what car you buy”. Our phones are more and more like our “smart hub” for daily activities. The afford us the OPTION to intergrate all the super cool automation opportunities constantly coming on the market. To add to confusion and overall clunky-ness by not OFFERING THE OPTION of Apple CarPlay, is well IMO, silly.

All that being said, I bought a Tesla anyway. Does that mean I’m happy with their UI and interface? No. I find it weak, limited and overall, boring. But, I appreciate why Tesla is likely never going to have the CarPlay integration (at least for a good while). It’s easier to keep things in-house. Sniffing out glitches and bugs etc.

Nonetheless, Apple CarPlay should 100% be an option. There is NO down side that I see that is worth ignoring the upside.

NKYTA | 21. März 2019

@ag, security is the downside. It’s a big downside.
From an Apple user.

InuHanyou1701 | 21. März 2019

Both CarPlay and the Android equivalent should absolutely be added to Tesla vehicles. They’re practically standard everywhere else. Seems like a glaring omission. Hopefully it will get addressed!

carlk | 21. März 2019

***@ag, security is the downside. It’s a big downside.
From an Apple user.***

That's a huge downside. And to let Apple to control everything in your life is a very bad idea. One might not realize it but sooner or later you might not be able to operate your car without your iPhone on you. That's pretty much the reason why Apple (or Google) are trying to give you such a nice tool for free.

Form another long time Apple user.

Even if what we think don't matter what Tesla thinks does. And it knows better. It will not happen. | 21. März 2019

There are plenty of concerns about offering CarPlay on Tesla:

1) More people will Text while driving adding risk to others and themselves. Tesla wants to maintain the highest safety standards, and that's not going to happen when people are texting - even by voice. Similar to diving drunk.

2) Security - The auto industry is mostly clueless on security. Tesla has security designed in from the start. Adding a huge amount of software like CarPlay that Tesla has zero control over is a high risk. Other automakers just don't care.

3) The prime reason other automakers add CarPlay is the car's stock UI interface rates between poor and downright awful. They desperately need CarPlay. Tesla is not in the same boat. Clearly not perfect, but they are spending development time and effort to make a great UI. Others, not so much, and less so when providing CarPlay.

4) The development and maintenance time spent on CarPlay would mean less time on other software Tesla needs to produce.

5) Ceeding a huge amount of software to Apple is a bad idea, when they plans to be a direct auto competitor. Who in their right minds would do this? I don't see Apple screwing competitors, but who knows? What if they start reservice features and apps exclusive to the Apple car? What if they leave in bugs for competitors, and fix them for their own car. Lots of risks for Tesla and other automakers.

6) What features will Tesla have to discard to make CarPlay fit in? Obviously it takes memory that is needed by other features.

7) Way more confusing interface requires a far larger manual. There is the Tesla way, then multiple CarPlay ways to do something even simple like play music. When Apple dumps out a new version, then it's necessary to explain it all to owners and update the manuals too.

carlk | 21. März 2019

TeslaTape All good points but in particular #2 and #5. Other companies may not care about it that much now since their screens are for infotainment only. Tesla's screen controls a lot of vital car functions. A secrurity hole could have devastating consequences. For those companies who adopted CarPlay it does not seem that they have given a good thought of their future migration path. Either they will have to do it the Tesla way or hand control of the entire car to Apple and Google. There is a lot to it than just put it there so people can choose to use it or not.

JayInJapan | 21. März 2019

The wife had a Honda CRV loaner with Appleplay a couple of weeks ago, and it worked great. I’d like to have it in my Tesla—thanks.

hotgrease | 22. März 2019

Yes. Or at least equivalent features.

And asserting that Apple will "sabotage" CarPlay is just dumb. Competitors cooperate for their mutual benefit all the time.

carlk | 22. März 2019

Apple is not going to "sabotage" CarPlay. It will just gain more and more control of the car. Your attitude is exactly the reason why Tesla will not let it to happen and other car companies should not (if they can). If you have such a strong feeling when a car does not have it imagine what it will be like when a car company tries to separate from Apple.

mlmcconnell | 22. März 2019

I have never seen such a stunning collection of demonstrably false points in support of limiting infotainment in a vehicle in my life. If you don’t like or use CarPlay/AndroidAuto, don’t use it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving people choices regarding what they use in their VERY expensive vehicles. Please don’t try to pass off a bunch of contrived and fabricated nonsense as some sort of Tesla insider technical brilliance. I’m having PC v. Mac flashbacks.

lilbean | 23. März 2019

Not everyone has an iPhone. Smh.

carlk | 23. März 2019

@mlmcconnell Are you tone deaf? It's not we don't want you to have CarPlay, You can go buy any car with CarPlay you want. It's Tesla that does want to have CarPlay in its cars. We are just messengers.

Haha lilbean I do have an iPhone and I've had it since the very first one. Although unlike some people here I could throw that away tomorrow and still live a very happy life.

lilbean | 23. März 2019

@carlk That’s good! I could throw away my family members’ iPhones and live a happy life. What a great idea!

Lars10272 | 24. März 2019

I would like support for Apple CarPlay.

red.nixen | 26. März 2019

I would like to see Apple and Android integration.

konrad.crabtree | 26. März 2019

Absolutely should have it. It's sad when I rent a Nissan while traveling and then come back home and am disappointed with my Model 3 because I have to navigate on my tiny phone screen rather than the massive screen right in front of me.

carlk | 26. März 2019

You don't know how to use the nav in your model 3?

NKYTA | 26. März 2019

Make it stop.

Read TT’s post please.

Darthamerica | 26. März 2019

Just got a CarPlay update on a 2019 Harley Davidson... Totally changed the user experience! 100% improvement. Tesla PLEASE add this!!!

jimglas | 27. März 2019

@Darth: so now anyone near you is forced to listen to your music?

betazero | 27. März 2019

Why not? I love CarPlay and maps and phone integration. But the only thing I see is that Tesla has a good UI unlike many of the automakers with crappy UIs. Most of the crappy automakers UIs NEED CarPlay. Tesla it would just be a nice + not not necessary.

NKYTA | 27. März 2019

@jim, Russian Metal?

jimglas | 27. März 2019

Ha! probably

andreas | 27. März 2019

Also YES please... Many informations are on my Iphone and there should be a reasonable way to access them. I am not saying spotify is bad, but apple music isn't it either ....

carlk | 06. April 2019

Like some of us are saying all along this will never happen. This WSJ article clearly tells you the reason why. Other companies know that too but they are too weak in technology they don't have a choice but to surrender to Apple and Google, which I'm pretty sure got their ideas from the original Tesla UI. The only thing is Tesla screen is way beyond just an infotainment system now.

"The Battle for the Last Unconquered Screen—The One in Your Car
Auto makers and Silicon Valley are locked in a fight to control the dashboard display"

The tilte tells you the story but you need to be a subscriber to read the very long analysis. I was able to read it for free from Apple news on my iPhone though. | 06. April 2019

WSJ article implies many automakers working very hard to dump CarPlay and Android Auto for their own solutions. CarPlay and Android Auto are being used as a stopgap since their own current solutions are so awful. They really hate having no control and want to take back the entire UI. Time will tell if they can be successful at this, but based on the past, they've got a long way to go.

carlk | 06. April 2019

Here is another artcle about why there are still (attempted) hold outs.

I think Toyota is one that has resisted CarPlay and Android Auto for the longest time until very recently. It's only in some of its cars and I have no doubt it will get the control back soon as it could. Smaller companies may not have much choice. It's kind like the DOS and then Windows for PC. No one likes them but no one has a choice other than Apple.

carlk | 06. April 2019

In the usual WSJ fashion the article did not mention even one word of Tesla's in car system released long before there was CarPlay or Andriod Auto. Or that it is still the only auto company that provides OTA firmware update for its car system. That fact was also totally ignored by the article when it compared advantages and disadvantages between the two and saying car based systems have to be old when it comes out and after years on the road.

alinaseo42 | 09. April 2019

If i will be play on my phone in car, it will be normal?
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I would like Tesla to have an App Store.
There would be apps like Netflix, Waze, Youtube, etc...

gaximus | 18. April 2019

I vote yes, I don't understand all the no votes. It's not as if the extra feature would hurt you. CarPlay doesn't control your car, its just another interface to control your phone. I don't ever want to have to touch my phone when I'm driving and CarPlay allows for that. My garage doors, home locks and everything is controlled by my phone. Also I like using Waze with CarPlay and having the option to use any navigation software I want.

morgandc | 01. Mai 2019

I am good with Carplay...or not. As long as I get native Audible and Waze if we can't get Carplay.

RoninAMG | 02. Mai 2019

That would be fantastic. Why wouldn't we want that as an available feature? My wife has an VW Atlas for now and I enjoy driving it because of CarPlay. As long as it has a smooth Waze interface and doesn't dominate the user experience.

gcklo | 02. Mai 2019

No desire to have Car Play. Current system works really well.

Sonofman | 02. Mai 2019

No, keep bloat out. You can call hands free already, no reason to "play" with your phone any more while driving.

carlk | 04. Mai 2019

My impression from the one time experience with CarPlay was a meh yet I see this thread got brought back over and over again. Almost made me wonder if I missed something. After reading this recent survey my question to those people is Really? Did you actually compare the Tesla system and CarPlay or you work for Apple?

According to the survey CarPlay/Andriod Auto scored just slightly higher than average build in system but the Tesla system scored by far the highest user satisfaction score. I hope we can now put this stupid thing to bed.

As to the last poster who wants CarPlay/Waze did you actually try the Tesla navigation recently?

nothotpocket | 05. Mai 2019

I'm thinking that users who are satisfied with Tesla's interface aren't familiar with CarPlay or Android Auto so they don't know what they're missing.

Tesla doesn't likely care about improving things because they're counting on FSD, at which point drivers can easily use their phones while 'driving' and won't need the car to act as a mediator. | 05. Mai 2019

@nothotpocket - I've used CarPlay, and while far better than the crap legacy automakers provide, I have not been impressed with what it would do over what Tesla provides.

Now to be fair, I don't text and drive, which seems to be the largest appeal for CarPlay. As any kind of texting is the equivalent of driving drunk, I think it's smart of Tesla not to encourage people to kill themselves or others. For most car makers, they really don't care and if you total the car while driving. You'll then have to buy another car which in money in the bank. Legacy automakers are also desperate to offer an alternative to the crappy UI/systems they provide, which CarPlay does help solve for them.

Now I'm not against CarPlay in Tesla, but it looks to me more of a distraction for Tesla than a benefit. I also expect Tesla sees little value in helping a potential direct competitor.

nothotpocket | 05. Mai 2019

Howdy @TT - I don't use CarPlay much but Android Auto often. Yes, we're missing having a text automatically read to you (really handy when driving to pick someone up and something changes) but also helpful info like "What time does Chez Souffle close?" "Take me to Grandma Maria's house" and kid questions "How many days is a year on Jupiter", "How do you say 'frog' in Spanish", etc. And of course playing music and podcasts works far better on the other systems than Tesla's.

Tesla's setup works ok and it's better than many other luxury car manufacturers. It's not a deal breaker but it is a bit frustrating to see Tesla not do this one thing well when they do such a great job with so many other things. But like I said, once that FSD shows up, it's all a moot point.